The El Salvador president Nayib Bukele appreciated the Bitcoin adoption decision & gang crackdown efforts of the government in the spike of tourist level after the Covid-19 pandemic.

El Salvador is the first ever country in the world, where Bitcoin can be used as legal tender at every small or big businesses stores. In September 2021, El Salvador president Nayib helped to bring officially a legal status for Bitcoin to label it an alternative currency of the country alongside the use of the US dollar.  

Recently Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, took to Twitter to share the main reason behind the net 6% increment in the revenue of the country because of tourist visitors. 

Through the tweet, Nayib confirmed that Bitcoin adoption as a legal currency was a big reason to attract global tourists to the country, and also the efforts by the government to crackdown on gang wars helped in this sector.

Nayib also noted that El Salvador achieved a significant increment in the Google mobility data record and it happened because of Bitcoin & crackdown on gangs. 

Bitcoin helps El Salvador to recover its tourism level, Says Country President 1

Bitcoin Beach of El Salvador

No doubt that El Salvador attracted almost every type of tourist in El Salvador because of its Bitcoin adoption plan but in particular “Bitcoin Beach” was the main part of the tourism attraction. Bitcoin Beach is a remote town of El Salvador and its name is El Zonte.

Many private crypto companies did their work at their level to promote Bitcoin adoption with their bitcoin payment service promotion. 

Before the introduction of Bitcoin law in El Salvador, Crypto companies made the street and locality of Bitcoin beach full of Bitcoin-supported regions. In Bitcoin beach, people can buy any type of small item via Bitcoin payment through a bitcoin lightning-enabled wallet. 

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