A traditional bathroom has the essential items for maneuvering around the area. A luxury bathroom takes those items and elevates them to an affluent and extravagant level that keeps you there for hours. Luxury bathroom sinks are common in modern bathroom design or, rather, contemporary design. You can find luxurious bathroom examples all over the United States; especially in Miami beach condos, which pamper homeowners with luxury interiors, and bathroom vanities that act as a strong focal point for a perfect bathroom. Pay close attention when you seek a residential interior designer. Depending on your personal style, a Miami interior designer may be the perfect interior decorator to bring that modern flair to your master bathroom.


From vessel sinks to copper sinks, the luxury sinks rely on a less is more approach for an elegant experience every time you use them. After learning about these sink types, you won’t return to traditional sinks again.


Stylish brown bathroom and luxury sink

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Vessel Sink/Vessel Bathroom Sink

A sink oozing luxury is the vessel sink. It is common in hotels, spas, affluent restaurants, and luxury homes and infrequent in traditional homes and apartments. That is because of the sink’s unusual appearance. 

A vessel is a bowl on top of a countertop with a faucet behind it. Some sink vessels partially recess inside the countertop but must sit on top. The bowl can be a round, oval, rectangular, or square-shaped appearance in glass, crystal, metal, porcelain, wood, ceramic, and stone construction.

modern renovated bathroom with tempered glass green marble vessel sink and old style wall mount faucet on crisp white corrugated ceramic tiles

Should you add a vessel bathroom sink to your bathroom, it will transform large and small bathrooms into luxury bathrooms. The faucet sprout must be about six inches higher than the drain hole. The custom faucet must fit the faucet holes outline.

Pedestal Sinks

Luxury pedestals are sleek, clean, smooth, shiny, and polished. The sink is a large circular or square basin with a long, slender pedestal column tough enough to hold up the sink. It is a space-saving solution mounted to the floor and wall.

luxury bathroom pedestal sink

It lacks a bathroom vanity and counter space. It is minimal and does the job with no bells and whistles. However, the wide rim of the basin leaves room for a few items to sit. 

Save more space by installing a corner pedestal instead of traditional pedestals. Corner pedestals install in front of a vacant corner wall. All pedestal types are perfect for a powder room, half bathrooms, and small full-size bathrooms. 

Undermount Sink

As vessel bathroom sinks sit on top of the counter, undermount sinks live below the counter. The countertop fuses on top of the sink to avoid tearing apart with continued use. A carefully cut hole in the countertop leads to the sink below.

The sink below the countertop makes the entire vanity and countertop a smooth, seamless, and cohesive visual. You gain extra inches of countertop space around the sink because there is no rim around the sink. It’s below the countertop with the rest of the basin bowl.

Bathroom Classic Style Dresser Countertop, White Finish Walls, Pink Accents, Step and Side Sink

Undermount bath sinks are luxurious because they are scarce in residential households, but are commonplace in hotels, restaurants, and public bathrooms. For your home, it’s about choosing the right sink that suits your bathroom specifications. Add some kick to the luxury aspect by buying a basin bowl with artwork inside it.

Stainless Steel Sink

Today’s modern bathroom doesn’t include stainless steel material. You’re more likely to find them in a commercial bathroom. The clean lines, metal construction, and shiny reflection are more for kitchen sinks than bathroom sinks. That’s what can make stainless sinks in bathrooms more appealing; especially in a private place like your bathroom.

It’s not common to see steel basin bowls in bathrooms, but expect luxury when you include them. While there are no unique designs in this sink, it is in several types. The water-resistant sink is a material common in undermount, vessel, pedestal, trough, wall-mount, drop-in sinks, and more.

Quality steel sinks have a bathroom basin thicker than their inexpensive counterparts. The thick material is also dent-resistant, scratch-resistant, corrosion-proof, reduced discoloration, less noisy, and more durable. Compared to other bathroom materials, a steel sink offers striking contrasts to bathroom tile, flooring, countertop, toilet, bath/shower, and light fixtures.

AdvertisementsKohler, a premier source, has a fine line of stainless sinks available today. The style of sink will be up to you, but these high-quality products offer easy maintenance.

Stone Sinks

Another material, stone sinks, is not a traditional sink basin bowl but will look luxurious if you do. The material is a mainstay on kitchen countertops, decorative beams in living rooms and kitchens, and garages. Only the affluent or home interior designer will choose the stone as a basin bowl material. 


luxury bathroom stone sink

Common in vessel sinks, sinks made of stone are durable and heat-resistant. With several colors, shapes, and designs on the market, you can pick the best marble, granite, limestone, onyx, and lava stone piece to suit your bath decor style. Treating the sink as a statement piece/focal point in the bathroom is a great interior design idea.

Trough Sinks

A trend from modern interior designers is the double vanity bathroom. A sink trough offers the two-sink area desired in the latest magazine trends. The trough trend originated from the farmhouse lifestyle and morphed into luxury bath areas as contemporary pieces.

Like vanities, troughs have storage space below the sink, and you choose from light or dark wood cabinets as covered storage space. It can also be on open shelves. The large sink area means less countertop space, but it is a small sacrifice for the double vanity lifestyle because of the storage space.

white trough rectangular luxury bathroom sink with brown wooden framed mirror on white wall

The countertop with the rectangular sink basin can be wall-mounted if you don’t need storage. It will appear like a double pedestal sink with exposed pipes, but it is a space-saving solution. Miami interior design firms can help install wall-mounted troughs correctly.

AdvertisementsWhat makes troughs luxurious is how uncommon you see them in traditional homes. The sink trough, with or without a touchless faucet, is common in public bathrooms and affluent establishments. The right materials are crucial to make it easy to clean, long-lasting, and decorative.

Antique Copper Sink

Out of the wide range of materials available on the market, the copper sink is a beautiful, sophisticated, and inviting choice for your bathroom. What makes copper luxurious is the monetary value copper brings to the real estate market. Add a freestanding or wall-mounted type of faucet and the look is complete.

Antique luxury copper sink and faucet

Made for vessel, undermount, and drop-in sinks, the antique countertop basins fit a color palette of different styles in the bathroom. The vintage look adds a retro vibe to contemporary styles. The texture and color make a bold statement in your bathroom.

Mount Sinks

A way to install a sink is on the wall, and mount sinks float above the ground to give the illusion of extra space. Traditional sinks have pedestals or vanity sinks, so a mounted sink falls under the luxury category. Mounted sinks give off an industrial and contemporary look perfect for bathrooms lacking space.

Wall mounted bathroom sink and vanity in luxury bathroom with teak floor

Usually found in small bathrooms, the wall-mounted sink attaches to the wall with the plumbing exposed. It looks like a pedestal sink without the pedestal column. The sink faucet, the sink’s basin, and the large rim surrounding it are all you get with the mounted sink, but it is all you need for luxury lifestyles.


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