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Mazda has announced the updates to the 2023 CX-9 SUV with the big change being the deletion of the base Sport trim level. That now means that the higher Touring trim level is now the base trim level and that also brings a higher starting price with it.

The 2023 CX-9 pricing starts at $40,025, which is an increase of $3,120 over the 2022 CX-9 Sport. But that higher starting price also means there’s more standard features on the CX-9, including 18-inch wheels, heated and ventilated front seats, second-row captain’s chairs, three zone climate control, a wireless charger and a sunroof.

All CX-9 models are powered by a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 250 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque using 93 octane fuel. It also comes standard with a 10.3-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


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The design of Italian furniture did not just happen. It developed over thousands of years. They found the first signs of Italian craftsmanship in the ruins of Pompeii in 79 A.D. Carvings made from wood and cast-outs of bronze were little signs that Italian decor existed.  


However, it was not until the 15th century that the Italian style gained recognition as having a solid decor presence all its own. Italian-style living room furniture, dining room pieces, and royal beds appeared in castles and palaces.


Italian designers never lost sight of the humble beginnings of Greek and Roman descent and kept the traditional style as a reminder. Today, international design talents continue to learn from the history of Italian furniture. Students strive to improve on designs without erasing the classic style.

Giulio Cappellini is a fine designer and teacher that has been key to guiding the new generation of Italian design professionals. He teaches students to delve into the past of Italian design while reinventing qualities that are better than those of 20 years ago.

The grandeur of contemporary Italian living room furniture will never fade away, but new ideas and cultures are constantly being studied and tested. For example, merging Italian furniture into settings like Industrial home decor is one of the unique ways that classic Italian furniture is expanding. 

Table of Contents

If you have always had doubts about using an Italian coffee table as a transitional statement of beauty, think again. Different Italian styles give you many options for creating your own unique living room. Here are suggestions for including luxury Italian furniture in the style that you desire.


The Rule of Three

The rule of three is when you use an odd number for decorative items or properties. These can include style, color, furniture, or textures to present a more natural grouping. Three pieces of seating, three different natural materials, or a trio of tables within the same space will create a more balanced look.

Having Italian design living room furniture may be a dream of yours, but don’t get hung up on getting all pieces to match perfectly. You can have a warm and cohesive balance by starting with modern Italian furniture and then adding favorite classic Italian accent pieces. The second style of Italian living room furniture will add a fresh tone to your living room.  

Example #1

I can describe a Bergamo couch with a pair of 1D reclining chairs as the best of modern Italian living room furniture. Created from your specifications, the height and width of the seater sofas can be custom-made according to your physical measurements, providing maximum comfort.

Select accent side tables of art nouveau with glass and wood or two traditional Italian wine tables with carved European woods. An Italian contemporary style coffee table made of crystal and wood will be your defining piece. This mixture of materials and styles will blend nicely, using the three-piece rule. 

Example #2

One other example can start with two luxurious couches of bold bright velvet of contemporary Italian design. Cappellini is a great place to start when looking for quality. Removable covers make this piece also easy to maintain. Simple rounded armchairs of similar material grace one side of the two-facing couches.

The opposite side belongs to a white settee of traditional Italian design with all the curves and gold outlines of extreme Italian. A large square marble coffee table on straight gold metal legs will be the factor that ties this grouping together. 

Color Palette

We can find another trait for the rule of three with the color palette. The rule of thumb for painting a living room, master bedroom, or other spacious area is this simple equation: 60% being the primary color, 30% as the secondary color, and 10% belonging to the accent colors.

The color scheme can be different shades of the same color or opposite of bold contrasting colors for a powerful look. Grays and blues are popular colors today. Light beige makes a nice accent color. Always shop for paint colors in threes and use the rule of three for color.

Accent Rugs

AdvertisementsAn area rug can easily put a defining color or full-bodied texture to complete any room with10% of color accent. Oriental rugs are timeless when placed in front of a classic living room sofa. Contemporary sofas are also showcased with the right color combination of Oriental threads. Solid color throw pillows and ceramic vases can also bring out your third color, along with a primary shade in the rug.

Rugs with geometric designs woven into Alpaca wool is a new trend in contemporary Italian living room design. Hypoallergenic, warmer, and softer than sheep’s wool, Alpaca is becoming a must-have for a luxurious contemporary sofa or a modern armchair.


An unusual shape with small area rugs is also expanding to deliver a spot of color in front of a grand staircase or to accent modern decorative furniture without hiding beautiful marble tiles.


