Charles Hoskinson talked about the main reasons behind Media’ attacks on the Cardano project.

Cardano is a popular Proof-of-stake consensus-based blockchain network. ADA is a native token on the Cardano blockchain network. At present time ADA coin is standing at 8 ranks, in terms of 24 hours global trade volume. The core aim of the Cardano project team is to bring blockchain technology useful at the commercial level. 

Recently Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano & CEO of Cardano developer team IOHK, appeared in a virtual interview with a popular crypto influencer Dan Gambardella. 

Cardano founder said that venture capitalists (VCs) are responsible for the scrutiny faced by the Cardano (ADA) project.

Hoskinson explained that the ADA token is not backed by any VCs and all these VCs failed to secure an opportunity with the ADA token from ground level. According to Hoskinson, all these VCs have control of the media, so they are constantly attempting to bring down the project.

Cardano’ Vasil Hardfork and FUDs

It is a harsh reality that Cardano project faced huge criticism in the crypto industry. Every time, when the Cardano team decided to bring new development works, Cardano faced problems because of FUDs. 

In September 2021, when Alonzo Hardfork was planned to introduce in the Cardano mainnet blockchain to enable smart contract features, at that time few testnet testers claimed that Cardano’s smart contract ecosystem is associated with bugs and has very small potential. 

This month, the Cardano blockchain will go through Vasil Hardfork, which will enable huge numbers of features in the Cardano Blockchain network to bring new efficiency-related development works easily. 

Vasil Hardfork was planned to introduce it in June of this year but market conditions and some technical analysis forced the team to reschedule it to this month. 

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