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Professional certifications like Six Sigma green belt certifications are becoming popular these days. It shows an individual’s expertise in the relevant field and highlights his/her acquired skills. These days, many companies in different sectors, such as management, technology, education, etc, ask for professional certifications like the Six Sigma green belt before hiring candidates. They can boost the probabilities of getting hired or promoted.

For a beginner in any business field, a professional certification like Green Belt can be beneficial. This shows that the individual is ahead of others and has the required knowledge and other abilities to get selected. Further, it helps him develop his overall personality in terms of his profession and personal life. 

What is Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification?

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is a credential that certifies you with practical knowledge of Six Sigma methodologies and tools. Its certification program helps individuals understand the basics and advanced levels of Six Sigma with examples so they can implement their knowledge on real-life professional tasks. This can increase their visibility at their workplaces and boost their career growth and salary. For job seekers, the training program can add value to their resumes and help them stand out from the competition. 

Getting a Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate proves an individual’s or employee’s commitment to improving his analytical skills and business intelligence along with boosting business processes at their organization. The certification is accepted worldwide and opens door to multiple opportunities across various industries. 

How to Get Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification? 

Candidates willing to get the Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification need to appear in the Six Sigma Green Belt Exam conducted by IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification). 

IASSC is a third-party certification providing body established in 2009. It delivers and facilitates centralized and global six sigma accreditation and certification standards. It is an official member of ICE (Institute for Credentialing Excellence) and ANSI (American National Standard Institute). These organizations ensure the credibility of the lean Six Sigma certification. 

IASSC offers six types of Six Sigma certifications that are accepted globally in different industries. The green belt is one of the Six Sigma certifications focusing on providing information on Six Sigma tools and processes at an advanced level. 

Candidates need to check out the eligibility criteria and other requirements to apply for the Six Sigma Green Belt exam. 

Six Sigma

Eligibility For Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification

There are no specific eligibility criteria to sit for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam. However, proper training and sufficient work experience are required by an applicant to get the certification. 

Individuals pursuing a training program must appear for the test conducted after the course completion. Candidates who will clear the test will be provided with the certification. 

  • Work Experience – The candidates need to have at least 3 of experience in handling projects linked with Six Six methodologies and business improvement. Part-time jobs or internships will not be counted as work experience. Or else, they must have completed at least two Six Sigma projects and can provide affidavits to the relevant projects for validation. 
  • Exam – After the completion of training, appear for the exam which carries multiple-choice questions. The exam duration is 4 hours. The maximum mark for the paper is 100, and candidates must score at least 70 marks to pass the exam. 
  • Previously Required Belts – Individuals applying for the green belt certification must have yellow belt certification for the further application process. Candidates who haven’t received a yellow belt cannot apply for a green belt. 

Application Process For the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ Exam

Candidates are recommended to follow the given steps to apply for the Six Sigma Green Belt exam and get the certification. 

  • Visit the official website of IASSC – Applicants are suggested to visit the IASSC website to understand the exam and get insights. 
  • Sign up for the training – After the above step, they must create their account and sign up for the Green Belt certification program. 
  • Select an accredited or authorized training partner associated with IASSC – Interested candidates can select a training institute offering the certification program. It must be associated with IASSC. Applicants must check for this point to ensure its validity. 
  • Get trained under supervision and prepare for the exam – After joining an institute, candidates are provided hands-on training on Six Sigma tools and techniques. They are given real-time projects where they can apply their knowledge and execute them successfully. During the program, they will learn advanced Six Sigma concepts and strategies to implement them along with some tips to prepare for the exam. 
  • Fill out the exam form with all required details and pay the exam fee of USD 295 – Candidates will be notified by their institutions or IASSC when the exam forms are released. They have to fill in the required information, such as name, email-id, and other details to apply for the exam. 
  • Appear for the exam and score a minimum of 70% to pass it – Applicants will be provided their admit cards that will contain information like applicant’s id, date of examination, etc, followed by submitting the application form. They must score at least 70% marks to grab the credential. 
  • Wait for the result – After the exam gets over, just relax and wait for the results. 
  • Check the results and download the certificate – When the results are released, candidates will be informed by mail or messages. They can visit the website of IASSC or its authorized training institute and check their performances. They can also download their score cards and certificates (if given). 
Six Sigma

How to Download the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification? 