Believe it or not, lighting also carries a minimum of three types of lighting in any space. According to the Lighting Research Center, no room should be without:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting

Ambient lighting is the general form of light that illuminates the entire room. Its job is to provide safe and efficient lighting to those walking through. You can find these by using ceiling lights, chandeliers, or recessed fixtures. Sometimes, floor lamps, table lamps, or wall-mounted fixtures are perfect for this purpose.

Task lighting can come as pendants, directional recessed lights, under counter lights, or desk lamps. The limited space lighting is the purpose of task lighting. Reading and computer work are the most common reasons for placing these types of lights.

Accent lighting is usually intentionally installed with track lights, line bars, directional recessed, or wall-mounted fixtures. This type of light is to focus on a specific point of interest. Many times, to accent an architectural feature or a collection of items, they can also make a room appear larger. 

If you have these three types of lighting already present in a living space, you need to pay special attention to how you arrange your furniture. The layout of light fixtures was installed with specific purposes in mind. 

Lighting is more important than you might think. It is always best to work with a lighting specialist when purchasing expensive furnishings, like custom-made classic Italian furniture pieces. Gaining that proper cohesive look comes from a combination of style, color, texture, and lighting.

Minimalist Design

The look of depth and intrigue comes out when dealing with accessories in groups of three. This is very apparent in minimalist decors. Uncluttered with clean lines and limited colors, you would think that the rule of three would not apply. However, contemporary minimalist design is a great way to see the obvious picture with this rule.

Go to any minimalist decorating site and notice the display of wall hangings or other decorative elements. A professional scene will show you everything in groups of three. Take your finger and cover one item. The grouping looks almost off balance in the room. The same principle applies to small rooms with little furnishings.

There is only one area that trumps the rule of three: the scale of size. If you try adding three tall vases to a short living room table, you risk a future disaster. Keep your scale of three within reason for the space you have to work with. This applies to light fixtures, furniture, wall hangings, and even color. The rule of three is only a guide and not an absolute.

Best Italian Style Furniture

The best Italian living room furniture is of no particular style or shape. It can take on a classic look with intricate carvings and rich, unique metals, or it can be simple with clean lines and a solid color for a contemporary look. This makes Italian furniture so appealing to so many homeowners.

Shop by Brand

Shopping for an Italian furniture brand is the best way to guarantee the highest quality of your design goals. Names like Cappellini, Cassina, Poro, and Molteni&C are high hitters in the Italian furniture design business. They designed their collections of Italian living room furniture sets for luxurious surroundings. 

A prominent architect and furniture designer, Gae Aulenti, created furniture pieces for Zanotta and left a lasting impression on Italian popular styles today. In 1989, Aulenti designed and created the Gaetano table. This is a fine example of how Italian contemporary popular styles only improve with time.

With the guidance of Italian design professionals, we have learned that high quality and great craftsmanship are important aspects of contemporary Italian furniture. The Italian brand also maintains respect and pride for its Greek and ancient Rome roots.

Whether your personal taste leans toward elaborate classic Italian interior design or a minimal modern Italian living room set, you will still feel the sophistication of the most incredible furniture in the world.  

Traits to Look For

Affordable prices for Italian living room decor are sometimes hard to find. Custom-made furniture that uses the best materials in the world simply cannot be available at warehouse prices.

Always request a copy of the manufacturer’s specification sheet on the item for the facts on the materials used. Pay special attention to words like ‘solid wood’ as opposed to ‘wood pieces or MDF’. These are inferior material phrases. 


Future Italian Luxury Furniture

While no one can look into the future, Italians are always looking for a better way to keep decorative furniture trendsetting and sophisticated. Blending the old with the new has always led them to incredible designs with items of furniture. 

AdvertisementsWith each modern era, Italian designers discover something new. Practicality is becoming more prominent in remolding the Italian modern style. The Western world is trending toward minimalism and the Asian culture is leaning toward simple straight lines. 


Storage is being expanded in every kind of style that Italians are offering. Hidden compartments in ottomans and living room tables make Italian furniture practical while keeping the same valuable and luxurious look. High-end living room furniture is becoming modular and easier to move around for a change in furniture placement. 

Come Back Features

You may see hints of the 60s and 70s in Italian furniture designs. The focal point is changing by adding several styles to the living space. For example, Zanotta is an Italian furniture company that became iconic in its 60s, 70s, and 80s furniture pieces.

Italian designers announce fresh new pieces each year. The inspiration of the past and present contributors, like Gae Aulenti, keeps each perfect piece practical for families. The ability of designers to address and answer each need of a changing society is mind-boggling, but somehow, they do it. 


