Binance exchange’s new feature will save traders from any kind of auto trade accident.

Binance is a popular first-ranked crypto platform, known for its secured crypto trade services. Due to secured services, the majority of the Crypto traders prefer to use this platform as the best choice. 

Binance introduces a new feature to help API users 1

The services of this exchange are not limited to crypto trade services. The exchange has its own Crypto ecosystem, where crypto traders can handle their crypto trading in a decentralised environment also. This exchange is also the top regulated exchange in terms of regulatory approval in the countries. 

On 26 Jan 2023, Binance announced a new feature for API traders. This new feature is an optional feature that a user can opt to prevent auto crypto trading on behalf of API control. 

It will not only help Binance API users but also the Binance exchange. On one side Binance users will remain safe from being any part of wrong trading and on the other side Binance will be able to restrict fake trade volume.

Binance API & Hack attacks 

A few months ago, a few Binance users reported that they faced unwanted crypto trades, which were not planned or submitted by themselves. 

After that investigations found that it was a part of an API data hack from API trading platforms and there was no fault from Binance exchange. 

BNB coin

BNB coin is the native token of the Binance exchange. The current price of the BNB token is $304 and this price is 24.25% higher than the last 30 days’ trade price. 

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