Dab pens are getting popularity among the stoner community — that being said, you might in any case be asking yourself, what is a dab pen, and for what reason would it be a good idea for me to care? How might I use one to maximize my high?

In this article on the dab vape pen, you’ll learn everything there is to be familiar with this helpful device, including where to purchase a dab pen worth your time and money.

You’ll likewise track down the answers to the normal questions, including “what is a dab pen high like?”, “what is a disposable dab pen?”, “how to get a dab pen?”, “how much is a dab pen” and more.

Before hopping straight into the guide about the dab pen and featuring the dab pen definition, we’re here to remind you that buying quality items matters.

When you purchase a dab pen, make sure that it is working correctly and that you have every one of the pieces you need for proper functioning.

Of course, just reliable dispensaries, for example, Bud99 will offer the best dab pens on the market. Please make sure you take your time to select a reputable online retailer.

Moving right along, here is the comprehensive guide on what’s a dab pen and how to use one.

What is a Dab Pen?

A dab, wax, vape pen… What’s the difference? Let’s begin with the dab pen definition. What is a dab pen?

To put it plainly, a dab vape, or a “wax pen,” is a device created for vaping wax concentrate of substances like weed. The most famous term for these unique wax concentrates is “dab”.

Now that you’re aware of the dab pen definition, the question remains, for what reason is the dab vape so well known? Until this day, a dab vape is one of the best ways of enjoying weed.

These days, you can find a variety of devices of different shapes and sizes referred to as “pens”.

Hopefully, this definition cleared your disarray on what’s a dab pen. Up right up to the present day, you can find various types of dab pens and wax pens, however essentially, every one of them operate the same.

A decent dab pen has a hard outer packaging, ordinarily in metal. This packaging ought to show the different controls and, in some cases, a readout screen and LED operating light. The device ought to likewise feature a removable reservoir and a removable mouthpiece.

The reservoir is a vital element of the dab vape pen, as this is where you’ll place your weed.

You can find some excellent vapes for these devices, yet provided that you purchase from a reputable retailer. Assuming that you’re searching for premium vapes, we recommend the Portable Cozzy Dab Pen with Glass Bubbler and Quartz Tip and the Diamond Concentrates – Blackberry Kush.

You have the answer to what is a dab pen. Yet, how could it get its name? In essence, the term “dab pen” is derived from the well known dab rig. This is a water pipe created for concentrate use, and it is well known for giving a potent high.

Later in this article, we’ll elaborate on “how is a dab pen high?”. Remain tuned.

What is a Disposable Dab Pen?

This carries us to the question, “what is a disposable dab pen?”. To put it plainly, these dab pens are compatible and pre-charged with distillates, extracts, oils, e-liquids, and more. You can get them empty and top them off with whatever you extravagant.

Nevertheless, you can get disposable dab pens that are already pre-filled. However, disposable dab pens are unique because you can recycle or dispose of them with other electronics after utilizing the principal fill.

Overall, these devices aren’t intended for repeated fills. On the positive side, disposable pens are more practical for consumers and producers.

Who could like disposable pens? Assuming you are searching for:

  • Something in a hurry
  • A convenient choice that doesn’t require a cartridge, charge, or a full unit
  • A practical alternative to expensive units

The GASLEAK Disposable THC Vape Pens are an excellent choice for stoner enthusiasts searching for a commonsense alternative.

What is a Concentrate Dab Pen?

A concentrate dab pen is exactly what it seems like — a dab pen created for concentrate use. A concentrate dab pen is compatible with all concentrates, including wax, budder, rosin, crumble and shatter.

How to Use a Dab Pen?

Knowing the answer to “what is a dab pen?” isn’t enough. You’ll need to educate yourself on the steps on the best way to use one. Fortunately, the steps are simple.

Begin by turning on your device. There will be a power button on the concentrate dab pen. You will likely have to press the power button five times to see a flickering light. After the device is on, you’ll need to pack and load the chamber.

The initial step is to take off the attached mouthpiece. Involving a unique instrument for your concentrate dab pen, scoop a minuscule wax piece. In the event that you don’t have a special device, you can take a stab at utilizing a paperclip.

Place the wax onto the curl gently. Remember, dab coils aren’t multi-use, so you should replace them in the future.

