October 2022



The home improvement industry is mourning the loss of Rich Lender, who died in a car accident on Oct. 25. He was a newly elected member of the Do it Best Board of Directors, and president and CEO of Your Building Centers in Altoona, Pennsylvania. 

Lender began his journey in the industry with a job at a hotel construction and management company where he worked closely with contractors. He joined Your Building Centers as the company’s chief financial officer and vice president of finance in 2006. 

“I was always fascinated to see all the pieces fold together, between architect plans, how you got started, where you ended up, change orders, draws, dealing with banks,” he shared recently. “That was my first venture into this business, and it was so intriguing to me.” 

Lender was elected to the Do it Best Board of Directors at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting in September.

“Our board is shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of our fellow member-owner, friend and newest board member,” said board chair Joe Taylor. “Rich was a wonderful man in every respect and he will be dearly missed. On behalf of our entire membership, we offer prayers for his wife Peggy and the Lender family.”

“Our industry lost a great leader,” says Dan Starr, Do it Best president and CEO. “Rich will be remembered for his leadership and even more for his genuine kindness to everyone. To the Lender family and the YBC team, we extend our sympathies and prayers on Rich’s passing.”

Lender was born November 24, 1960, the son of the late Ed and Louise Lender. He is lovingly remembered by his wife, Peggy; a daughter, Lauren (Brandon); a son, Garrett (Samantha); brothers, Bob (Donna) and Ed; and his grandpup, Jet.

Rich was a wonderful husband, father and friend. He was kind, funny, hard-working, dedicated and generous, and his positivity could light up a room. In his free time, Rich loved to travel and read, but most of all, he cherished the time spent with his family. He even coached his son’s little league team in Bellwood. He will always be remembered for his generosity, humor, positivity and warmth.


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The government of Hong Kong confirmed that it is now ready to welcome the crypto & blockchain sector under highly precise regulatory policies.

Hong Kong is officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. More likely to China, the Hong Kong government showed strict stances over the crypto space because of the increasing activities of the bad actors. At present, retail crypto investments are not allowed in Hong Kong but opposite of it Crypto is fully prohibited to use in China.

On 31 October, The government of Hong Kong released its statement on crypto adoption and confirmed that the government opened its arm to allow the circulation of cryptocurrencies & use of blockchain Technology.

The issued statements noted that the government is working on the development of virtual assets in the Special Administrative Region (SAR), to bring better regulation to the crypto sector where crypto companies will get better authority to provide expanded services.

The chief executive officer of FTX exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), noted the efforts of Hong Kong. SBF said that policymakers are working on the crypto regulation framework & new policies. 

Crypto billionaires appreciate such efforts which may bring optimistic rules & regulations in favor of the crypto sector.

Earlier this, On 17 October, the South China Morning Post reported confirmed that the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) agency was working on the development of new policies to bring crypto investment for retail customers. However, the report doesn’t cover huge but reportedly statement of Elizabeth Wong, the head of the fintech unit at the SFC, confirmed that they are working on new policies which also include the approval for small investors to invest in crypto assets. 

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Excerpt: One of the maximum known and nearly implemented fields in most industries to study and examine approximately their products and organisations is Data Science. However, there’s a bit of distinction between Data Science and Applied Data Science. 


Data science is a subpart of carried out information technological know-how to some even as for others, both the phrases are interchangeable. In layman’s phrases, information technology is the extraction of data to create a visualisation, forecast, or manipulate the statistics thus. It consists of analysing the facts and growing the visualizations in keeping with the wishes.

Coming to the difference between Data Science and Applied Data Science; in implementing information technological know-how the artwork of learning is introduced with information technological know-how. Applied facts science has a broad scope of information technological know-how which incorporates learning for brand spanking new applications of facts technological know-how and developing new methods or capabilities for faster retrieval of information and analysis. Applied facts scientists have higher and deep technical information of ways data technology and its strategies work as compared to information scientists.

