A survey revealed that the majority of the population in the Latin American region is highly influenced by the crypto & blockchain industry at a practical level.

The Latin American region is a high-tech adaptive place in the world. In the last few years, many Latin American countries showed a significant inclination toward the crypto industry. In particular Portugal, Germany, Singapore, Malta, and Switzerland showed a favorable stance toward crypto to create room for this innovative industry to evolve. 

Giant payment processor company MasterCard surveyed Latin American consumers. The survey entitled “New Payments Index 2022″ was focused to find out the interest and present inclination of the customers toward crypto, Defi, NFTs & blockchain technology. 

Findings of the report noted that the majority of the customers are interested in crypto-supported payment systems and also experienced much with stable coin crypto-asset payment in daily life. 

The survey reported that 54% of MasterCard customers from the Latin America region are optimistic about the performance of cryptocurrency-based based payment systems. Around ⅔ MasterCard customers want to see Integrated crypto & traditional payment systems. 

Findings reported that most of the consumers in the region favored dealing with “trusted organizations” when it came to digital assets supported payments use and investment in cryptocurrencies.

This survey revealed that Latino is more eager to go with this innovative industry in comparison to Europeans and Americans. Around 86% of Latinos used at least one emerging payment system like biometrics, cryptocurrencies, and QR code.

The vice president of MasterCard’s Latin America and the Caribbean executive shared his thoughts on this rising interest in Cryptocurrencies and said that the future of the payment system is already with MasterCard and the interest among people to use crypto-supported payment systems will continuously increase.

He said:

“Latin Americans are turning to technology to conduct their financial transactions and this trend is expected to continue to rise, with an overwhelming 95% planning to use a digital payment method in the coming year and 29% acknowledging having used less cash in the past year.”

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