Teeth brace

Teeth Brace

If you are undergoing dental braces treatment to straighten your crooked or crowded teeth, then you should take care of the orthodontic appliance like your teeth. Poor dental hygiene during the orthodontic treatment will end in unsightly tooth appearance and may stretch the treatment duration.

Cleaning teeth will become quite challenging after wearing teeth braces. The small gaps between the wire increase the chance of food trapped in those spaces. If the trapped food particles are not removed properly, it will lead to cavities, plaque build-up, and other dental complications.

It is essential to care and keep the orthodontic appliance clean. In this post, important orthodontic care tips to be followed during the treatment are shared.

Brush after every meal

Brush after every meal

Wearing dental braces does not mean you need to brush inefficiently. Teeth cleaning is more important in this period than the normal days. As it is difficult to remove the debris and other particles stuck with the braces, you have to brush the teeth after every meal and if possible after every snack.

While brushing the teeth, keep the brush at 45 degrees towards the gum region. It will help you to clean the teeth effectively beneath the metallic wires.

Flossing once a day and rinsing your mouth with mouthwashes also help you to keep your mouth clean during the teeth straightening treatment. Remember that brush and floss your teeth gently. If you vigorously rub your teeth with a toothbrush, it may damage the brace.

Maintain an Orthodontic friendly diet

It is essential to skip some food items when you wear orthodontic appliances. The main reason is hard and crunchy food items damage the braces. Likewise, sticky food substances cling on the metal wires and brackets. This will change the structure of the orthodontic appliance on the teeth.

When the dental brace gets damage or loosen, you need to replace it with a new one. This makes the orthodontic treatment expensive and pushes you to wear the dental brace in the mouth for a long time.

To avoid such negative effects, make a diet menu with food items and snacks suggested by your Orthodontist.

Cover the dental brace while playing

Mouthguards which protect our teeth are also helpful in safeguard the braces that push the teeth to appropriate position. If you are a sportsman or get braces for your kid, then prefer the mouth guards available in the dental office where you get the teeth braces.

Get regular Orthodontic Check-ups

Visiting your orthodontist at regular intervals will help you to examine the brace and do the adjustments if needed.

The damaged braces will put you at risk of serious health hazards. For instance, if the metal wire in a brace is damaged or loosened, it will get into the throat when you breathe. Similarly, the sharp edges of broken braces also cut the soft tissues like tongue, cheeks inside the mouth.

Hence it is important to visit your orthodontist at times during the teeth braces treatment. It aids you in diagnosing and repairing the dental appliance immediately.

Don’t use your teeth as a biting tool

Some people have the habit of using their teeth to open bottles, unravel knots on a rope and other activities. Similarly, few have habits like biting nails, pencil edges, pen caps, chewing ice cubes.

Do you know the extreme pressure will break the teeth into pieces? If you have dental braces on your teeth, biting such hard particles with teeth will damage the dental appliance also. Hence you should not do such activities while wearing teeth brace in your mouth.


Straightening teeth with dental braces will help you to get rid of crowded teeth and avoid various aesthetic and dental problems. If you prefer Invisalign to straighten the teeth, teeth cleaning and eating is not a problem because you can remove the clear aligners when you want.

In the case of metal braces, you have to indulge in certain activities and habits to protect the dental appliance.

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