Let’s study the massive areas of Data Science to get an extra profound idea of the distinction between Data Science and Applied Data Science. Learners would be capable of selecting online Data Science publications intelligently primarily based on the strategic priorities of both. It will also assist to make clear the distinction between Data Science and Applied Data Science to a point.

What is Data Science ?

Data technological know-how is a rising subject that maintains conformity. At its essence, technological know-how is the usage of multiple disciplines and methods to create higher machine getting to know approaches to expose tendencies and precious insights which might be continuously evolving. Data science generation has the strength to distinguish and optimise the way stakeholders method enterprise decisions, techniques and the future.

 Candidates who want to advance their career, Data Science Training  is the best option.

Scope of Data Science

Data Mining- Data mining is a facts technology procedure for extracting uncooked facts and identifying connections to make informed judgments.

Data visualization- Data visualization is yet an aspect of statistics technology that aids in growing visuals targeted at reading and enterprise necessities.

Time-series prediction- Time-series prediction is a way of projecting facts utilising historical information at the same time as also figuring out the theoretical link among the records.

Cleaning and remodelling records– When it involves database management, storing a huge quantity of data may be hard to interpret and recognize. Data cleansing is a concentrated factor of information science that eliminates noise from databases, makes information simpler to analyse, and can be modified as wanted.

Data Science

What is Applied Statistics?

While statistics scientists usually compare how it should be a special system getting to know fashions can predict consequences when implemented to large quantities of data, statisticians tend to begin with an easy model and analyze a pattern dataset representing a bigger series of statistics. Assumptions in the model are tested and altered to improve the accuracy of the conclusions and solve realistic troubles.

Data science is rooted in records, but another distinction between information technological know-how and data is that implemented information takes an extra purely mathematical method to analyzing and problem-fixing. It focuses on drawing accurate conclusions about “massive companies and preferred phenomena from the observable traits of small samples that constitute most effective a small part of the huge organization or a limited number of times of a general phenomenon. It applies mathematical gear like calculus and linear algebra to the chance principle

Includes an inferential or descriptive statistics technique. It also offers uniquely useful problem-solving procedures whilst handling smaller units of information. 

Scope of Applied Data Science

Researching new algorithms- There are several algorithms for sorting statistics, simply as there exist in software program improvement. However, the set of rules chosen is determined by way of the temporal trouble and information structure, which is true in information technological know-how.

Increasing the rate of conventional algorithms by using optimizing mathematical functions- Learning records technological know-how necessitates arithmetic and information. Instead of employing preceding general mathematical operations, a superior medical technique is crucial for quicker execution.

Making new predictions- Predictions aren’t usually dependable, additionally after employing a whole lot of algorithms. They are devoid of periodicity and inclinations. Applied facts technology also looks at growing new predictions.

Career Opportunities in Data Science

Data science specialists are wanted in truly each activity quarter—not just in the era. In truth, the five biggest tech agencies—Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook—handiest appoint one 1/2 of one per cent of U.S. Personnel. However—to interrupt these excessive-paying, in-demand roles—advanced schooling is commonly required.

“Data scientists are fairly knowledgeable–88 per cent have as a minimum a master’s diploma and 46 per cent have PhDs–and at the same time as there are amazing exceptions, a completely strong educational history is generally required to increase the depth of expertise necessary to be an information scientist,” reports KDnuggets, the main site on Big Data.

Here are some of the leading statistics technology careers you may spoil with a complicated diploma.

1. Data Scientist

Data scientists will want to be able to investigate big amounts of complex raw and processed facts to discover patterns to advantage an enterprise and assist pressure strategic commercial enterprise choices. Compared to statistics analysts, records scientists are lots more technical.

2. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers create records funnels and supply software program answers. They normally need robust data and programming abilities, in addition to information on software engineering. In addition to designing and constructing gadgets gaining knowledge of systems, they may be additionally chargeable for jogging checks and experiments to monitor the performance and functionality of such structures.

3. Machine Learning Scientist

Machine mastering scientists often pass using titles like Research Scientist or Research Engineer. 

