Crypto YouTuber Ran Neuner faced huge criticism over dishonest reporting on the Cardano project.

Cardano is a popular Crypto blockchain network, which runs on Proof-of-stake (PoS) model. Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano & also he is the CEO of the Input Output Hong Kong IOHK (IOG). IOG always remains engaged to introduce new development works in the Cardano Blockchain, so that Cardano blockchain can be used at its best potential. Just like Bitcoin, the Cardano project was not funded by any Venture capitalists (VCs) and this is the reason few VCs supported biassed media keeps spreading negativity about this project.

Recently a Crypto Twitter user @Cryptomanran, a Crypto YouTuber with more than 560k subscribers, tweeted about the Cardano blockchain on behalf of wrong information provided by VCs. 

Through the tweet, @Cryptomanran claimed that the Cardano team did nothing in terms of development activity, which was wrong information that was spread by a VC. 

Cardano founder Hoskinson accused this guy of “shilling for Solana and Luna” while giving Cardano an unfair representation.

Charles O, another Cardano supporter, jumped into this discussion and said that Not surprised @cryptomanran has no integrity. Shills a VC report that lies about Cardano dev activity.

He also noted that Cardano has been continuously performing top on GitHub in terms of development activities among all the Crypto projects in this sector. And also said that the VC report wanted to sell their book to the public and said that VC was lucky that it was not based in the United States, otherwise Cardano team might file a financial crime case. 

A few Crypto Twitter users shared an old thread from such people, who were spreading huge news via tweets to promote & pump Sol coin to make money, and also at the same time they were spreading FUD about Cardano. 

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