Hiring speed by the Binance crypto exchange is showing that Binance exchange is continuously moving toward growth despite a significant downfall in the prices of the majority of the crypto assets. 

In the present time, the crypto market is going through a very big downfall where the majority of the prices of the majority of the crypto assets are plunging badly. In this situation, the majority of the crypto companies are facing financial challenges and they are trying to improve their critical situation via the reduction of employees strength, expenses & expansion of the business. In the last few months, Coinbase, Gemini & also many big crypto companies reduced their workforce to save some funds to survive in the winter season.

On 21 November, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao confirmed that Binance currently holds more than 7400 employees and aims to hire 600 more employees by the end of this year. 

He also noted that Binance hired approximately 1500 new employees in the last 5 months, which was a very bad timeframe for the majority of the crypto companies.

At present, Binance is hiring new employees for 15 categories of its business operations. This is showing that Binance exchange is continuously moving toward the growth & achievement with its highly quality & secured crypto services.

It is worth noting that Binance always remains transparent with its back-end operations to its customers, which makes Binance a more trusted crypto company over the other companies in the crypto sector. 

In late of the first week of this month, a controversy between Binance & FTX crypto exchange resulted in a very big downfall for the FTX exchange (including its affiliated companies). FTX was the second biggest crypto exchange but now FTX & its affiliated companies are out of the competition in the crypto business. 

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