4. Applications Architect

Applications architects are focused on designing the architecture of applications as nicely, along with building additives like person interface and infrastructure. 

5. Enterprise Architect

 An agency architect is accountable for aligning an enterprise’s approach with the era needed to execute its goals. To accomplish that, they need to have an entire knowledge of the commercial enterprise and its technology wishes to design the structure of the system required to satisfy one’s desires.

data science

Career Opportunities in Applied Science

There are many fields of applied sciences, and each one has a ramification of specializations. Here are 10 examples of different applied technological know-how fields:

1. Aerospace engineering

This field uses applied sciences including physics, arithmetic and chemistry to design and broaden planes, spacecraft and missiles. Defence and production corporations, as an instance, hire aerospace engineers to design and bring satellites. Some universities provide aerospace engineering as a major, but college students can also select to study physics, astronomy or mechanical engineering earlier than pursuing aerospace engineering roles. However, some specialists additionally receive a complicated degree in their location of interest to split themselves from different applicants.

2. Agricultural engineering

This form of engineering uses information on basic agricultural standards to create better systems for dealing with farmland. Agricultural engineering is the science and art of making use of engineering concepts to layout and broaden gear, techniques, systems and techniques that agricultural experts hire to supply plants and animals for human use or intake. Agricultural engineers may additionally use superior capabilities to attain higher crop yields or farm animals manufacturing.

Agricultural engineers may additionally have a bachelor’s degree with a focus on agriculture or mechanical engineering, however, there are also possibilities in this area for those who’ve ranged in biology or chemistry. They may additionally assist farmers to preserve their plants or layout and assemble manufacturing centres for the food industry.

3. Architectural engineering

This is a career that consists of architecture, civil engineering and concrete planning. A commonplace task that experts in this enterprise regularly complete consists of designing homes, including residential, business and business structures. The schooling necessities for an architectural engineer are commonly a bachelor’s diploma in engineering or structure accompanied using professional experience inside the enterprise. Some colleges provide graduate programs in this place, or potential candidates for architectural engineering positions may also entire internships or apprenticeships to benefit superior revel in.

4. Biometrical engineering

This enterprise entails many sides of scientific and scientific research and targets to provide scientific discoveries and innovations. It involves the mixing of medicine, biology and engineering to improve healthcare practices. Biomedical engineers may additionally lay out gadgets or gadgets to assist diagnose and deal with medical conditions. They also paint to enhance the pleasure of life for patients by locating new methods to provide them with gear that can help them preserve healthful living conditions.

5. Civil engineering

This is an area of engineering that includes the layout, production and renovation of towns. There are many varieties of civil engineering careers to be had—from structural to transportation engineers, environmental engineers or water resources researchers.

A civil engineer’s education normally consists of four or extra years of college observation in subjects consisting of maths, physics, chemistry or biology with a focus on engineering-associated topics. Each specialisation of civil engineering has it’s very own training necessities, which vary depending on the sort of engineering you are interested in pursuing.


Data technological know-how is the usage of the ultra-modern generation and this technology will no longer pass down till there may be no information left to acquire. If facts are there, records technology is positive. Data scientists have a huge effect on the success of commercial enterprises. If you want to be a statistics scientist, then start gaining knowledge, get an expert statistics technological know-how certificate and begin extracting insightful facts from the datasets. Whether it is finance, manufacturing, IT offerings, data technological know-how will assist inside the fulfilment of your commercial enterprise. Cheers to digital technology!

Archit Gupta is a Digital Marketer, and a passionate writer, who is working with MindMajix, a top global online training provider. He also holds in-depth knowledge of IT and demanding technologies such as Business Intelligence, Salesforce, Cybersecurity, Software Testing, QA, Data analytics, Project Management and ERP tools, etc.


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The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) announced winners of the prestigious SET Awards 2022.

