June 2022



The 2024 Chevy Silverado EV isn’t slated to arrive until fall 2023. Chevy has been pretty quiet about the Silverado EV since it debuted back in January, but now GM has released two photos of the truck being tested at its Milford Proving Grounds.

2024 Chevy Silverado EV Prototype

The Silverado EV prototype in these photos has a few changes compared to the production version, like its headlights and the deletion of the side skirt covers and fender flares. The good news is that the production version appears to be identical to what we saw earlier this year.

If you live in Detroit you will likely see some Silverado EV prototypes on the road, since GM plans to start testing it there in July. When the Silverado EV arrives it will initially be offered in only two versions, the WT work truck and the top RST trim level. The Silverado EV WT lists for $39,900, but it’s only available for fleet buyers. The fully loaded RST version is priced at $105,000 before destination.


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Hyundai has announced the updates to its entire 2023 lineup, which also brings some bad news for two of its models. Hyundai has confirmed that both the Accent and Veloster N are being discontinued after the 2022 model year.

2021 Hyundai Veloster N

We already heard reports that the Veloster was being dropped, but the news about the Accent is new. Hyundai says that the Accent is being discontinued, since the Venue is a better entry-level model for the brand. Not surprising, since buyers no longer want sedans.

The Veloster N is bring discontinued so that Hyundai can focus on the Elantra N and Kona N models.


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After the formation of Hardlines Distribution Alliance (HDA) in April, the organization hosted its first in-person Group Merchandising Conference (GMC) last week at the Embassy Suites Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. As the first event hosted by HDA, all attendees were provided the opportunity to meet and network with a large group of leading distributors and manufacturers in the industry. Over 1,500 scheduled meetings in hotel suites provided guaranteed one-on-one interactions that allowed manufacturers to display products, discuss program information and demo new items.

“We were thrilled to host over 30 energetic HDA member distributors who met with scores of exhibiting vendors in the group’s first joint GMC,” says Steve Synnott, chief executive officer at HDA. “We know the conference will result in distributor attendees adding new programs and product lines.”

After a welcome reception on the evening of June 20, meetings kicked off June 21-22. The valuable one-on-one meetings allowed new and existing vendors to meet with 35 HDA member distributors, some of whom were also attending their first GMC. Evening receptions also allowed all attendees to network in a social setting and make connections outside of the scheduled appointments.

“As a first-time attendee, the meeting format that allowed vendors to display products had a great visual impact,” says Sarah Lee, vice president of Purchasing at Blish-Mize Co. “This was especially beneficial when meeting with potential new vendor partners. Overall, this was a must-attend event.”

Tom Richmond, a national account manager with Ghost Controls, agreed.

“HDA is the preeminent group of distributors and an absolute must for manufacturers,” Richmond says. “Each and every meeting was attended by real decision makers that came to work. It is an amazing opportunity and shouldn’t be missed.”

The GMC was also a valuable event for new vendors looking to introduce their company and line to the group. New attending vendors had the opportunity to preview their programs and product selection during a virtual new vendor preview on May 17. Distributor attendees were then able to request meetings with new vendors during the GMC last week.

“The enthusiasm that was shown by the members toward looking at new products and opportunities was very refreshing and appreciated,” says Robert Greene, VP of Consumer Products at Polar Bear Products. “Well worth attending!”

The conference concluded with a farewell reception to give attendees a final opportunity to network with others they may have missed during the scheduled appointments.

“HDA nailed it! Two days of power-packed appointments with top-quality manufacturers from around the world,” says Joel Robinson, Purchasing/Wholesale Manager at Rohrer Seeds. “It would take months to produce the same results that we achieved in hours. Time is money, and this conference checked all the boxes.”

About Hardlines Distribution Alliance

HDA is a multidivisional international merchandising and marketing organization with corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado. With the largest network of distributor, manufacturer and dealer partners in the industry, the alliance’s combined sales volume exceeds $7 billion through its over 65 member distributors who operate 140 distribution centers serving all 50 states. For more information visit

Learn more about the formation of HDA here.