Candidates need to pass the exam to avail the certificate. They have to score a minimum percentage for the exam. Those who haven’t scored the required minimum percentage will not receive the certificate. However, they can apply for the next Green Belt exam. Here are the steps to download the certificate after passing the exam. 

Step 1 – Candidates need to open the official website of IASSC to get the notification of the result release. 

Step 2 – After this, they need to check out the website on which they had enrolled for the training and check the notification section. 

Step 3 – They have to enter their login credentials such as email-id, application id, exam date, etc. 

Step 4 – The Result window will open, and candidates can view their scores. 

Step 5 – There will be an option for downloading the certificate. Candidates need to find that option and click on it. 

Step 6 – After clicking on that option, the certificate will get downloaded.

They can get its hard copy and save it for future references. 


Six Sigma processes and tools are widely used in the business environment for various purposes. It leads to a company’s growth and revenue as well as improves productivity and reduces costs. Certification in Six Sigma, such as Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, can help employees manage complex business projects effectively and reach business goals. 

It guarantees improved services and products which results in customer loyalty and long-term business relationships. A green belt certification comes with lucrative advantages both in terms of salary & work satisfaction. 

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The co-founder of Ethereum blockchain shared his opinion on the VCs’ efforts in the Metaverse related project development.

Meta (formerly Facebook) announced its project Metaverse to bring a high-level virtual reality experience to its users. Initially, Facebook rebranded its name to Meta in Q3 2021, to show its top-level interest & development works in Metaverse. However the concept of Metaverse may bring huge types of benefits in the future but still its ecosystem framework is not precisely known, so every leader in this field is working on their own way to develop Metaverse projects.

Recently a Twitter user, actually a game lover, tweeted about the need for a high-level virtual experience need for the gaming industry. He also claimed that VCs don’t play games, so they can’t understand the needs & problems of gamers. 

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum blockchain, responded to this Twitter user and said that Metaverse is going to happen but no existing VCs can do that.

Further, Vitalik responded to another tweet in the same tweet thread and directly claimed that Meta (formerly Facebook) can’t contribute to the Metaverse because Meta doesn’t know what people want. 

“My critique is deeper than “Metaverse Wikipedia will beat Metaverse Encyclopedia Britannica”. It’s that we don’t know the definition of “the metaverse” yet, it’s far too early to know what people want. So anything Facebook creates now will misfire,” Vitalik said.

Meta failures in the crypto industry

In the past, Meta worked in the crypto industry to launch its Stablecoin Libra via its Diem Association. But huge regulatory hurdles forced Meta to close its project. 

Around half year back, Meta sold its all stakes from Diem Association.

But now it is expected that Meta will integrate crypto payment options as an option for its Metaverse users. 

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Modern properties have to double as both home and office, with more people embracing the work-from-home approach. Are you an entrepreneur with a passion for teaching? You may be considering online tutoring. You may have even done your homework, learned what you need to start an online tutoring service, and feel ready. Among the areas where you can save considerable costs is the working space. Today, you don’t have to rent a fancy office since you can work from home. But, how do you pick the best rental to double as your office for online tutoring? Here are a few pointers to get you going.


Location can never take the backseat whenever you want to buy and rent real estate in Kenya. Location means different things, though, considering the real estate use. As you pick the right location for your online tutoring business, among the top location checks are:

  • Amenities: Can you quickly access essential amenities like eateries, shopping centers, financial services, medical facilities, and schools for your kids? Proximity to such amenities saves you more time, allowing you to focus on tutoring. Also, consider the internet access and connectivity to utilities like water and electricity. Your work-from-home endeavors will be smooth with stable internet connectivity, utilities, and proximity to amenities.
  • Privacy: Is the neighborhood noisy? Privacy will be a perfect recipe for a disastrous tutoring experience. If your clients can hardly hear what you say or struggle to keep the communication going, the sessions won’t be productive. You’ll lose one client after the next, emphasizing the need to consider the privacy levels.
  • Security: You’ll be spending most of your time at home, and it wouldn’t be productive if you constantly worry about your safety. A secure rental house can significantly improve productivity by enjoying a peaceful working environment. It is not just about your valuables but also about the peace of mind you get.
House For Your Online Tutoring

Property size

Working from home can be tricky if you don’t have a dedicated workstation. Your bedroom or living rooms aren’t the most productive spaces. It would help if you had a distractions-free work area to facilitate smooth progress. Therefore, if you have a family or roommate, they know not to disturb you in the work area; this could be a dedicated room or desk with everything you need for tutoring.