The Best CEO Awards of SET-listed companies was presented to Pitharn Ongkosit, President and Chief Executive Officer of KCE Electronics pcl (KCE); the Best CEO Awards of mai-listed companies was granted to Boonsak Kiatjaroonlert, Chief Executive Officer of Kumwell Corporation pcl (KUMWEL); and Young Rising Star CEO Awards was bestowed to Tritecha Tangmatitham, Managing Director of Supalai pcl (SPALI). Kiatnakin Phatra Securities pcl (KKPS) earned SET Award of Honor for the second consecutive year in recognition of its consistent excellence in providing services to institutional investors.

Furthermore, 47 listed companies received Sustainability Excellence Awards to recognize their exemplary role models, and nine of them received Sustainability Awards of Honor for maintaining their excellence in this field for the third year in a row.

The nine companies were Banpu pcl (BANPU), Bangchak Corporation pcl (BCP), IRPC pcl (IRPC), PTT pcl (PTT), PTT Exploration and Production pcl (PTTEP), PTT Global Chemical pcl (PTTGC), Somboon Advance Technology pcl (SAT), The Siam Cement pcl (SCC) and Thai Oil pcl (TOP).

“SET is delighted to congratulate all the SET Awards 2022 winners. The accolades demonstrate their potential and excellence in business and sustainability that are the integral part for the Thai capital market development”.

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai

This year’s Business Excellence Awards were given to 37 companies, including 21 SET-listed companies, six mai-listed companies, six securities firms (including a financial advisory firm), three asset management firms, and one real estate investment trust (REIT).

Furthermore, KKPS won SET Award of Honor for the second time in recognition of the consistent excellence in providing services to institutional investors during 2019-2022. For Sustainability Excellence Awards, there were 47 recipients this year. Three companies received Best Sustainability Awards, nine earned Highly Commended Sustainability Awards, 10 won Commended Sustainability Awards, and 16 were given Rising Star Sustainability Awards.

Moreover, the nine companies namely BANPU, BCP, IRPC, PTT, PTTEP, PTTGC, SAT, SCC and TOP were granted Sustainability Awards of Honor in recognition of their consistently performance. Money & Banking magazine Editor-in-Chief Santi Viriyarangsarit, who is also the SET Awards co-founder and one of the distinguished judges for SET Awards 2022, said: “SET Awards are considered to be prestigious awards presented to companies with excellence and remarkable performances in various areas. This year, sustainability-related awards and awards for REITs are added. The new awards mark the important milestone in inspiring new companies and REITs to enhance business potential and to raise the bar on sustainability which will be a boon to the Thai capital market as a whole.”

The panel of honorary judges for SET Awards 2022 consists of Chaiyawat Wibulswasdi, Seri Chintanaseri, Santi Viriyarungsarit, Yuth Vorachattarn, Pattareeya Benjapolchai, Teeranun Srihong, Pakorn Peetathawatchai, Manpong Senanarong, Soraphol Tulayasathien, with Amnouy Jiramahapoka as secretary of the panel. This year’s SET Awards are divided into two categories: The Business Excellence Awards and the Sustainability Excellence Awards.

The Business Excellence Awards consist of eight awards, namely 1) Best CEO Awards and Young Rising Star CEO Awards, 2) Best Company Performance Awards, 3) Best REIT Performance Awards, 4) Deal of the Year Awards, 5) Best Investor Relations Awards, 6) Best Innovative Company Awards, 7) Best Securities Company Awards, and 8) Best Asset Management Company Awards. The Sustainability Excellence Awards comprise four awards, namely 1) Best Sustainability Awards, 2) Highly Commended Sustainability Awards, 3) Commended Sustainability Awards, and 4) Rising Star Sustainability Awards. Significantly, there is also the SET Awards of Honor and Sustainability Awards of Honor for companies or individuals who have maintained their excellence for three consecutive years or more. For the list of winners and more information about SET Awards 2022, please visit


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Jeep has announced that it’s bringing back the Punk’n exterior color for the 2023 model year. The special orange color was originally offered for the 2018 to 2020 model years.