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The Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric crossover was just introduced for the 2022 model year, but Hyundai has already announced a few updates for the 2023 version.

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5

The 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5 largely carries over unchanged into the new model year, but there are a few small updates. The most significant is the dual-motor all-wheel drive versions now have a slightly longer driving range 266 miles vs 256 miles. The AWD version is also slightly more efficient with a 113/90/101 mpge rating, which is up from 110/87/98.

The battery heating system was previously standard on the AWD models, but now its standard across the Ioniq 5 lineup. A battery preconditioning function has also been added and the Ioniq 5 gets increased towing capacity at up to 2,300 pounds, up from 1,650 pounds.

Other smaller updates include increased availability of the Digital Key, a seatbelt reminder system for all five seats and a new Gravity Gold Matte exterior color.


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Kia has announced the pricing for the refreshed 2023 Soul, which starts at $21,085. The Soul has received a facelift, which includes a new front fascia and some tech upgrades.

2023 Kia Soul

At the front there’s a new grille that’s flanked by new headlights and redesigned fog lights. At the rear the taillights have been restyled as well. Kia has also added two new two-tone paint options: Clear White with Fusion Black roof and Surf Blue with a Fusion Black roof.

Inside a 10.25-inch touchscreen is standard on all versions, except the base LX.

The 2023 Kia Soul is gets a simplified trim lineup that includes the: LX, S, EX, GT-Line, GT-Line Tech versions. All of them are powered by the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. Sadly the turbocharged version is no longer available.


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BIS’s Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) extended its hand toward the crypto & blockchain industry. 

Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is a global financial institution. BIS is owned by central banks which “fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks”.  From the very beginning, BIS showed bitter & negative stances against this crypto industry because of the high volatility in the value of crypto assets. 

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) from BIS introduced its proposal to allow the banks to hold 1% reserves in Bitcoin or some leading cryptocurrencies. 

BCBS published its proposal on 30 June and under its plan bank will be allowed to use Group 2 crypto assets to 1% of Tier 1 capital” in its consultative document titled “Second consultation on the prudential treatment of crypto assets. 

Group2 is those crypto assets category under which those digital assets will fall under that category which are not perfect or exactly defined under a particular asset class, While Group1 will include those assets which are perfectly categorized like stablecoin. 

The perfect understanding of the Group1 and Group2 assets category can be understood via the attached picture below. 

BIS to allow Banks to hold 1% reserves in Bitcoin 1
Group 1 vs. Group 2 assets. Source: Bank of International Settlements

BCBS published document stated:

“Banks’ exposures to Group 2 crypto assets will be subject to an exposure limit. Banks must apply the exposure limit to their aggregate exposures to Group 2 crypto assets, including both direct holdings (cash and derivatives) and indirect holding (ie those via investment funds, ETF/ETN, special purpose vehicles).”

Earlier, BIS took the reference of the significant correction in the prices of Crypto assets and warned people about their crypto investment activities and also warned people about the risk associated with decentralized finance (Defi). In the past, BIS also released its statement on cryptocurrencies and claimed that cryptocurrencies don’t meet with the role of money, so can’t be used in the payment system. 

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Robert C. Hudson Jr.Robert C. Hudson Jr., passed away peacefully and with grace on June 24, 2022, in his Chicago home.

Mr. Hudson was the fourth generation chairman emeritus of H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Co., which his great-grandfather started in 1905. Headquartered in Lowell, Michigan, the company is a leader in spraying and dusting equipment for controlling insects, plant diseases and weeds. Mr. Hudson was particularly proud of the company’s activities in public health where the company’s products are instrumental in saving lives around the world by killing mosquitoes that carry diseases like malaria.