As a reminder, when you purchase a dab pen, search for trusted and reputable retailers. In the event that you purchase from a dodgy website, you won’t understand what you’re getting.

At long last, you can move on to vaping the wax. Once you click on the power button, the wax will melt. Ensure the mouthpiece is attached.

Additionally, focus on prime the wick. When you dab the wax on, click the button for around two seconds and permit it to melt on the loop.

You finally made it. Now you know the answer to “what is a wax pen?” and how to use one. Here are some tips on vaping:

  • Keep the pen upright.
  • Always keep the wax fresh.
  • Be gentle with the coil, as it can break.
  • Keep inhaling slow and short. Utilize the diaphragm.
  • Refrain from using high heat, as this can affect vapor quality.
  • Make sure your pen is always clean.



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Dabbing is another way to consume cannabis. Unlike the traditional bong which uses cannabis flowers, dabbing uses concentrates. Dabbing is gaining popularity because it gets you higher than bong hits or smoking a joint.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is when you place a small amount of the concentrate on a very hot pre-heated surface, usually referred to as a nail. Once the nail is heated and the concentrate has been dropped, then you inhale a cannabinoid-potent vapor through the mouthpiece of the rig. A dab rig is a glass pipe chamber, similar to a bong. The main difference is a dab rig primarily uses a banger or nail, rather than a bowl. There are many sizes, shapes, designs, for dab rigs. Many medicinal users will dab because the physical impact is immediate, leading to fast relief. The high is also said to last longer.

Difference in dabbing and smoking cannabis bud
For new users or even novice bud smokers, dabs may be too overwhelming. The high-THC content can make you really high if you have a low tolerance. Dabs may be ideal for users looking for strong, immediate, and long-lasting and stronger relief.

Flowers, on the other hand, provides consumers with an equally fast onset of effects. Cannabis flowers may not have as high a THC concentration as dabs, but it can be just enough to give users a mild buzz.

How to clean your rig
Once you’re done enjoying your dab rig, it’s important to clean it. Cleaning your rig ensures you will always get the best flavor out of your concentrates and that your rig will function properly every time you use it.

Basic Method

Most of the time, if there’s not a lot of buildup, a basic cleaning is all you need. You can use a stove or kettle and water. Heat up a couple cups of water till it’s warm but not so hot it would hurt your hands.

  • Soak your rig in the water.
  • Rub away the gunk with a q tip or pipe cleaner,
  • Rinse and repeat.

Alcohol and Salt

If the basic method isn’t getting the gunk off, you can try alcohol and salt. For this method, all you need is a container with a tight lid, enough isopropyl alcohol to cover your piece, and a few tablespoons of salt to add some scrubbing power. Now, put the lid back on the container, tight, and shake. A plastic container is a better idea than glass so you can shake it vigorously without breaking the container. When it’s nice and clean, rinse it thoroughly in clean water and let it fully dry before using it. Make sure you get ALL of the alcohol and salt off of your rig before using it or you will irritate your lungs.

Now that you know what dabbing and the different between dabbing and smoking a joint, as well as how to clean it, it’s time to get your cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of strains and types. Find one that you like at EliteBudsBC online dispensary.


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“What’s the cheapest, highest THC weed you got”

Do you drink moonshine when you drink? 

One of the most common questions asked of budtenders is “what’s your highest THC”. An absolutely asinine display of ignorance about this amazing flower. 

When you go to the liquor store, are you drawn to the moonshine? 

Would you ever walk into a liquor store and ask “what’s the strongest hooch you got?” 

Of course not. You would look like some sort of degenerate alcoholic.  

The Canadian wine industry is an est 2.2 billion per year.  I promise you, it isn’t the strongest wine that is the most sought after.  There are courses that take years of training and practice to appreciate all the subtle splendours of a rare bottle.  Alcohol content is rarely if ever talked about.  

The Canadian beer Industry is an unbelievable 6.03 billion per year. The  beers most widely available are  only around 5% ABV.   That’s a lot of people that are choosing taste, over the quick ick of Bacardi151.  