Whether renting the whole house or a part and sharing with others, considering the size and ensuring you have enough to set up a home office is critical, allowing you to develop a favorable tutoring space. Also, think about the growth potential, which means you may have to invest in more furniture, hence the need for flexibility to scale up.

Rental price

Working from home is cost-effective. However, you still have to do the math. How much monthly rental can you afford? Don’t base your financial capacity on the projection of your online tutoring business. Instead, think about your current financial situation and other streams of income you have. Therefore, you can pick a house within your budget, meaning even when the tutoring business is not flowing well, you can still afford the rental home.

Besides the rent, consider other aspects impacting the cost of living. This includes meals, utility bills, and transportation expenses, especially if you have school-going kids, to name a few. Accounting for such gives you a vivid picture, allowing you to pick a rental house that won’t spread your finances too thin.

Online tutoring is a lucrative opportunity, and doing it from a rental home offers much more. You avoid costs like transport, office lease, and expensive cafeteria meals. You also save time since you won’t have to commute, allowing you to do more within a day. However, your online tutoring quests are significantly influenced by the rental property you pick, emphasizing the need to dig deeper and go beyond the cosmetic elements as you browse the houses. A quiet, safe, accessible, well-connected rental home is the go-to for profitable online tutoring endeavors.

International academic consultant, master teacher trainer, editor, e-content developer, project manager and specializing in education for the Middle East. Hamed has a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. He is skilled in coaching, staff development, and instructional design.


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The co-founder of Ethereum blockchain responded against Microstrategy CEO Micheal Saylor, in response to his past statement on suggested regulatory steps by the US Securities body on the crypto industry.

Microstrategy is a business intelligence firm. In August 2020, Microstrategy company started to accumulate Bitcoin to add to its reserves balance sheet, thanks to the better leadership quality of its CEO Micheal Saylor. To this date, Microstrategy holds around 129,699 bitcoins at an average price of $30,664 per bitcoin.

In the second week of this month, Michael Saylor appeared in an interview on the YouTube series “Not Investment Advice”. Through the interview, Michael appreciated the role of Bitcoin as the best option & tried to criticize other crypto assets as useless.

“simple thing to do is just use Bitcoin as your token and then build on top of that monetary protocol and on top of that monetary asset, but if you’re not going to do that, you have to think long and hard about the economic, ethical, and technical implications of what you’re doing,” Saylor said.

Through the statements, Michael also labeled all the cryptocurrencies (except Bitcoin) as securities and suggested Securities regulatory bodies to act on the crypto industry under the security asset category associated laws.

Probably these things forced Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum blockchain, to talk on this matter. Vitalik quoted a tweet and indirectly called Micheal Saylor a clown of the Bitcoin community.

This response tweet against Saylor hints that the Ethereum co-founder is somewhat disappointed with the Microstrategy CEO because of his statements against cryptocurrencies, while he loves Bitcoin.

Recently Saylor also talked about the ongoing development work on the Ethereum blockchain, called merge. Saylor said that we can’t look at Ethereum blockchain because it may take 5 to 10 years more to become stable & complete.

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BOPIS. AR. VR. Technology available to retailers can feel like an alphabet soup of terms, and it can be difficult to sort out what each term means and how it can benefit your operation. Below, Hardware Retailing offers a brief explanation of what each type of technology is and the ways you can use it in your business.

1. Augmented Reality

Similar to virtual reality (VR), AR allows the user to combine virtual experiences with their physical world. In retail, AR can be used to create virtual fitting rooms, offer shoppable catalogs and let a customer see helpful information or special deals as they point their camera at different parts of the store.

2. Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS)

The premise is simple: A customer buys a product online and then comes to your brick-and-mortar location to pick it up, either in the store or curbside. During the pandemic, BOPIS was a lifeline for many retailers who couldn’t open their doors to customers because it allowed them to still sell products.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

With IoT, different parts of our lives can “talk” to each other, such as a smartphone connecting to a smart vehicle, or your smart home security system communicating with your lamps and lights. IoT can be used to track products through the entire supply chain process or to track real-time customer behaviors to tailor offers to them.

