Cannabis is a plant that may be used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. Before purchasing or consuming cannabis, everyone should confirm if it is legal in their state. There are a lot of perks and drawbacks of cannabis extracts. If you want to consume it, you need to have detailed knowledge about the side effects that come with it. Keep reading this article to find out everything you should know about cannabis extract.

What exactly is it?

A wide range of goods that often contain more cannabinoids than those in the cannabis plant are called “cannabis extracts.” When ingested, cannabinoids—chemical elements included in cannabis—can impact your body and psyche.

Kinds of cannabis extract

Cannabis extracts are available in liquid or solid form (hash or hashish) or in oil intended for vaping. Some extracts, such as shatter, wax, honeycomb, and budder, are named by appearance or consistency. Cannabis extracts can be added to dried cannabis flowers and are commonly smoked or vaporized.

7 Things you need to know about it

1. Use a legitimate source

Some cannabis extracts, including wax and shatter, are created in sophisticated laboratories with chemical solvents. It is safe to do this since cannabis extracts produced by license holders are tightly controlled and tested for quality, including pesticides and solvents.

2. Ensure to read the label thoroughly

An unpleasant experience might result from using a cannabis extract. Read the label carefully, paying close attention to the amounts of THC and CBD in the product. It is a good idea for folks unfamiliar with extracts to study the wide cannabis extract varieties to see which kind would work best for them.

3. Do not dab if new to cannabis

It is not advised for those new to cannabis to dab since it is a complex and dangerous way to vape highly potent cannabis extracts. A lack of knowledge may rapidly result in a bad experience.

4. High-potency cannabis extracts can have immediate, strong effects

THC concentrations in cannabis extracts can reach up to 99%. In other words, potent cannabis extracts have the potential to produce severe intoxication very fast.

5. High-THC cannabis extracts can enhance tolerance and cause dependency

High-strength cannabis extracts should not be used every day or almost daily because they will cause dependency symptoms, including recurrent cravings and withdrawal. Utilizing them less regularly can reduce your chance of acquiring these problems.

6. Make sure to properly store cannabis products

Remember that cannabis extracts are heat-sensitive and might degrade when storing them. Make sure that items are stored out of sight and reach of children, with adequate labeling, and in child-resistant containers that are sealed after use.

7. Mental health may be impacted if used frequently

Cannabis usage regularly or close to it increases the chance of becoming dependent and can cause or exacerbate anxiety or depressive disorders. Limiting cannabis consumption can also lower these hazards.


All of the information included in this article is intended to make you consider the dangers of cannabis use and to aid in your decision-making. However, the most reliable Canadian online marijuana store, Top Shelf BC, sells high-quality cannabis extracts. Considering people’s health, they have offered a variety of options, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, shatter, hash, and even accessories like vape pens. All of these products are completely safe to consume, given you are not being reckless.


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