“Bringing back Punk’n right around Halloween is a great time to relaunch this confident and custom color on the iconic Jeep Wrangler,” said Jim Morrison, senior vice president and head of Jeep brand North America.

The Punk’n color is available on all 2023 Wrangler models and is priced at $695. Jeep says that the color is only available for a limited time, so it might only be available for the 2023 model year.


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The EQS injects true luxury into the world of electric vehicles. Mercedes swings big with the EQS electric vehicle that’s billed as the eventual successor to the ultra-posh S-Class sedan, with a fully electric powertrain and a futuristic interior. Rivals at this level of electric luxury and price are few, and include the Lucid Air and the Tesla Model S.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Review

Everything is new for this all-new model, starting with its platform. The EQS rides on the Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA), which will underpin many of the forthcoming EQ electric vehicles from Mercedes. What’s on top of that is eye-catching, mostly because of its shape. Mercedes started with the goal of a 0.20 coefficient of drag, the lowest of any production car, and designed the exterior around that goal. Wheels range from 20- to 21-inches in a wide array of futuristic designs.

It depends on where you’re seeing it from. The EQS’ exterior looks a bit awkward at first. At 205.4 inches long, it’s about 3.0 inches shorter than the S-Class but looks significantly shorter to the eye thanks to its shape and tiny overhangs. Its shape will be divisive. The teardrop profile was a necessity to hit the aerodynamic numbers that Mercedes wanted, but it doesn’t have the stateliness the S-Class does.

The all-electric EQS uses the same 107.8-kwh battery pack in each of its variants, but it powers a different number of motors. The RWD 450+ features a single 245-kw rear-mounted motor that provides 329-hp and 419 lb-ft of torque, and power just escalates from there The EQS’s straight-line performance and excellent ride quality. The 580 and AMG models add a front-mounted 140-kw motor to give them AWD, and that extra motor gives it a much higher total output in both models.

While the single motor in the EQS 450+ unlocks a 0-60 mph time of 5.9 seconds, the extra motor in the 580 ups output to 516-hp and 631 lb-ft while dropping the 0-60 mph time to 4.1 seconds. The AMG EQS model has 650 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque, and a Race Start mode ups that to 751 hp and 752 lb-ft for short stretches to cut the 0-60 mph time to 3.4 seconds. The difference off the line can also be felt while passing. The 450+ starts to run out of steam at above 75 mph, while the two-motor models are far more confident at highway speeds.

The EQS doesn’t compete with Tesla’s gaudy acceleration times (though the EQS is still lightning quick), but that matches its character. The ultra-luxurious feel of the car makes you drive it in a smoother fashion, but it never feels slow (with either powertrain) and the EQS is still instantly responsive as is the case in other EVs.

Where the EQS excels is ride quality, which is impeccable. An air suspension with adaptive dampers comes standard and helps the EQS glide over the road, dismissing bumps and road seams without a care. Rear-axle steering is also standard; it can turn the rear wheels by 10 degrees (9 degrees in the EQS) opposite the fronts at speeds under 37 mph and gives the big sedan a compact-car-sized turning circle of only 35.8 feet. It’s surprisingly easy to park and maneuver the EQS in tight urban spaces.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Review

The AMG model gets dampers from the AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, stiffer stabilizer bars, and beefier front subframe to go with stronger control arms and wheel carriers. The stiffer structure and firmer suspension tuning make the car feel more tied down to the road and better control the slightly wobbly feel of the other models. Its ride, however, remains buttery smooth.

There are four different regenerative braking levels, but none that offer a true one-pedal driving experience. With the regen turned up however, the setting does something weird to the brake pedal. The amount of regen that the EQS is using moves the brake pedal down by an equal amount, so you reach for the brake with your foot and find air.

The EQS tops out at 350 miles of estimated range. While the EQS’s EPA ratings may not have reached the lofty estimates that were first rumored, it still earns a perfect 10 on our Green rating. The EQS 450+ with rear-wheel drive gets 350 miles of range, while the heavier, 580 with AWD comes in slightly behind that at 340 miles. The EQS has yet to be rated, but it’s expected to have just under 300 miles of range.

