Xiaomi, one of the world’s largest mobile phone and technology companies, has recently filed a patent application that uses blockchain technology to create its original digital characters.

The patent was filed in January 2022 titled “Virtual Character Processing Method, Device and Storage Medium,” while the Chinese company announced its disclosure recently, according to the Chinese app Tianyancha.

Due to the decentralized nature and immutability of blockchain, recently a growing number of businesses are incorporating Blockchain technology into their new product designs that will be released in the coming years. According to the current disclosure, the patent can “generate virtual characters with different images which will be based on different genetic sequences.”

Xiaomi, which is well known for its mobile phones and other electronic devices, has recently made public a patent application detailing the company’s aim of creating virtual avatars using blockchain technology in the process.

“This new technology will use a combination of blockchain technology to store all the information of virtual characters to ensure that virtual characters are unique of their kind, and they will be non-replicable and destructible by using the already available transparency and decentralized features of blockchain technology.”

Additionally, Xiaomi also plans to further use this technology in the future to develop its own Metaverse experience or its ecosystem users, although there are no official announcements made regarding the same.

As per the filing, the characters will use the decentralized blockchain technology to manage their genetic sequences thus preventing the unique trait NFTs from being destroyed. While the patent doesn’t mention the use of NFTs clearly, applying things similar to the NFT technology.

There have been no official comments on this matter. However, some people are making claims that Xiaomi could develop its Metaverse platform with these virtual characters as the primary point of development with the patent. However, until now there is no confirmation of these rumors.

If this happens, this won’t be the first time Xiaomi has tried to experiment and enter the world of cryptocurrency. Back in 2018, the company launched its first collection of non-fungible tokens known as Crypto Rabbits.

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