Mr. Hudson was born on May 4, 1928, in Los Angeles, California, and educated in the public schools of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cook County, Illinois, and the University of Minnesota. His company activities began informally at the age of six when he sold several dozen sprayers to a Minneapolis retailer. He spent most of his school vacations working for the company on various jobs—in the office, in the warehouse, as well as on assembly lines where he helped produce many of the company’s products.

In 1949, Mr. Hudson began his business career as a salesman in the company’s International Division. After several years of selling overseas, he served in the Medical Corps of the U.S. Army. Next, he sold for the company in the U.S. and was later appointed district sales manager. He eventually served as the company’s third president and its second chairman, a position to which he was elected in 2003.

Mr. Hudson was an inspired innovator having held scores of U.S. and world patents representing real innovation in the sprayer applicator markets. Of note, in the early 1970s, Mr. Hudson invented the Hudson Cordless Electric Sprayer. A first of its kind, battery-operated piston pump sprayer which won the IR100 Award for best innovation the same year Xerox won for Xerography. Additionally, he invented a full line of ready-to-use sprayers that were carried by every major chemical company in the U.S. Mr. Hudson brought injection and blow molding capabilities into the enterprise’s core competencies. This led to several advancements in molding technologies.

Mr. Hudson led the expansion of his company, and in the early 1980s built a factory in Hong Kong leading to another factory in mainland China. Mr. Hudson was closely identified with hardware, agricultural, garden, industrial and public health fields through professional and personal activities.

Mr. Hudson loved God, his country and his family. His life’s passion was his business, and he admired and respected the individuals working in the company as they worked together to build and perpetuate what became a business with an unparalleled global reputation. Mr. Hudson instilled the strong corporate values that still exist in the culture of the company today. Mr. Hudson was president of the American Hardware Manufacturers’ Association and previously served on the executive committee as an officer of the association and an honorary member of its board of directors. In 1972, he received the “Man of the Year” award from that association’s Young Executive Club for “outstanding achievements in and contributions to the hardware industry.” He was past president of the Associate Members Division of the American Seed Trade Association and served as a member of the Industry Development Committee of the National Wholesale Hardware Association. He was a director of the Hardware Institute for Research and Development. He was president of the Hardware Group Association and was an advisory board member. He served twice as president of the National Sprayer and Duster Association, as president of the Barn Equipment Association, as director of the Farm and Industrial Equipment Institute and former president of its Agri-equipment division. He served as a member of an industry volunteer segment of the World Health Organization dealing with insecticide and application equipment used to combat insect borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and Chagas’ disease.

Mr. Hudson and his late wife, Oralia, have four children: three sons, Robert C. III (wife Sarah, son David, daughter Katherine, grandchildren Vivian, Benjamin, Gabriel, Wyatt and Elliott); D. James (deceased), (wife Barbara, daughters Jennifer, Elizabeth and Devon, grandchildren Jaxon and Alexandra); William A. (wife Patrice, daughters Michelle, Carolyn, Rachel and Jane). A daughter Susan Oralia is deceased. In August 1976, Mr. Hudson and his wife, Oralia welcomed into their family beloved Armida Betty Perez-Koukounaras (husband Dennis, son Constantine).

“There were few individuals who better represented their commitment to the home improvement industry than Robert Hudson,” says North American Hardware and Paint Association chief operating officer Dan Tratensek. “The Hudson family and the entire H.D. Hudson Co. have been pillars of this community for decades, and Robert will be sorely missed. I would encourage everyone to learn more about Robert and what he and his company did to elevate their employees, their brand, the industry and the welfare of so many people around the globe. The story is truly inspiring.”


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Finally, the proposal for the most important hard fork in the Cardano Blockchain has been submitted by the developer team of Cardano blockchain.

Cardano is an 8th-ranked crypto project. Right now this project is competing other leading crypto projects because of its highly fast Proof-of-stake network. Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain and he is one of the co-founders of Ethereum blockchain till 2014. Initially, Cardano entered the crypto industry with the concept of making blockchain technology a leading option to choose at the commercial level. 

