A recent online crypto survey report noted that the majority of Russians are in favour of Bitcoin adoption & they are giving priority to Bitcoin as the best investment & payment vehicle. 

Russia is a crypto-friendly region in the world but in the last couple of years, Russian government agencies showed confused interest in the crypto sector. On 1 Jan 2021 Russian government introduced a crypto bill to legalise crypto investment activities but in late 2021 Russian central bank, the Bank of Russia, proposed a framework to ban cryptocurrency use in the Russian federation to prohibit illegal activities associated with cryptocurrencies. 

On 12 Dec, A crypto survey report was published by Kommersant and VC, which was conducted by crypto exchange Bitbanker and the researcher Cupli Survey over 1.5k people from Russian regions. All the respondents were in the age range of 18 years. 

The survey noted that 8 out of the 10 respondents think Bitcoin is the most reputed & trusted digital asset, While 78% stated that BTC was a dependable token.

Survey findings noted that approximately 36% of the respondents are confident to use Tether (USDT), while 35% of people believe in Ethereum as a dependable asset. 

Among the respondents, 29% said that they used cryptocurrencies once in their life, while 51% of them said that they purchased cryptocurrencies to save their life savings and the rest of them said that they purchased cryptocurrencies to earn some money via trading the crypto assets. 

The most surprising thing that Survey found was the use of crypto to buy goods & services via crypto payments. Around 26% of the respondents said that they used crypto payment to buy practical life goods, which was actually against the Russian crypto bill that prohibits the use of cryptocurrencies in payment options.

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