If you lean into the nautical designs of bathrooms, you understand it can be a broad design choice. There is more than one way to consider nautical styles for your bathroom. An idea not discussed often in nautical design is anchor themes. As you know, the anchor keeps the boat steady on land.


The anchor theme can literally be the anchor of your bathroom. If you are feeling adventurous, there are fun anchor bathroom ideas on Amazon and Etsy.

There are two ways to approach anchor themes: go overboard or be subtle. The subtle approach is adding decorative pieces around the bathroom as a focal point attraction while keeping it a traditional bathroom. Going overboard adds so many decorative touches to the bathroom that it makes you believe you are on a ship.

Whichever works for you, I provide you with seven anchor bathroom ideas to consider. Add a bit of everything because that adds more variety to the bathroom than too much of one type.

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1. Anchor Bathroom Ideas – Anchor Sets

The easiest way to enter the anchor theme is to grab anchor bathroom sets. You can choose a bathroom accessory set for the vanity countertop or a shower curtain set for the shower, floor, and toilet. Pick both as long as something connects the two, such as the same design or color scheme. 

A bath accessory set comes with a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, a soap dish, and a lotion dispenser. Some accessory sets swap out one for another (i.e., a canister or tumbler), and other accessory sets add a toilet brush cleaner and a wastebasket. A shower curtain set includes a curtain for the shower or bathtub, a bath rug, a toilet rug, and a toilet seat cover. 

Maritime Still Life With Fish

Both come in various colors, messages, and designs, so there is no doubt you won’t find one that blends in with room decor. A third set on the market is an anchor and ship’s wheel set. Consider the bathroom sets a trial run toward the anchor theme or the last piece to complete the anchor theme if you like the style.


2. Anchor Bathroom Ideas – Rope

If you want something different from seeing anchor images throughout the bathroom, a low-key way to enter or expand the anchor bathroom theme is using a rope. A rope is a pleasant design choice that adds flair to both nautical bathroom decor and anchor bathroom decor. 

The easiest way to add rope to the bathroom is to use a rope as wall-mounted floating shelves. An alternative is buying woven rope baskets for bathroom storage. It is of great use to drawers with no handle pulls as it can take the place of metal hardware pulls. 

With the right anchor hook, a rope becomes a toilet tissue holder and towel holder. A rope is a great decorative piece to wrap around mason jars, artwork, oars, bottles, candle holders, and mirrors; it hangs up mirrors, wall art, and a lifebuoy. The material is also great as a rug. 

3. Anchor Bathroom Ideas – Lifebuoy

Those red and white donut-shaped rings save people from drowning, and a lifebuoy can deliver your bathroom out of boredom. Hang a lifebuoy on the wall in place of decorative artwork to make your bathroom feel like a room on the boat. It is a statement piece that will be a conversation starter. 

white and blue life buoy

You can use a lifebuoy as a nautical decoration in a nautical-themed bathroom when you change the colors. Buy a blue and white lifebuoy instead of the traditional red and white. 

4. Anchor Bathroom Ideas – Anchor Symbol

Nothing says anchor-themed bathroom like the anchor image. It is the primary image you need to achieve an anchor-themed bathroom. Anchor images come in small, medium, and large sizes, so you must choose the correct size.

Sometimes, anchor-themed products are all you need. In other cases, anchor symbols are the beginning of more anchor-themed products. Whatever your goal is, the anchor is a dominant image that doesn’t require tons of it for it to be noticeable. 

The anchor image can be a wall hook, a toilet tissue holder, a towel rack, a towel ring, wall art, a mirror, a trinket, and decorative shelves. It can be a decorative pattern on towels, shower curtains, window curtains, cabinet hardware, candle holders, and wallpaper. You can also draw and paint an anchor image on the wall.

As far as nautical themes, an anchor image can keep a bathroom nautical as long as the anchor is a blue, white, or neutral color. Be sure to pick one anchor image, as the goal is not to turn the bathroom into an anchor room. For example, choose an anchor curtain design and keep the rest of the bathroom blue and white. 


5. Anchor Bathroom Ideas – Ship’s Wheel

Another decorative artwork to hang on the wall is the ship’s wheel. The ship’s wheel gives the leader the control to steer the boat in any direction. Adding a ship’s wheel to your bathroom is a take-charge statement piece. 

There are large and small ship wheel products on Amazon and Etsy. You can hang or lean a ship’s wheel with a distressed finish on a blank wall. The finish gives it a vintage, used, and rustic vibe like it has been on a ship and tossed out. 

A ship’s wheel as round large and small bathroom mirrors is a modern twist as it blends better with decor. The wheel becomes a statement piece and functional component in the bathroom.

6. Anchor Bathroom Ideas – Circular Mirror

All mirrors in anchor design are circular because they resemble circular windows on the ship. Also called a porthole or bull’s eye, the circular window brings light and air into the room. A circular mirror brings light, so that’s why circular mirrors are the only mirrors allowed in anchor bathrooms.

You can also buy circular artwork or mirrors resembling portholes as a see-through frame. It doesn’t open to the outside to bring in light, but it tricks the eye into thinking it could.


7. Anchor Bathroom Ideas – Shiplap and Wood Crates

Exchanging tile for shiplap is a complete overhaul, so only do this if you are a fan of anchor design. All-white walls filled with shiplap panels change the bathroom or powder room ambiance. There are no easy steps to add shiplap to bathroom walls; the correct way to do this is to hire an expert. 

A less drastic approach is buying shiplap panel cabinet doors. It appears to be a room on the ship without the commitment and time-consuming overhaul.

Another way to incorporate anchor-themed items into the bathroom is by buying wood crates. If you have access to crate packaging, remove bugs, odor, and wetness before using the crate as a storage shelf on the wall. There are also DIY wood crate projects out there if money is tight. 

Nautical theme bedroom with wall anchor and anchor bed sheets

The purpose of wood crates is to add storage to bathrooms that need more or don’t have any. It looks impressive near rope floating shelves and decorative anchor shelves.


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