With the latest development in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, huge numbers of online businesses on Odoo will be able to accept payments easily in ADA tokens. 

Cardano is 8th ranked crypto project by 24 hours trade volume of its native token ADA. The initial aim of this crypto project is to bring blockchain technology to the leading edge use case in the payment systems at commercial levels. The highest-ranked development activities in the Cardano ecosystem are enough to show the real efforts of the developer team, to bring the initial aim of the Cardano project into reality.

Recently COTI published a blog post on medium and confirmed that Rodolfo Miranda completed development work on the ADA Pay plugin to make it supported at Odoo (On-Demand Open Object). 

Here Rodolfo Miranda is one of the winners of Catalyst fund 7. And Odoo is an open-source e-commerce solution or we may say a protocol more likely WordPress, which has been adopted by more than 7 million small startups to big enterprises in this world.  

Rodolfo Miranda said:

“Delivering this project can’t be more streamlined. The ADA Pay API just simplifies the development process.”

Through the blog post, the COTI team stated that the ADA Pay plugin was a necessary need to introduce in every online platform, to allow merchants to settle & accept payments easily in $ADA coins. 

Earlier this, the ADA Pay plugin was developed by Carl Henry Global, another project Catalyst team. Carl Henry Global made the use of the ADA play plugin supported on more than 8 different shopping platforms including WordPress, Joomla and WooCommerce.

Cardano Vasil Hard Fork

At present, IOHK, the core developer team behind the Cardano project, is working to execute Vasil HardFork in Cardano mainnet blockchain. 

On 1 July, IOHK confirmed the Vasil HardFork on Cardano testnet. 

Vasil HardFork will introduce huge numbers of scalability and efficiency factors in the Cardano blockchain network and it is expected that it will happen in late July.

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