The massive explosion of microbreweries is another example of the enjoyment of an alcoholic beverage for the taste, and not simply its alcohol content.   Microbreweries/Pubs with rotating selections curated for aromas, flavours, and so much more than just alcohol content. Even with heavier stouts, porters, and pale ales we aren’t talking about an incredible jump in ABV, and that also isn’t the sole reason for that choice of brew. 

We can even discuss a much stronger spirit, like whiskey.  The best, most sought after ryes, bourbons, and scotches aren’t the strongest.  The best scotches are all so favoured for being meticulously cared for over a lifetime.  The years aging give the concoction new scents, and new flavours over time.  It is anything but a quick, cheap high. Yet Canadian whiskey alone, domestically, is an estimated 1.766 billion dollar industry.  

Why is it then that the cannabis industry finds itself so one dimensional? 

Personally, I believe this is a culmination of so many things. I do believe that these two things, that could actually work very synergistically together would go a long way to putting high THC cannabis in the rear view mirror;

Cannabis Education

Most of the cannabis industry is so new to this recreational drug, that their education and palate have not matured.    We can all remember a time chugging alcohol as a young partier.  As we aged, we learned more about our choices, and now each have a personal palate.  

Consumption Lounges, and Cannabis Events:

Almost all of my knowledge of wine and spirits came from wine shows, or a scotch tasting.  Over the last decade or so I have seen how wine shows have gone from a very small event, to multiple sold out evenings in an event Center, in a row.    

As humans, we thirst for knowledge.  Especially knowledge of something we enjoy.  Consumption lounges, and open cannabis events would go a long way to furthering the knowledge of the general consumer, as well as bettering the industry as a whole.  

Another really easy thing we can do as a consumer to educate ourselves, is simply choose where we shop.   Smaller, locally owned shops almost always have a much more knowledgeable staff, and they are always much more willing to help and educate you.   So head into that small little shop that you have never seen before, and see what you can learn.  

When the average consumer is exposed to these kinds of events, and exposed to this kind of knowledge, it is only natural that their consumption habits will change, for the better. 


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Cannabis consumption has never been easier—so easy we’re now in a time where we can stealthily smoke on the go without anyone even knowing. Using dab pens and wax pens are extremely popular ways to discreetly vape in any scenario.

The hardest part about it all is understanding all the new technologies. You can buy the best dab pens online, but navigating your way through all the terminology and the variety of products available can be difficult.

What is a Dab Pen?

Dabs are small concentrates of THC, which produce more potent effects than traditional cannabis smoking methods. A dab pen works as a vaporizer to vape cannabis from those concentrates.

A dab pen looks just like a writing pen crossed with an e-cigarette. It includes a chamber to hold the concentrate, a battery, and a mouthpiece to inhale the vapour. It also comes along with a micro USB charger to charge the battery.

The process can involve placing the dab on the coils, allowing heat to melt it down on a wick, which later absorbs the product. The wick then heats the concentrate to create a vapour, which we inhale for good times.

What is a Wax Pen?

A wax vaporizer pen or vape pen is a small, easy-to-use, handheld smoking device used for vaporizing wax concentrates. Wax pens consist of only a few main components: a chamber for heating/melting wax, a battery, and a mouthpiece for the vapour to be inhaled through.

A wax pen melts waxier concentrates of cannabis via a wax coil.

Sound Similar?

Well, that’s because they pretty much are. Most of the differences between a dab pen and a wax pen are based on terminologies and largely down to personal preference.

Some may make a distinction based on how close the comparison is to the experience of a dab rig. This may be an unfair comparison between pen and rig, but it can often be more so in reference to a dab pen being a larger, more potent wax pen.

Regardless, they both handle similar products, being wax concentrates.

Best Dab Pens Online

It’s extremely easy to buy vape pens online in California. There’s a wide variety of dab pens and wax pens online.  Make sure to do plenty of research into what is or would be your personal preference. Don’t be afraid to spend that little extra on a better pen, also. It will last longer and overall get you a better high.

What Should I Buy? A Dab Pen or a Wax Pen?

A dab pen and wax pen are virtually the same thing! When you dab, you’re smoking waxes and shatters, and therefore an electronic pen that allows you to dab waxes and shatters is often called a wax pen.

Purchase something that suits you, whatever that personal preference may be. It’s good to experiment as well, often giving you a different high and a completely different angle on your day.


