The walls of your home are not just meant for shelter, but the walls play a significant role in how your home looks. Aesthetic walls have the capability to leave an overwhelming impact on the guests. So, you might want to take wall painting very seriously. Especially when you’re going to paint the interior walls of your home.

Now, you’d surely want to make your home’s interior look its best. And, for that, you must try out some new ideas that you haven’t considered before. You’ll find many good ones out there that can greatly enhance your home’s look. But, are you confused?

Here, we’ve mentioned some of the best and trendy wall painting ideas in 2021. So, try out the ones that you find suitable for your home. 

Top 10 Wall Painting Ideas You Can Add to Your Home

Preparing to give your home’s interior walls a new look? You might have decided to do it by yourself. However, you might not always find it convenient to proceed without any assistance. Apart from that, you’d want the best results for your walls. So, you must also consider hiring professional painting services in Dubai for this task. 

In any case, here are some of the best wall painting ideas for your home: 

Do your walls have a plain design? In that case, you must consider giving it some texture. Doing this can enhance the look of your walls quite significantly. Not only that, but it would also provide them with a cleaner look. Moreover, this design can also effectively seal holes, cracks and dents on the walls. You can apply this idea to your home by yourself with a patterned roller. Also, you’ll find many patterns to choose from out there. 

Coloured Ceilings

Have you been keeping your ceilings white? As it happens, many people might do the same. However, many have also tried adding some colour to their ceilings. And, the result of this experimental step was quite impressive. 

You must not hesitate to experiment or follow trends when it comes to wall painting. After all, it brings good results and positivity more often. So, if you haven’t tried it already, give some colour to your ceilings this time. Given that you choose a suitable colour, it can do wonders for your home’s interior look. 

Aren’t you sure about the colour choice? Then, consider consulting an interior decorator. 

Wall Stencilling 

Many people use designer wallpapers to enhance the look of their interior walls. However, these are often quite costly, and you might want to look for a budget-friendly alternative. Is there any other viable option? In case you’re wondering, yes, there is, and it’s called stencilling. 

Wall stencilling can greatly enhance the interiors of your home. Also, you have quite a wide range of beautiful designs to choose from. So, you might want to give it a try for giving your walls a new look. 


Here’s yet another great way to add some texture to your walls. A sponge is the only thing you need apart from paint to accomplish this painting idea. Moreover, it’s quite easy, and you can do it without seeking professional help. So, you can get to the task right away once you’ve arranged for that. 

Make sure to prepare your walls properly for this task. Then, proceed to apply the paint of your choice to the walls with the sponge. Doing this is so easy that it rarely goes wrong. Also, you can show all your creative ideas when it comes to sponging designs. 

Polka Dots

You’ve probably come across this idea before as it’s quite a popular one. As of now, you can say that it’s in trend yet again. So, there won’t be a better time to try out this idea for your home. You can apply this design to your walls all by yourself or with professional help. However, the latter might be more viable in many cases. 

Regardless, polka dots can provide a great look to your home. Your bedroom walls are the most suitable for applying this idea. It can provide a bolder and lively look to your rooms. 

Coloured Strips

Most people probably leave the wall strips white while painting. If you do the same, you might want to change that this time. Instead of letting them stay white, you can give the strips a suitable colour. This idea is quite a new one, but many people have already tried it. Needless to say, it has turned out to be a good idea in many cases. 

Also, you can apply this idea without any assistance. And, in case you decide to apply this idea all by yourself, make sure to colour the strips first. 

Adding Stripes

Apart from other ideas, you must also consider painting stripes on your walls. They can completely change the look and feel of your room. Also, this design is more suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Depending on how you apply it, it can give your room a modern and classy look. 

Also, there are various ways to proceed with this idea. You can use the same colours of two different shades or opt for contrasting colours. Apart from that, you can place them horizontally or vertically. 

Matching Walls and Furniture

You need not necessarily go for stripes, dots, or other patterns to make your home look great. Painting your room monochromatic can do the job as well. But, you must consider matching the colour of your walls with those of your furniture. This idea has been applied quite widely and has brought quite impressive results. 

After all, there’s not just one way to proceed with the job. As an alternative, you can also consider painting your furniture to match your wall. Moreover, this would make your task much easier. 


This is yet another style of wall painting that’s quite trendy nowadays. Most importantly, it looks beautiful if done right. In this style, your wall has a certain colour at the top that melts into another colour at the bottom. You can use two different shades of the same colour or any colour and white. 

This design looks quite good on clothes and furniture. But, would it provide a look as great and dreamy on walls? In case you’re wondering, you can indeed make that possible. And, for that, you have to try out this idea for yourself. 

Spaces Separated By Colours

Many homes are designed in a way that a room has two different spaces. For example, the kitchen in your home might meet the living room. Then, you might want to consider using different colours on their walls. In other words, you can separate these spaces using colours. 

You need not follow any restrictions regarding the colours to be used. But, make sure that they’re matching; in other words, they go well together. Like all the aforementioned ideas, this one has been tried multiple times and is mostly recommended by interior decorators. 

Reach Out to a Professional Interior Decorator

The wall painting ideas we’ve listed above are undoubtedly some of the best ones out there. However, there are many more ways to paint your walls. There’s pretty much no limit as to how creative you can get with it. So, you must consider contacting a reputable interior decorator for dozens more of such alluring painting ideas. 

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