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Nissan has announced the pricing and updates to the 2023 Rogue with the biggest addition being the Midnight Edition package, which adds 18-inch gloss black painted alloy wheels, black exterior accents with high-gloss V-motion grille, black badging and leatherette seats.

2023 Nissan Rogue

The Rogue Platinum and the SL Premium package also add of Amazon Alexa. The Rogue comes standard with NissanConnect with an 8-inch touchscreen, although a 9-inch screen is available. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard. The SV and higher trim levels get ProPILOT Assist that assists with steering, acceleration and braking during single-lane highway driving.

The 2023 Nissan Rogue pricing starts at $28,655.


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If you are a teacher, these Gmail mass email tools provide shortcuts to make your life easier.

Mass Email

Being a teacher isn’t an easy job—no matter what grade level or subject you are currently teaching. As a teacher, you are not only responsible for your students’ education, you are also responsible for their wellbeing while they are in your classroom. Because teachers are such an important—and often overlooked—part of the workforce, we want to provide you with a few tips to make sending emails easier than ever. All it takes to streamline your email sending process is a mass email tool. These tools have several features that are ideal for teachers searching for ways to save a few minutes of their busy days. So, let’s get started and take a look at all of the ways a mass email service can make your life easier so you can save time and unnecessary headaches.

What is a Mass Email Tool?

Most teachers have used mass email tools before.

mass email
Most teachers are missing out on the advantages of using mass email tools.

While mass email tools are widely used in the business and marketing world, these tools are severely underutilized outside of those fields. The main reason that these tools are overlooked is probably because teachers send fewer emails than people who work in marketing or sales. However, that doesn’t mean that teachers can’t benefit from the tools offered by these mass email services. It is also very true that teachers send and receive hundreds of emails every day, so any opportunity to streamline the process is welcome.

A Gmail mass email tool is a type of software that works with your Gmail account to help you send and track email campaigns. Using one of these tools, it is possible to create, send, personalize, and generate comprehensive open reports on any mass email you send. While these features may sound overwhelming, they make sending emails easier than ever. Plus, they offer some easy-to-use design features that will help you create well-designed messages instantly.

The majority of these services are affordable as well, with many offering free trials. If you are interested in paying for a Gmail mass email tool, then you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $20 per month for their basic service plan.

1. Reporting Capabilities

Comprehensive reporting is the most valuable tool for teachers that mass email services have to offer.

mass email
Easily keep track of student responses.

Teachers need to be in constant contact with their students and their parents. Because this is part of the job description, keeping a close eye on your inbox is required. In order to keep track of the parents or students that have opened or replied to your message, you can use the reporting capabilities included with mass email tools. 

When you send out messages using a mass email tool, the emails are automatically tracked. A few days after you have sent out your message, you can pull a report to see who opened and who has replied to your email. This is especially useful when student information is required for a special event—like a field trip. 

To prepare for the field trip, you will need to collect parental consent forms, be notified of any dietary restrictions, and keep track of parental chaperone sign ups. When you send out the informative field trip email using a mass email tool, you can easily collect information and identify students/parents who have yet to reply. That way, you can make sure everyone replies and that there is minimal confusion on the day of the trip.

2. Automatic Follow-Ups

If you have trouble getting people to reply to your first email, you can schedule automatic follow-ups.

mass email
Get all the important information from your students & parents without constantly following up.

Getting students or parents of students to respond to your message can be frustrating—but it doesn’t have to be! For the important information you need, you can schedule for automatic follow up emails using a mass email tool. Using the reporting that is collected from the first batch of emails you sent, you can stipulate that a follow up be sent if the recipient hasn’t replied for x number of days. Depending on the urgency of the message, you can designate for any amount of time you want before following up. Since we all lead busy lives, it is likely that a few of your recipients will need more than one reminder before they get back to you. That’s no problem when you have a mass email tool on your side. All you have to do is set up another automated rule for a second reminder after another designated amount of time. Then, using the comprehensive reports, you can collect the few stragglers that have yet to hand in their information and reach out directly. 

Using automatic follow-ups, you can allow your mass email tool to send the messages behind the scenes so you can focus on the work in front of you.

3. Email Personalization

Instantly personalize messages for your whole class.

mass email
Send personalized messages to all of your students in just a few clicks.

As a teacher, you are likely using a few email templates to use for the whole class. Depending on the amount of students you teach every day, it would be nearly impossible to compose a unique email to all of the students or their parents. If you already have some email templates ready to go, you can easily use a Google Sheet with your student’s information to personalize all of your messages. 

