After over 115 years in business, Bliffert Lumber & Hardware announced the partial sale of the company to its employees via an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) representing the Bliffert employees. In the announcement made on April 10, 2022, company vice president Eli Bliffert shared how important it was for the Bliffert employees, who helped grow a robust and prosperous company, to share in its ownership into the future.

“The sale is a way to reward employees for their contributions to Bliffert Lumber & Hardware’s success and to ensure its long-term vitality,” Bliffert says. “I am a firm believer that we are all in it together. The ESOP is the best way to ensure this.”

Bliffert Lumber & Hardware has served contractors and homeowners in southeastern Wisconsin for over 115 years. The company is in its fifth generation of Bliffert family ownership and strives to make sure that the personal service shows at each of its eight locations.

Learn more about how an ESOP like the one at Bliffert Lumber can help your operation retain quality employees here


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