Lucid continues to amp up the performance of the Air electric sedan and now we have the latest version, the 2023 Air Sapphire. The Sapphire arrives with over 1,200 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time under two seconds.

2023 Lucid Air Sapphire

The Lucid Air Sapphire is powered by a three-motor powertrain, with a twin motor drive unit at the rear and a single motor at the front. The twin rear unit also gets new heat exchanger tech and heightened coolant flow rate. The battery system has also been upgraded.

With all that power, the Lucid Air Sapphire is now the most powerful sedan in the world. It can reach 100 mph in less than four seconds and a top speed over 200 mph.

2023 Lucid Air Sapphire

Other performance upgrades include stiffer front and rear springs, special damper settings, stiffer bushings and carbon ceramic brakes. Initially the Air Sapphire will only be available in the new Sapphire Blue exterior paint, which will be exclusive to upcoming Sapphire models.

Lucid plans to introduce the Air Sapphire next year as a limited-production model. It’s priced at $249,000.


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