The EQS can quick charge at up to 200 kw on a DC fast charger, which can bump the battery up from 10-80% in just over 30 minutes. Mercedes is seeking to simplify the charging experience by routing all of the different charging networks through one single account, powered by ChargePoint. Additionally, Mercedes has a collaboration with Electrify America to provide owners an unlimited number of 30-minute charge sessions on its network for the first two years of ownership (after that it will charge the rack rate). Plug-and-charge capability is also offered on the Electrify America network.

The EQS has not been crash tested by either the NHTSA or the IIHS, so this rating may change in the future. EQS comes standard with Mercedes’ entire suite of active and passive driver assistance systems. That includes automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, active lane control, a surround-view camera system, front and rear parking sensors, blind-spot monitors with steering assist, and even obstacle detection for the doors.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Review

Once inside the EQS, how the exterior looks doesn’t really matter because the interior is an absolute gem. With the Hyperscreen equipped, the dashboard is unlike any other vehicle out there with that single pane of glass and the three screens making for an unrivaled futuristic showpiece. Ambient lighting piped in under each tuck and crease in the interior contributes to the screen’s ample glow. It feels like the S-Class has jumped a decade into the future.

The EQS’ luxury bona fides are not in question. A pair of remarkably comfortable front seats, large cargo area, and whisper quiet interior set it apart from everything else except for its S-Class stablemate. The front seats come with heating and cooling standard, with available massage functions as well. Calling them seats sells them short, these are pillowy thrones that swallow you up and make you feel regal. Materials are fantastic; each touchpoint is finely crafted and soft fabrics cocoon the whole interior.

Removing the gas engine from the equation makes the EQS even quieter and more serene inside than the S-Class. The car can make some artificial powertrain noises but if you shut those off, it’s hard to tell how fast the car is moving or what’s happening in the outside world. Conversations with rear passengers can be had at barely above a whisper.

Where the EQS falls short of the S-Class is its backseat, which feels less spacious thanks to the dipping roofline and a higher floor that lifts the back of the legs off of the seat bottom. It’s more comfortable than 99% of cars out there, but that 1% is what makes it an S-Class. The EQS doesn’t quite make it there as a car to be driven in. The rear seats do offer heating and cooling, but the S-Class’ rear accommodations are on a different level.

The “base” 450+ comes with a 12.8-inch portrait style touchscreen and a 12.3-inch display for the driver, but the real star is the available Hyperscreen. A 56-inch single pane of glass covers an additional 12.3-inch display for the passenger and a 17.7-inch touchscreen in the middle that serves as the car’s hub. This large screen is used to control everything, from the climate, to various seat/comfort functions, and navigation. It’s remarkably sharp and clear, even in bright sunlight (though reflections off the glass can be piercing as well).

Standard EQS features include heated and cooled front seats, a panoramic sunroof, 20-inch wheels, a Burmester sound system, and Mercedes’ various active safety features. Both the 450+ and 580 are offered in Premium, Exclusive, and Pinnacle feature levels. If you don’t need AWD, it’s easy to save a bunch of money and go for the 450+. Even in Pinnacle form ($109,560) it’s still about $10,000 cheaper than the cheapest 580. The Hyperscreen is standard on the 580, but available on the 450+.

At $148,500, the AMGEQS is the most expensive model. In addition to unique dampers and more power, it features front sport seats upholstered leatherette and microfiber and adorned with red stitching, a chunky AMG steering wheel, AMG-specific information for the Hyperscreen that show performance information, a front splitter, gloss black side sills, a rear diffuser, and 21-inch wheels.