4. Quick Response (QR) Codes

QR codes are a type of barcode that contain various forms of data, like website links, account information and payment options. QR codes have been around for about 10 years and have a myriad of uses in retail, including sharing discounts and coupons, collecting feedback, accepting cashless payments and sending customers directly to your website.

Sources: Vend Retail Dictionary and Shopify, Retail Technology

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Sitting in the front of the parking lot of Tecumseh Home Hardware Building Center Store in Tecumseh, Ontario, is a hot dog stand that offers an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to test out the waters of owning a small business. The stand has been a part of the store for several years and has been owned by several young entrepreneurs during that time, says owner Kimberly Seguin. One past stand owner even became an employee of the store after his hard work in the stand gained the attention of Seguin.

Currently, high school student Spencer Armstrong owns the stand, which he named The Doghouse. The Doghouse is open Saturdays and Sundays during the summer and serves hot dogs, sausages, cold drinks and a full condiment bar.

“The stand is a great way we can support our community and young entrepreneurs,” Seguin says. “It’s an excellent opportunity for them to learn and gain real-life skills.”

Armstrong aspires to have a career in accounting and has appreciated the experience he’s gained owning the hot dog stand, learning how to run a business and balance the books.

“I also really love meeting new customers,” Armstrong says. “They are all really nice, and I like being able to make small talk with them.
I’ve learned a lot through my experience.”

Read more Checkout stories about community outreach efforts here, including how Lilian Lumber Company Home Center recently celebrated its 110th anniversary, Burney True Value Hardware‘s customer events throughout the year and Jared’s Ace Hardware‘s bulk seed counter.

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gasoline canGasoline Can
No-Spill’s new 5 Gallon Fuel Can with ViewStripe™ features front and back windows to show users how much fuel remains in the can. This feature can also be found on No-Spill’s 1.25- and 2.5-gallon models. All No-Spill Portable Fuel Containers feature the innovative Push-Button Control with Auto-Stop™, a large neck opening for fast flow, a wide, stable design and a three-year warranty.

No-Spill | or 913-888-9200

microfiber cleaning mittMicrofiber Cleaning Mitt
The Spot Clean Paw Mitt is a microfiber and chenille cleaning mitt that soaks up water and dries off pets fast. It features an elastic band to keep the mitt securely on the hand, is machine washable and is available in a variety of colors.

Ethical Products Inc. | or 800-223-7768

smart water sensorSmart Water Sensor
The Phyn Plus Smart Water Sensor has been re-engineered to be 25% smaller. It features automatic water shutoff, customizable temperature and humidity alerts. When the sensor comes into contact with water, users are notified by an audible alarm and an LED light. It connects to a home’s existing WiFi network and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and works with IFTTT for smart home integration.

Phyn | or 877-749-6792

folding dining tableFolding Dining Table
COSCO’s Solid Wood Folding Dining Table seats at least four, is adjustable and folds flat for compact storage. It is constructed of solid wood and comes in a whitewash gray color with matching chairs. The table has a 200 lb. weight capacity.

COSCO | or 800-628-8321

random orbit sanderRandom Orbit Sander
Bosch Power Tools’ Brushless 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander features an ergonomic palm-grip design, compact body, a vibration-dampening element and an easy-to-reach on and off switch. It is available in a 12V or an 18V model, both with a speed selector switch and 6,000-10,000 OPM no-load speed. The sanders are compatible with Bosch’s mobile dust collection attachments.

Bosch Tools | or 877-267-2499

Kevin Haskins, Northside Paint“Paintwise Regal Select Interior Paint is phenomenal. It has great hiding ability, flows really nice and is easy to work with.”—Kevin Haskins, Northside Paint

acrylic paint and primerInterior Acrylic Paint and Primer
Benjamin Moore’s Regal® Select Interior Paint is a 100% acrylic paint and primer mixed together, making it apply easily and smoothly. It is mildew-resistant and engineered with Gennex® Color Technology. It is available in thousands of colors, including Ready Mix White and Ready Mix Black, and in flat, matte, eggshell, pearl and semi-gloss finishes.
Benjamin Moore |

steel fencingOrnamental Steel Fencing
VERSAI® Ornamental Steel Fencing features a patented pin-hinge system that has no visible fasteners and allows racking without metal-on-metal contact, ensuring no metal fatigue or compromising of the powder coat. It adjusts to match landscape grade changes and can be fitted with accessories such as finials, knuckles, ball caps and rings.

