Binance crypto exchange established its partnership with Splyt  to become a crypto payment giant.

Binance is a first-ranked crypto exchange, thanks to the highly secured & highly quality-based crypto services of this exchange. This exchange has its hand in many crypto businesses. This exchange aimed to extend its network and investment in almost every financial service, which includes crypto & and also non-crypto. 

On 14 June, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao shared the news of the partnership of the Binance exchange with Splyt . Splyt  is a super app enabler platform. 

Binance’s CEO confirmed that it will help Binance’s payment platform, BinancePay, users to pay for taxi and foods payments directly without conversion into fiat currency.

A spokesperson from Splyt  shared some important information regarding this partnership with the leading crypto news platform Cointelegraph. He said that it is the “first partnership in the cryptocurrency space” of this kind and faced with perilous price action with Bitcoin sub $25,000, “Splyt  is enthusiastic about its development.”

Further, he added:

“Increasingly, users are turning to their crypto wallets to pay for everyday services. (…) Fully integrating everyday services as an obvious next step for crypto wallets.”

The report noted that such steps by the exchange doesn’t mean that the exchange wants to become a giant competitor in the crypto payment sector. For Binance CEO Zhao, the use of BinancePay will help to increase the brand value and awareness about its crypto trading services publicly. 

According to available data and reports, the Binance exchange is already holding around 90 million users in 150 countries. But now with the Splyt  partnership, Binance will be able to increase its huge user base globally. 

The Splyt spokesperson noted that users of Splyt and Binance are in hundreds of millions, which will further increase the users because of integrated useful services.

Spokesperson added:

“The other perspective is equally important: mobility and other on-demand services can dramatically increase acceptance and transaction volumes, by being available through crypto platforms, who together have hundreds of millions of users.”

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