IOHK, the developer team of Cardano, announced that the proposal of Vasil Hardfork for the Cardano testnet blockchain has been submitted and the countdown for the mainnet upgrade has been started.

From 3 July al the apps in Cardano testnet blockchain ecosystem will be able to test and enjoy the enhanced features. 

Team also explained that Vasil Hardfork on the mainnet will introduce better efficiency in the Cardano network in terms of scalability and performance. 

“Vasil improvements include higher throughput through diffusion pipelining to a better developer experience via much-improved script performance & efficiency (plus lower costs). It is #Cardano’s biggest and best upgrade to date.”

Cardano Vasil Hardfork against Solana protocol

After the introduction of Vasil Hardfork on Cardano mainnet blockchain, IOHK will be able to introduce Hydra protocol to allow the Cardano Blockchain to facilitate high-scale transactions more likely to Solana protocol. 

The final development work in the hydra protocol with Cardano will allow the Cardano network to facilitate 1 million transactions per second, which is 10 times higher scalability than Solana’s Proof-of-history protocol.

Cardano founder Hoskinson aims to make Cardano a highly decentralized and high scalable blockchain by the end of this year in the crypto industry. Hoskinson claimed that the Cardano network will always remain decentralized and better than Solana’s less decentralized Proof-of-history protocol. 

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We’ve heard rumors that Nissan will soon discontinue the Titan full size pickup, since it hasn’t managed to make a dent in the segment that’s dominated by the Detroit automakers. Nissan hasn’t made any announcements about the Titan’s future, but a new report claims that it is in fact on the chopping block.

An unnamed source revealed to Automotive News that the Titan will be dropped from the Nissan lineup in 2024 or 2025, but Nissan hasn’t decided the actual year it will be dropped.

Just to give you an idea of how little Nissan actually sells the Titan. In 2021 Nissan only sold 27,406 Titans compared to the over 700k Ford F-Series trucks that were sold.


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Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been battling massive price reforms as interests in the token have waned and wealth has plummeted, following a rise in competing for leading meme coin cryptocurrencies since last year.

While as of now the current market, in general, is trading in the red zone, and also the current interest in SHIB is different from 2021 trajectory.

As per the data collected and compiled over the past 12 months, Google search queries ‘Buy SHIB’ recorded an all-time low of 0 in June 2022, which is a 100% decrease from the popular scores of 8 back in 2021.

While the google queries reached the peak of the crypto bull run with a popular score of 100 by the end of October 2021.

Doge rival Shiba facing huge downfall in terms prices & interests 1
SHIB Google search trend. Source: Google Trends

In particular, despite declining global interest, some countries are still interested in the token, with US investors topping the 100 most popular score and Cyprus ranking at 81. Canada, Singapore, and Australia also topped the list with scores of 75, 71, and 64 respectively.

As cryptocurrencies continue to record large sales, the decline in interest in SHIB is consistent with the depreciation of the token value. In particular, SHIB recorded significant gains in 2021 and became one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies during its run.

However, the token has faced a lot of downfall due to the current price movement, which led to some reduction in investor interest in meme coins. Overall, the value of SHIB fell by more than 70% in 2022 and many of those holding the assets are currently at a huge loss.

Various data sources show that 72% of the current SHIB owner base is not making any kind of money from SHIB, which is one of the major factors for people losing interest in the SHIB token.

The scene of hype surrounding Meme Coin going down came out in early June this year when SHIB lost 20,000 customers in just less than a week.

Back in 2021 while during the rise of meme tokens, critics already noted that the future of the SHIB token was short-lived and suggested that the token lacks the utility perspective.

Although as of now developers have moved forward to improve the network with Shibarium blockchain Network and, as a result, have made significant gains in the context of using cryptocurrency as a payment medium alongside getting listed on new exchange platforms.

In the current market scenario, many Americans are ready to offload their holding assets in which SHIB is at the top. In particular, Google Trend data suggests that investors want to sell tokens following the ‘Sell SHIB’ keyword.

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