Charles Hoskinson talked about the major things that he needs to bring revolution in the world with the Cardano Blockchain technology instead of following promotional strategies. 

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain. He is currently working as CEO of IOHK, a developer team behind the Cardano blockchain project, to lead the team to bring blockchain technology as a leading-edge tool for commercial purposes. The project team of Cardano doesn’t work according to trend, instead focusing on bringing efficiency and better use cases of blockchain technology. 

On 20 June, Cardano founder Hoskinson saw that some indirect criticism is occurring again against the Cardano project, and as a Cardano leader, he believes that it is his primary duty to respond & defend.

Hoskinson said that “We need to get the message out there that Cardano isn’t a ghost chain and smart contracts are here. The concept of reality and what already has been accomplished.”

The Cardano founder said that it is the biggest need to appear on promotional platforms on request but negative criticism against Cardano is really a matter but reason behind this thing is also reasonable.

Further Cardano’s founder explained the main reason behind such things and said that the Cardano team never pays for such promotional events to appear as an important part of any conference, so such types of things are usual.

Further, Hoskinson said that we don’t need a direct communication media where we have to work verbally to achieve progress virtually but we need to work practically and we need real supporters as an army.

Through the same thread, Hoskinson confirmed that he never paid funds to any event to bring Cardano as an important part of the discussion. 

This was not the first time when the Cardano founder talked about such paid promotional activities as a forbidden part of the Cardano project team. In the past, Hoskinson said that the majority of the crypto projects remain dependent on trends and they will not sustain in the long term.

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