Fortress Building Product | or 866-323-4766

hardwood lump charcoalHardwood Lump Charcoal
Ideal for smaller grills and backyard BBQs, Chunx Hardwood Lump Charcoal is crafted from dense hardwood and specially carbonized to remove impurities, resulting in hotter, longer and cleaner burns without sparks, pops, bitter smoke or excessive ash.

Jealous Devil | or 661-532-8767

p-trapPush-to-Install P-Trap
The Insta-Plumb P-Trap installs with no nuts, washer, tools or solvent cement required. The push-to-install, press-to-release connection attaches to 1 ½ -inch or 1 ¼-inch O.D. plastic drain pipes. They’re removable and reusable and can be repositioned for perfect alignment. The kit features a stainless steel grip ring that holds the connection tight and an o-ring for a leak-free seal.

Keeney Mfg | or 800-243-0526

antimicrobial paintAntimicrobial Paint
PPG Copper Armor™ paint contains Corning® Guardiant® technology that is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on painted surfaces, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in two hours. It is suitable for application in high-traffic areas such as health care, hospitality, office and educational environments, as well as residential applications. It is available in eggshell, satin and semi-gloss finishes, can be tinted to more than 600 colors and is zero-VOC. PPG Copper Armor also provides a mold- and mildew-resistant coating on the dry paint film.

PPG | or 800-441-969

handheld tool boxHandheld Tool Box
A new handheld Shopbox from Montezuma helps customers keep tools and supplies organized, handy and secure when on the go. With Montezuma’s exclusive Triangle® Toolbox design, the 15-inch-by-10½-inch Shopbox keeps contents in place, even when turned upside down. The handheld Shopbox has steel tines for organizing sockets and wrenches, two bin spaces, a tool platform and a large storage area. The carry handle with riveted cleats makes it easy to transport the Shopbox, and dual steel draw bolts with lockable padlock eyes secure the lid. The multitier, waterfall design allows customers to see all their tools at a glance.

Montezuma Storage | or 800-459-4409

carbon steel roasterCarbon Steel Roaster
Smithey Ironware’s Carbon Steel Round Roaster is designed to move from stovetop to oven to table. Because they’re hand-forged, each round roaster is visually unique and features hand-hammered handles with an easy-grip texture and pre-seasoned interior finish.

Smithey Ironware Co. | or 843-619-0082

automatic rust cleaning tabletsAutomatic Rust Cleaning Tablets
Ty-D-Bol Rust Toilet Cleaner Tablets automatically eliminate rust stains with every flush. Each tablet features protective wrapping, allowing users to drop them into the tank with no direct contact with their hands or skin.

Willert Home Products | or 800-325-9680

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additional benefits of chatbotsAccording to Insider Intelligence, a research firm that analyzes digital opportunities, by 2024 consumer retail spend via chatbots will reach $142 billion worldwide—a sharp increase from the $2.8 billion spent in 2019. With continuing staffing issues and increasing demand for technology from customers, chatbots provide an opportunity for more efficient customer service, boosted sales and reduced costs.

Why Add Chatbots?

Chatbots are considered conversational marketing tools, meaning they can drive conversations between you and your customers, closing sales and providing quality customer service.

  • 56% of users would rather use chatbots than call customer support.
  • 97% of consumers have neutral or positive experiences with chatbots.

How Can Chatbots Improve Your Business?

With chatbots answering basic questions and assisting customers online for free, fewer employees are necessary, and paid staff are free to use their time more efficiently.

  • 41% of consumers use conversational marketing tools for purchases.
  • 30% of customer service costs can be reduced by the use of chatbots.

Sources: Insider Intelligence; Outgrow; State of Conversational Marketing report, 2020, Drift; Digital Customer Care in the Age of AI, 2018, IBM

Next-Level Customer Service
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Representatives for the North American Hardware and Paint Association (NHPA) are taking the association on the road—in stores and on industry show floors in the U.S. and Canada, and even further abroad.

NHPA chief operating officer and publisher Dan Tratensek recently completed a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he attended the 2022 Global DIY Summit. He also toured Danish home improvement stores that ranged from discount consumer-focused operations to 24-hour-a-day lumberyards. Continue reading to learn more about these store visits.

