Many people have developed an interest in nursing as a career, and rightly so. A nursing career offers many advantages, including competitive pay, job security, and the chance to impact people’s lives. However, how one gets started in this field presents a challenge to many people. It requires dedication and hard work, but it is possible with the correct information and support system. This post will look at ways to kickstart your nursing journey, from choosing an educational path to finding mentors to support your development.

1. Do Your Research

Before diving head-on into a nursing career, getting acquainted with the field is essential. Research different nursing types and explore their roles in the healthcare system. Check out job postings and read what you need to qualify for them. Try to speak to someone already working in this field who can provide some valuable insight. Check out a range of nursing programs to find out which offers the best fit for your interests, skills, and career goals.

2. Get an Education

To become a registered nurse (RN), you must complete a nursing education program approved by your country’s licensing board. These typically include bachelor’s and master’s degrees and diplomas, certificates, and associate degrees. After graduating from an accredited program, you must pass a licensing exam to practice as an RN.

You can also pursue further education in nursing specialties, such as geriatrics and neonatal care. This will give you an edge when it comes to job opportunities. With the growing popularity of online nursing schools, you can further your education from the comfort of your home. This encompassing option can help you get the education you need without giving up other commitments.

3. Consider Volunteering

Volunteering can be a great way to gain experience and build your nursing career. Consider taking on volunteer roles in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare settings. Not only will this help you get hands-on experience, but it also looks good on any resume and makes you stand out as a potential job candidate. Plus, it looks great on applications to nursing school, as it shows that you have a passion for the field and are willing to go above and beyond.

Nursing Career

4. Find Mentors

Nursing is a demanding career with many challenges. Finding mentors who can guide and support you along your journey is important. Your mentors should be experienced nurses who can advise you on navigating the challenges of the field and answer any questions you may have. They should also be able to introduce you to important contacts in the nursing world that can help further your career. For example, you can use online nursing forums or attend local networking events to meet other nurses. Once you find potential mentors, ask them questions about their careers and what advice they would give someone starting.

5. Stay Up to Date with Regulations

As a nurse, you must understand and follow the regulations of your country’s nursing board. You must know what is expected of nurses in terms of practice standards and patient care. Keep up to date with changes in the profession so that you can always provide the best possible service.

When researching nursing regulations, you may also encounter opportunities for further education and professional development. Take advantage of these resources to stay ahead in the field.

Starting a nursing career is an exciting and rewarding journey. You can become a successful nurse with the proper education, mentorship, and dedication. We hope this article has provided some insight into how to kickstart your nursing journey.

Kate Staples is a career coach from Canada. She specializes in personal development, leadership, and mentoring students, recent graduates, and career changers to create a new career path and define their work skills, values and preferences. She is a blogger, speaker, and long-distance runner.


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