Almost all students experience exam stress when studying. It is a type of tension caused by upcoming tests that students need to complete. The need to get prepared well in a short period creates anxiety that forces students to stress a lot. In essence, undergraduates reduce their performance and ability to grasp new material. If you want to eliminate stress caused by upcoming finals, check out the top seven recommendations in the post below. They will help you harness exam stress and become a successful student.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

Unrealistic goals that students try to achieve are one of the major problems that cause exam stress. Indeed, most students want to get As for their papers. To achieve this goal, they work hard without any rest. It forces the development of burnout that can vanish all the progress achieved. Moreover, many students set many challenging goals apart from the primary one, which has a high GPA. Many undergraduates strive to excel in sports, succeed in business, or make a lot of helpful connections.


Trying to achieve many challenging goals simultaneously, they usually experience a lot of stress that forces them to make misleading decisions or compromise on some goals. It’s recommended to set realistic goals that you will 100% attain upon the set deadlines to avoid failure. In case you already have particular goals set, feel free to adjust them, so you will be able to achieve your goals without applying too much effort. It will help you avoid depression caused by the inability to attain goals.

Furthermore, it’s recommended to set small goals that you will be able to achieve fast. In order to do so, break down major goals into smaller ones and set shorter deadlines. The successful completion of small milestones on your path to success will engage you to work hard on completing new goals.

  1. Eat Properly

Unfortunately, many students underestimate the importance of proper nutrition when they try to tackle all the challenging tasks. However, if you want to cope with exam stress, you need plenty of energy. Moreover, nutrition affects the mood of people. Therefore, it’s required to eat properly. Consider making meals that contain healthy carbs and fat. Consume whole wheat bread, nuts, oatmeal, and fruits. It’s advisable to consume food in small portions four-five times a day. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Also, it’s recommended to avoid drinking coffee and energy drinks if you want to have plenty of energy available in the long run.

  1. Do Exercises

Doing sports is one of the best ways to release stress caused by upcoming finals. In case you’re a student who struggles with exam stress, feel free to add regular workout sessions into your schedule. It’s recommended to jog outside to breathe fresh air. Also, you can do some exercises like weight lifting to release your stress. It will help you get distracted and refresh your mind. Besides, exercises will force the heart to pump more blood to deliver more oxygen to the brain cells.

  1. Have Enough Sleep

It’s impossible to succeed in coping with exam stress if you don’t have the required amount of sleep. Vice versa, if you lack a healthy night’s sleep, you will likely become more irritated. To fight exam stress, you need to build a sleep schedule and follow it strictly. It’s recommended not to bring your phone into the bed to fall asleep faster. Moreover, try to keep the window in your room open to breathe the fresh air while sleeping.

  1. Prioritize and Delegate

Many tasks that students may be required to cope with may force students to experience enormous pressure. In order to get all of them completed on time, undergraduates are usually required to compromise on a healthy night’s sleep, social involvement, and other crucial activities. It causes exam stress that can be lowered if you prioritize and delegate your tasks.

Create a list of all the activities you need to do to attain your goals. Then, set a priority status for each by placing a number. After this, arrange all tasks according to the set priority status. Complete all the tasks one-by-one at your own pace. The ones you can hardly complete upon the scheduled deadlines should be postponed.

If there is no option to get rid of particular activities in your schedule, feel free to ask for help. Being a student who can hardly compose your academic papers on time, don’t hesitate to hire a skilled writer to do this for you. If you don’t know where to find a professional academic writer, you can read a review submitted by a real student via this link – https://scamfighter.net/review/essayhub.com to ensure that you use the best service to delegate academic papers. If you choose the right essay writing service, you will be able to free your time and get top grades without any stress.

  1. Get Distracted

The continuous pressure caused by many tasks and upcoming finals promotes the development of exam stress. It’s advisable to get distracted from learning when you feel that you can hardly cope with all the tasks at a high pace. Feel free to stop reviewing study materials and watch some videos on the Internet. Alternatively, you can play your favorite video game or have a short nap, so you will be able to get distracted to lower the exam stress level.

  1. Spend Your Time Efficiently

If you want to fight the exam stress efficiently but cannot delegate tasks or cross them out from your schedule, you can boost your performance. For starters, you need to create a detailed timetable and set time frames for every activity on your schedule. Measure the actual time required for completing particular tasks. If you can hardly get all the tasks completed upon scheduled deadlines, feel free to use different time-management techniques that help boost productivity. The Pomodoro technique is the most popular one. It offers the opportunity to spend less time completing bothersome tasks. Also, you can boost your performance by eliminating factors that may distract you. Notifications on a smartphone and noises are the top ones that don’t let students focus on particular tasks.



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