A leading Danish DIY-focused chain that operates stores throughout the country.

While Silvan’s 42 shops are located in both urban and suburban areas, the retailer’s focus for growth is on its urban store formats. The urban locations, like the one Tratensek toured in the heart of Copenhagen, focus on providing urban dwellers with everything they might need to make their homes comfortable. The stores even offer bicycles with a large basket in the front for customers to use and ferry products to and from their homes.

At roughly 1,000 square meters, this downtown store location offers everything from live plants to lightbulbs and offers about 6,000 SKUs of products. The two-level structure is located in a historic building with a large sign inside the entrance sharing the building’s history and a large map outlining the store’s layout.

Stark City 24-7Stark City 24-7
A lumber dealer that caters to Copenhagen’s professional contractors and tradespeople.

Stark is a 125-year-old company with 485 branches throughout Northern Europe. In 2021, the operation made more than $5 billion in sales.
One of Stark’s most unique features is that it is open

24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet the needs of the market’s contractors who often want to start their days early.

The Copenhagen location Tratensek toured offers a full-service outdoor lumber facility and products located under a covered, drive-through area for easy picking and loading.

In addition to its full slate of building materials and lumber, the salesfloor offers everything from a wide selection of power tools and accessories to plumbing supplies, paint, workwear, shoes and safety gear. The salesfloor also includes a small flooring and kitchen and bath showroom.

Stark also offers its customers unique features like the ability to rent one of its tool vans. The van is fully stocked with a range of tools and customers can rent it for the day. Stark will even drop off at job sites a fastener box that comes completely stocked with fasteners to meet almost any need.

jem & fixJem & Fix
Denmark’s low-cost leader for supplying hardware and building products to contractors, tradespeople and the public.

Jem & Fix is a family-owned company with more than 124 stores in Denmark, 59 stores in Sweden and 11 in Norway. The store’s brand is built around its no-frills merchandising. It rarely offers promotions and does not offer a loyalty program. At Jem & Fix, price is the primary driver to capture customers.

The store features a broad selection of lumber and building materials as well as lawn and garden and outdoor living products. Customers can also find paint, plumbing, hardware tools and more.

Carl RasCarl Ras
A third-generation, family-owned chain of pro-focused hardware stores with locations throughout Denmark.

Carl Ras’ 19 stores focus on selection and service, and the location Tratensek visited in Copenhagen is a gleaming example of high-performance retailing. In addition to an assortment of brands carried by the stores, Carl Ras features its own private-label tools and products.

Roughly 50% of Carl Ras’ sales are delivered directly to end users from its on-site warehouse. To keep up with this type of volume, Carl Ras has created a state-of-the-art warehouse with a sophisticated order processing and fulfillment system.

One of the tools it has implemented is a robot order picking system, which like the ones found at Amazon, uses a series of robots that run along a gridded track system to sort, pick and combine products into customer shipments.

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The chief executive officer of the Binance exchange shared his opinion on the current situation and explained why it will push Bitcoin adoption.

Changpeng Zhao is the founder and chief executive officer of Binance exchange. Binance is a top first ranked crypto exchange, thanks to its high quality & secured services. The exchange has its ecosystem, where it operates its crypto project with Binance coin. The exchange always works to push the adoption of crypto & blockchain via educational awareness programs.

Recently Changpeng Zhao appeared in an interview with CNBC’s Squawk. Through the interview, Zhao flipped the bearish sentiment of the crypto market into a bullish one. 

Zhao used the basic ideas to figure out the current macroeconomic situation. He said that the current macroeconomic situation is in favor of the crypto industry and it will push the adoption of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price action

At present, the price of Bitcoin is $24,558 and this price is 3% high over the last 24 hours trade price, while 10% high over the last 7 days price. 

The current macroeconomic situation will push Bitcoin adoption, say Binance Exec 1

In the last week, many crypto experts claimed that the price of Bitcoin & other leading crypto assets will face a huge downfall but happened differently, and here we should appreciate the role of high inflation-based speculations, which resulted in positive outcomes for the crypto market.

On 29 July, Binance’s CEO also suggested people be wise in this situation instead of becoming bullish blindly. He suggested people invest that amount of money, which remains less effective for life.

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