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Budtenders are the heart of the cannabis industry, they influence purchases and help to establish brand loyalty to both the retailer and LP brands. Tether, Canada’s budtender community, surveyed 300 budtenders from across Canada. Here’s what budtenders had to say about their jobs, and what they want from the industry.

Make Their Job Easier

Budtenders want to help develop a better future for the industry, and they want their expertise heard. As we get further into cannabis legalization budtenders have increased experience and want to be treated as such. Here are some changes budtenders want to see:

●     In-Store Education – Budtenders want to get their information from a reliable, trusted source, 40% of budtenders surveyed want to be educated by their store management team and 92% of budtenders want to connect with brand reps and ask questions face to face.

●     Sampling – Many budtenders pointed out they don’t know if they haven’t tried, 75% of budtenders indicate sampling is their preferred way to learn about new products and a big chunk of their paycheck goes to trying product. Make it easier for them and set up sampling programs and opportunities.

●    Community Not Competition – Hostility with other stores creates a tense work environment and can lead to challenging situations. 86% of budtenders want to connect with other budtenders locally and learn from each other versus being competitive with one another.

Budtenders have the desire to become more involved in the industry, they have a passion for cannabis knowledge and a genuine fire lit under them to advance their careers in cannabis.

Industry Inclusion

Budtenders want to be connected in the industry and more than 50% are looking to pursue higher-level positions within the cannabis space.

●     Regulations, Packaging and Sustainability – It’s no surprise budtenders are looking for change when it comes to cannabis regulations, particularly around packaging. Tight regulations make a budtender’s job difficult with just under 80% saying there needs to be improvement and 86% citing packaging regulations specifically.

●     Management Training – Offer management training programs and work with your budtenders to prepare them for store management; 23% of budtenders want to move into cannabis retail management positions.

●     Be The Best Employer – Wages are a pain point for many budtenders. Only 55% of budtenders agreed they felt their pay was fair based on their responsibilities and under half of budtenders get health benefits. With almost half of budtenders surveyed feeling they aren’t properly compensated, retailers are at risk of losing talent. Consider what your competition offers and beat it to ensure your budtenders grow with you.

●     Events, Events, Events – 86% of budtenders want to be more connected with budtenders in their area and feel more connected to the greater cannabis community. With events primarily happening in big cities many budtenders have to travel hours if they want to participate. Hosting budtender events in smaller markets is a great way to connect with a passionate, engaged audience. Want to plan a budtender event? Connect with Tether!

●     Keep Things Cannabis-Focused – Cannabis experiences are what most budtenders are interested in doing together; cultivation tours, sommelier sessions and education sessions rank highest and the overwhelming majority of budtenders think it’s important or very important to be able to consume at events. Less than half of budtenders consume alcohol frequently or socially so it shouldn’t be a priority when developing budtender experiences.

Tether, created by Marigold PR, is celebrating the contribution of budtenders during the second annual Budtender Appreciation Week, March 20-26, 2023. Over 86% of budtenders said they are looking for community, B-Week aims to engage budtenders across the country. Learn more about the budtender survey and B-Week at


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The way in which we consume cannabis concentrates is very much a personal thing. Some want convenience; others want portability, while others seek enhanced flavour. If you want a solution that encapsulates all three, then dab pens may be the ideal solution for you.

Dab pens fall somewhere in between large and cumbersome dabbing rigs and vape pens. They’ll provide you with a convenient solution to consume a wide range of forms of cannabis, including many forms of concentrate and cannabis flower.

Easy to use and with control over the temperature in one simple and transportable device, dab pens offer numerous benefits to those who wish to enjoy a wide range of cannabis concentrates with minimal fuss. If you’d like to buy cannabis concentrates online, then here’s what you need to know about one of the most convenient ways to consume them safely.

What is a Dab Pen?

Dab pens are also known as wax pens. They are similar in size and style to a vaporizer and are most commonly used to consume cannabis concentrates. Where consumers traditionally had to obtain a blowtorch and a dabbing rig to consume concentrates, dab pens offer consumers a much more convenient and hassle-free way to dab.

Dab pens are discreet and straightforward to use and often come complete with a micro-USB recharge option or EGO rapid chargers for ultimate convenience.