The EQS comes with a basic and powertrain warranties of 4-years/50,000, without any scheduled maintenance. However, the battery pack gets its own robust 10-year/155,000 mile warranty with a remaining capacity of 70% is guaranteed.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS is impressive, purely for what Mercedes has been able to achieve. While Mercedes is somewhat new to electric vehicles, they have definitely hit the ground running with numerous new models about hit the market. Over 100 years of pedigree pays dividends as the new 2022 EQS is a pinnacle of automotive EV engineering. The new EQS is one of those stunning vehicles that does everything well; cutting edge technology, efficient powerful powertrains, and driving dynamics that usher in the next generation of electric vehicles.


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London, UK, 31st October, 2022, Chainwire

Cleverminu, a hybrid meme and Inu token, has shared details of its much-anticipated token sale. The public event has seen 1 trillion CLEVERMINU tokens made available to establish a decentralized economy powered by its users. The token sale began on October 27 at 9:00 UTC, supporting price discovery and distributing CLEVERMINU to a global user base.

Part of a decentralized community network, Cleverminu’s native token combines the intricacy of Inu coins with the novelty of meme tokens. This results in a passionate and highly engaged community whose interests are centered around a thriving token-powered economy. Within the Cleverminu ecosystem, users have access to new features the moment they are shipped. These include forthcoming NFT functionality and new token releases.

The CLEVERMINU token sale began with an initial listing price of $0.0000001. The community bought nearly 13% of the total supply (130000000000 CLEVERMINU) in the first round, adding $13,000(130000000000 x $0.0000001) to the liquidity pool. The community then sent 13% of the tokens to a “burning wallet”  to increase the scarcity of their tokens and bolster the value.

Another 10% (10000000000 CLEVERMINU) of the total supply was acquired by the community for $0.000001, adding $100,000 (100000000000 x $0.000001) to the liquidity pool, and 10% of the tokens were delivered to the burning wallet . To date, 46% of the total supply has been transferred to a burning wallet, stabilizing the token price and liquidity. Now the sale is going on at 0.00009USD and moving upwards.

“what you see today is just the beginning of what will unfold in the coming months.”

More than one million has been raised in three days and there are over 7,000 CLEVERMINU holders already. The smart contracts powering the Cleverminu ecosystem have been professionally audited by top contract verifiers in the form of HashEx, Quill Audits, Solid Proof, Haze Crypto,  Audit Whale, Ethos and George Stamp.

About Cleverminu

CleverMinu is a unique token comprising the best bits of meme coins and inu tokens. It gives holders the power to own and maintain the value of their token. A community-based token, CLEVERMINU is designed to increase every time a purchase is made.
Learn more:

Telegram : 


Robins jac
[email protected]


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The adoption of crypto ATMs surged from a Canada-based coffee shop-based single Bitcoin ATM to 38,804 Bitcoin ATMs.

Bitcoin ATMs are playing an important role to push crypto adoption in the practical world. Initially, the world’s first Bitcoin ATM was installed in Canada near a coffee shop on 23 October 2013 and now the number of Bitcoin ATMs is near 39,000 in the world which is itself a very big number for the crypto space because the crypto sector is still under unclear regulatory policies in the majority of the countries.

According to the data available at CoinATMRadar, there are a total of 38,804 which are available in use to cash out crypto assets & also allow buy of crypto assets.

Now there are nearly 39,000 Bitcoin ATMs globally 1

At the present time, around 90% of 39K Bitcoin ATMs are active in the United States. The net growth of Bitcoin Kiosks in the last month was contributed mainly by the US. In October 2022, World grabbed a total of 205 Bitcoin ATMs, and 129 out of these ATMs were installed in the US.

As we know very well that Canada was the first to welcome Bitcoin ATMs but still the total ATMs in Canada reached only 566, after 9 years. Despite the low numbers of Bitcoin ATMs growth in Canada, it is standing at second rank with 6.6% of the total of 38,804 Bitcoin ATMs.

Recently, reported that Spain secured third place in the crypto industry in terms of total Bitcoin ATMs holders. At this moment there are a total of 215 Bitcoin ATMs in Spain, which is 0.6% of the total number of global Bitcoin ATMs.

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