All you have to do to start personalizing your messages is to make sure you have a Google sheet with your student’s names and emails included. In the world of mass emails, this is referred to as your “address list”. Once you have your address list in order, all you have to do is designate which parts of your email should be personalized and import your address list. When you import your address list, the names of your students will instantly populate. So, instead of writing “Dear Student” as a way to address every member of the class, you can automatically address each student individually by name. This adds a personal touch to your emails and will also help you get more replies. The more a message looks like it is addressed to the student specifically, the more likely they are to take notice and reply.

4. Easy-to-Use Message Designer

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create exceptionally designed emails.

mass email
Create beautiful emails for your class with minimal effort.

Depending on the grade you are teaching, sometimes using plain text in your emails isn’t enough. This is especially true for younger students who receive learning material via email—a trend that has become much more common post-lockdown. If you need to send learning materials to your students via email, make sure that you are providing them with easily readable and well designed messages. For example, if you are providing materials for a video lesson, use your mass email tool to embed the video in the message rather than providing a series of links. Using the intuitive design capabilities available with mass email tools, you can also add pictures and animations to guide a student through the different steps they need to take to learn/review a lesson.

The designer included with a mass email tool is perfect for sending out engaging review materials, virtual lessons, or even fun announcements—like a class pizza party! Really, any email that requires some design elements can be easily created using the tools provided with a mass email service.

If you are a teacher looking for a way to optimize how you send emails, then we highly recommend using a mass email tool. Try a few for yourself and decide which one works best for your teaching needs. From sending out invitations to collecting digital permission slips, your mass email tool can help you every step of the way!

Education born and bred. I have worked as a teacher for many private language schools, as a test centre administrator, as a teacher trainer, as an educational consultant, and as a publisher. I am an advocate for literacy and a huge proponent of using technology in the classroom. I mostly write about English Language Teaching. I live in Oxford.


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Cardano backend company jumped in support of Pezesha Fintech company to support microfinance in Africa.

Cardano is a popular Proof-of-stake blockchain network, known for its several types of development activities to make the Cardano network a leading choice at the commercial level Crypto payment services. Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain and he is one of the founders of Ethereum blockchain. A long time back, Hoskinson left the Ethereum project because he disagreed with the use case of the Ethereum blockchain.

On 30 August, Hoskinson confirmed that IOHK, the back-end developer team behind Cardano blockchain, contributed to the $11 million investment round in a fintech company Pezesha based in Kenya, Africa.

Cardano founder tweeted that he is happy to contribute and support the popular African entrepreneur Hilda. 

Through this funding support, Pezesha aimed to roll out in other African countries – Nigeria, Rwanda, and Francophone Africa. 

Around $5 million investment came from Talanton and Verdant Capital Specialist Funds, while $6 million came from Cardano developer team IOHK.

According to reports, Hoskinson sees this step of IOHK as a bigger move because investment in such types of less developed countries helps the population of developing countries to get jobs and also get full help from the blockchain technology-based payment systems, so basically it will push the adoption of crypto.

Earlier this, Pezesha announced that it teamed up with the Cardano team to bring the development of an innovative financial ecosystem to build a decentralized financial operating system across Africa.

Ada price 

Ada is the native token of the Cardano blockchain. The current price of an ADA token is $0.45 and this price is 1% down over last week’s trade price. 

Cardano joins $11M fund investment to help Kenya-based fintech company 1

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Crypto VIP started the journey in 2015 intending to help and educate people about Bitcoin and the crypto market but the team is lacking a platform where crypto users are most active and the team can reach out to them quickly. Then we came up with the idea to use telegram as it has free to use and gives much more functionality than WhatsApp and other social media. Major Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and every other coin have a dedicated telegram public channel as a communication medium.

The Crypto VIP team gives educational posts and regular news updates on the market. The 2017 Bull Run bring many new users to crypto and the Crypto VIP community achieved the first 50,000 members.

The majority of the telegram channels and communities collapsed during the bear market of 2018-2019 but the Crypto VIP team become stronger and never stopped working. The community keeps growing and learning about the market. It becomes one of the biggest communities with more than 315,000 members in telegram and More than 123,000 Followers on Twitter.

Crypto VIP technical analysis team gives daily market updates with great consistency in market predictions. The team provides some good quality signals on a daily basis and blue-chip coins analysis regularly based on technical and fundamental factors. We also provide the Top-Down Analysis of the Trending coins/ On-demand coin. The team shares quality educational content regularly to educate the community about new trends and is always available to support the community.

The Crypto VIP team did AMAs with top-tier projects and provide huge giveaways regularly. Many big names like CZ (Binance CEO), Johnny Lyu (Kucoin CEO), and the list goes on.