Dab Pens Vs Dab Rigs and Vaporizers

Dab pens stem from the world of dabbing, a process whereby consumers vaporize cannabis concentrates with complex dabbing rigs engineered to preserve taste and potency. Although it may be more labour intensive, dabbing offers consumers several advantages over vaping or smoking flower. It tends to provide consumers with more control over the experience by allowing them to choose from a wide variety of concentrates with differing textures and make-ups.

On more sophisticated dabbing rigs, you can set the exact temperature and tailor the experience to preserve certain compounds for enhanced therapeutic benefit. But while dabbing rigs offer several advantages, they’re not a portable option.

It’s for this reason that many consumers prefer to vape cannabis concentrates. Vaporizers are portable, give off little odour, and are among the most discrete consumption methods around. And while they are no doubt convenient, this convenience often comes at the price of a low-quality product.

Vaping cartridges often come with thinning agents added to the cannabis oil to make it viscous enough. In addition, the cannabis oils in cartridges are often very generic in nature and don’t offer the variety associated with different forms of dabbable concentrates.

The Advantages of a Dab Pen

Dab pens strike the optimal balance between both worlds. They are a portable solution that also address the shortcomings of vape cartridges. This makes them ideal for those who wish to maintain discretion and portability while also having complete control over the experience.

Dab pens come in different types. Basic versions consist of an attachment atop a standard vape battery with a replaceable ceramic bowl and a coil that generates heat when activated. Others offer a mechanism whereby you can change the vaping temperature by varying the battery voltage for a more tailored experience.

More advanced models of dab pens are somewhat bulkier and expensive but offer a host of features that add to the experience. Rather than using coils, they tend to use a ceramic oven for more even and consistent heating. With more precise control over the temperature, it ensures that dab pens avoid damaging delicate compounds like terpenes with excessive heat. Not only does this lead to a more therapeutic hit, but it also improves the overall taste.

The wide range of configurable temperatures ensure that dab pens are more suitable for a wide range of cannabis concentrates that extend beyond simple oils to include concentrates like rosin, shatter, wax, and live resin.

How To Use a Dab Pen

Dab pens are simple and intuitive to use, but people often run into difficulty when trying to get the concentrate they wish to dab into the pen. Many cannabis concentrates are sticky and require a little manipulation to get them from the packaging into the device.

Some consumers prefer to briefly cool the concentrate in the fridge to make it more manageable. Either way, once the concentrate is in the dab pen oven, it’s simply a question of dialling in your preferred settings and activating it.

Are Dab Pens Safer?

With several questions around the safety of cannabis oils that contain additives, dab pens offer many consumers with increased peace of mind. With dab pens, you can buy the highest-quality cannabis concentrates available and avoid many of the potentially harmful additives in vape cartridges.

With the science still unresolved around how harmful the presence of compounds like Vitamin E acetate in vape cartridges are, dab pens offer consumers a method of consumption that avoids such compounds altogether.

In addition, dab pens also offer consumers the ability to vaporize cannabis flowers. It’s this extra versatility, coupled with an already discreet and easy-to-use design that attracts many consumers.

They may be more expensive than competing options, but a dab pen is an excellent investment if you are looking for a convenient and portable option that provides a configurable experience compatible with various forms of cannabis.

Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online

Dab pens allow you to change your consumption habits and mix things up a little. By consuming different forms of cannabis concentrates, we allow ourselves to experience not only new flavours but also a wide array of beneficial plant compounds within the cannabis plant.

Many of the terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids are destroyed through heat, but dab pens with configurable heat settings can help preserve many of these beneficial plant compounds and provide a more therapeutic experience.

If you’d like to buy cannabis concentrates online and mix things up to expand your cannabis experience, then at Top Shelf BC, we stock a wide range of cannabis concentrates to get you started. Between budder, live resin, and shatter, we have several options that preserve much of the original plant spectrum in concentrate form, meaning that with a dab pen, you can enjoy the enhanced therapeutic benefits and complex flavours from this miracle plant even more!


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Cannabis is a plant that may be used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. Before purchasing or consuming cannabis, everyone should confirm if it is legal in their state. There are a lot of perks and drawbacks of cannabis extracts. If you want to consume it, you need to have detailed knowledge about the side effects that come with it. Keep reading this article to find out everything you should know about cannabis extract.

