A display case highlights the items you are proud to acknowledge. Trophies, collectors’ items, dinnerware, books, vases, seasonal items, artwork, trinkets, jewelry, vinyl albums are excellent examples of precious items you may store and display at the back of the cabinet. To give one-of-a-kind items the spotlight, hand them the illuminating platform they deserve.


Good lighting emphasizes the item so you can appreciate its detailed construction. The best lighting fits inside small and large display cabinets with quick installation, energy efficiency, and flexible dimming options. The lighting choices should not generate heat or generate very little.

Decorate your display cabinet using these display cabinet lighting ideas. You may seen some of these examples in a retail display, with a variety of finishes, ample light and wooden shelves. In previous decades, general lighting was the easiest option and provided enough brilliant light for consumers. However, excellent illumination today considers low power consumption for a green economy.

Puck Lights

Puck or touch lights are hockey puck-shaped lights that turn on or off with one touch. As an option for cabinet lights, puck lighting is spot lighting, highlighting one section instead of a whole room. The light fixtures’ source of power can be LED or xenon lights; it works as halogen lights too, but it generates too much heat for display cases.

Kitchen wooden worktops with white cupboards and cabinets with puck lights

Touch lights can recess into the wall or stick out. The installation process can be hardwired or battery-powered with peel and stick adhesives. For best results, install the lights on the display cabinet ceiling because the radiance will shine down on the item below.

Tape Lights

Tape, linear, ribbon, or strip lights are decorative, tape-size light bars that illuminate an area using LED power. The secondary light strips are marvelous for task lightings like kitchen cabinets and display cabinets. The low profile lights can cut at the designated area and still function independently without the rest of the pieces.


Install the peel and stick light at the top or the bottom. It fits corners without damaging the structure because it can vertically bend up to 90 degrees. The display lighting option is perfect for accent lighting, giving the surrounding items a breathtaking glow with no shadow distraction.

Fluorescent Lights

The ambient lighting choice for a display area is fluorescent light tubes. The tube size ranges from T4 to T12, and a T4, T5, or T5H0 is best for a display cabinet. It is so bright and powerful that it illuminates from the front of the cabinet to the back.

Besides tube lights, fluorescent light sources are inside light bulbs, linear lights, and puck CFL lights. The color temperature ranges from warm light to cool light to daylight at 5000K and higher, and it doesn’t generate extreme heat. It requires some know-how to install the tube to the power supply, so contacting an electrician is wise.

Still, fluorescent lighting in cabinets does wonders for your belongings as it is flicker-free and turns on instantly. If it fits, the light source is suitable for a cabinet lighting system.


Rope Lights

Another low profile light source for display case lighting is rope lights. Not to confuse it with tape lights, rope lighting is a long, rope-like lighting source that powers on via a connector leading to the primary source. Once on, the lights provide hours of use.

Rope lighting is a great option within modern kitchen design. The easiest way to add some light for food prep is through rope lights on the underside of a cabinet. Cabinet track lighting in this format is efficient and does not use too much energy.

It can fit corners in lower and upper cabinets without affecting lighting construction because the bending structure is more freeing than ribbon lights. It’s perfect for wrapping around a display item, face frame and making shapes on the wall or glass due to its 360-degree lighting benefit. Mounting clips and a location to hang the ropes equal easy installation.

Some modern kitchens use rope lighting to follow the floor plan and front side corners of cabinets and even the the top shelf of a rack storage system. This could even work with a tiny curio cabinet.

AdvertisementsThe glass shelves won’t heat up or melt any important things because the ropes produce little heat. Rope lighting radiates as colored and natural lights to decorate with more variety. However, it cannot be the primary light source because it is not bright enough.

LED Lights

LED lighting is an energy-efficient and energy-saving option. It uses less energy and radiates brighter thanks to its low voltage use. The durable lights produce no heat inside a display cabinet case, making it one of the best options for enclosed fixtures.

Their color temperatures range from warm lights to cool lights. Some lights substitute for night lights, some offer dimming features, and some integrate with smart home technology. The LED light bulb, LED lamps, and LED bar strip in exposed and recessed versions provide different lengths and sizes to suit your cabinet display needs.

The long-lasting, low-maintenance lights look just as good above counter tops as it does behind cabinet glass display furniture. LED lights illuminate the open space around it, making it a focal point for work surfaces and cabinet shelves to complete tasks or showcase items. For example, use a ribbon light channel plus a low watt bulb inside the case for a detailed glimpse of the award’s details.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

With the proper lighting, kitchen undercabinet lighting works just as well inside a cabinet display case as underneath upper cabinets. It adds the right amount of light in small areas or dark corners, making it a better option than turning on a ceiling light and disturbing others.

Kitchen countertops and under cabinet track lighting

Under-cabinet lights as display lights require the same installation technique as under-cabinets in kitchens. They need a battery pack or a plug-in connection to a power source. Installing a single light in the case requires drilling a small hole inside the cabinet, so hiring an electrician is wise.

AdvertisementsA popular option for large and small spaces, under cabinet lighting is one of the best lighting choices to shine a light on decorative items.

Xenon Lights

The last showcase lighting option is xenon. It is not as common as the others because it is an older light type, but it radiates more than enough light to make your items stand out in the best way. The downside is it gets hot because it doesn’t consume a low wattage.

Xenon fixtures are the hottest you can get inside enclosed fixtures without damaging your display valuables. Because of this, it is a good option for task lighting in a glass cabinet case that lasts a few hours. The illumination resembles sunlight from the outdoors, so it is a great choice to make items on display look natural.

Hardwiring installation keeps xenon lighting intact, not adhesive tape, so hire an electrician for the job. It fits near a bathroom vanity, a kitchen island, or the underside of the cabinet top. Should you access the dimming feature, the lights offer color variety to shine light around items displayed inside display shelves.


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