The Crypto VIP team’s goal is to reach 500,000 members by year-end. Crypto market awareness is at a very low level and it is our responsibility to educate people about crypto. Be a part of our community and win together.





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Real Vision co-founder explained one negative & one positive fact for this money market for this week, which may overall give better support for the all money market.

Raoul Pal is the chief executive officer & co-founder of Real Vision. Pal joins Sahil Bloom and Greg Isenberg to discuss his future in the financial space and why you always need to stay true to your convictions. Usually, he keeps shares about the current money market situation and also keeps his followers updated about the ongoing ups & downs in the money market, which includes crypto, stock markets dominantly & US economy.

On 29 August, Real Vision CEO took to Twitter to inform his 9,75k followers that he is closely analyzing the US dollar index (DXY), which is following the strength parabolic path. 

According to ex-Goldman Sachs executive, if the Dollar follows a similar strength path then it could result in something significant negative for the money market (stock, Securities, crypto). 

“There is nothing until 120 if we break this weak trend line… And deviation from trend suggests it can get to 120 too.”

The majority of the experienced traders followed the DXY curve, to predict whether the risky assets are under the situation of a sell-off region or are in buy support. 

Pal believes that the US dollar index may follow a similar path in near future but still, it doesn’t bear too much risk for the crypto market because there is another positive reason to see behind this index.

Pal noted weak economic data reports this week may act as a grace point in support of the money market. He said that many economic data releases are in the due queue and the majority of them will show a downturn, which means a downturn in the US economy.

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The crypto lending platform Nexo announced its third-time bulk buying of Nexo tokens, to strengthen the ecosystem of the lending platform.

Nexo is a crypto lending platform, which allows crypto users to earn passive income by holding funds on the platform. Also users are allowed to take loans on behalf of the collateral crypto assets funds on the platform, without any further documentation. In short, Nexo is a crypto bank.

On 30 August, Nexo announced that it allocated a total of $50 million in funds in the Nexo token buy program. The crypto lender also claimed that such initiatives are possible because of the better management & ecosystem of the Nexo platform.

The tweet confirmed that it was the third big Nexo tokens amount buy decision by the Nexo team. Earlier this, $100 million was allocated in Nov 2021 and in December 2020 the team purchased a total of $12 million worth of Nexo Tokens from the open market. 

Antoni Trenchev, the co-founder of Nexo, said that such initiatives will help to strengthen the ecosystem of lending platforms and also to reduce the risk of high volatility concerns.

Nexo Co-founder said:

“Right now, our investors and clients require the solid ground to walk on, and our third token buyback ensures this added stability as we emerge from the latest market rollercoaster.”

It is worth noting that, Nexo will use the allocated funds to buy Nexo tokens in the next 12 months of the time frame and also the team will release these Nexo Tokens to the users as a reward for holding their crypto assets on the platform. 

Nexo price 

The current price of the Nexo token is $1.07 and this price is 7.76% up over the last 24 hours’ trade price value, while this price is 50% high over the last 30 days’ trade price value. 

Nexo team will re-purchase $50М worth of Nexo token 1

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The native token of the Shibawap crypto exchange, $BONE, pumped rapidly after a long-term struggle.

Shibawap is a Decentralized crypto exchange, which was established by the developers of the Shiba Inu project team. There are a total of three native tokens on this Dex, namely Shiba Inu (SHIB), Doge Killer (LEASH), and Bone (BONE). Holding of $BONE token corresponds to the voting power of the holder, to approve the proposed development activities in the project.

On 29 August, $BONE was listed by the exchange. Bluebit exchange announced that Trading of the Bone token is now live for the users. 

After the listing announcement, the Bone token surged by more than 200% within a few days. Since the beginning of this year, the Bone token was struggling to cross the $1.20 price value but finally, in the last 10 days, it succeeded. 

At the time of writing this article, the price of the Bone token is $1.96, and this price is 200% high over the 10 days trade price value, while 450% high over the 90 days trade price value. 

Shiba's BONE skyrockets 200% in 10 days 1

In the last 24 hours, the Bone token price touched a maximum $2.19 value, and right now the ranking of this token is 292, as per available data records on the Cointracking website Coinmarketcap. 

It is worth noting that, Bone is a real meme coin because its origin is itself a meme which is a Shiba Inu token. The project team of Dogecoin rival Shiba Inu token is working on multiple token projects like $Bone, $Leash & $SHI stablecoin. It is a sad truth that the team is not focusing on making a single coin better, instead working on different tokens to make money.

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