What exactly is it?

A wide range of goods that often contain more cannabinoids than those in the cannabis plant are called “cannabis extracts.” When ingested, cannabinoids—chemical elements included in cannabis—can impact your body and psyche.

Kinds of cannabis extract

Cannabis extracts are available in liquid or solid form (hash or hashish) or in oil intended for vaping. Some extracts, such as shatter, wax, honeycomb, and budder, are named by appearance or consistency. Cannabis extracts can be added to dried cannabis flowers and are commonly smoked or vaporized.

7 Things you need to know about it

1. Use a legitimate source

Some cannabis extracts, including wax and shatter, are created in sophisticated laboratories with chemical solvents. It is safe to do this since cannabis extracts produced by license holders are tightly controlled and tested for quality, including pesticides and solvents.

2. Ensure to read the label thoroughly

An unpleasant experience might result from using a cannabis extract. Read the label carefully, paying close attention to the amounts of THC and CBD in the product. It is a good idea for folks unfamiliar with extracts to study the wide cannabis extract varieties to see which kind would work best for them.

3. Do not dab if new to cannabis

It is not advised for those new to cannabis to dab since it is a complex and dangerous way to vape highly potent cannabis extracts. A lack of knowledge may rapidly result in a bad experience.

4. High-potency cannabis extracts can have immediate, strong effects

THC concentrations in cannabis extracts can reach up to 99%. In other words, potent cannabis extracts have the potential to produce severe intoxication very fast.

5. High-THC cannabis extracts can enhance tolerance and cause dependency

High-strength cannabis extracts should not be used every day or almost daily because they will cause dependency symptoms, including recurrent cravings and withdrawal. Utilizing them less regularly can reduce your chance of acquiring these problems.

6. Make sure to properly store cannabis products

Remember that cannabis extracts are heat-sensitive and might degrade when storing them. Make sure that items are stored out of sight and reach of children, with adequate labeling, and in child-resistant containers that are sealed after use.

7. Mental health may be impacted if used frequently

Cannabis usage regularly or close to it increases the chance of becoming dependent and can cause or exacerbate anxiety or depressive disorders. Limiting cannabis consumption can also lower these hazards.


All of the information included in this article is intended to make you consider the dangers of cannabis use and to aid in your decision-making. However, the most reliable Canadian online marijuana store, Top Shelf BC, sells high-quality cannabis extracts. Considering people’s health, they have offered a variety of options, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, shatter, hash, and even accessories like vape pens. All of these products are completely safe to consume, given you are not being reckless.


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Dabbing was an act once reserved for the serious stoners in society. But in recent years, as more and more quality concentrates appear on the market, it’s popularity has increased dramatically. If you’d like to buy cannabis concentrates online and want to know how to dab like a pro, then here are seven tips for obtaining consistent flavourful and potent hits with your dab rig.

1) Keep Your Dab Clean
Regularly cleaning your rig ensures that you’ll get a smooth and flavourful dab each and every time. The more you use your rig, the more residue will stick to the exposed surfaces, especially in the banger. Over time, this will negatively affect the taste and make it harder to clean when you eventually get around to it.

Try using a cotton swab after each use to soak up any residue after each use. Another simple tip to help maintain a clean banger is to avoid dabbing when the nail is too hot.

Dabbing at lower temperatures will help keep the concentrate below the temperature where it approaches combustion and helps prevent the subsequent deposit of char and ash in the banger.

2) Hone the Temperature and Preserve the Terps
Dabbing at the correct temperature is key to getting the most from your dab. If it’s too high, you’ll destroy many of the delicate terpenes and create a harsh and flavourless vapour that may contain some toxic compounds.

If it’s too low, then you won’t reach the temperature necessary to vaporize some of the beneficial plant compounds that only vaporize at higher temperatures. Here are the different temperature ranges of interest.

  • Low-temperature Dabbing
    157°C to 230°C constitutes low-temperature dabbing. At these temperatures, you’ll obtain optimal flavour as it preserves the delicate terpene content. It also allows for smoother, longer hits, but the downside is that you’ll experience a milder effect from the dab.
  • Mid-temperature Dabbing
    230°C to 315°C is the mid zone, and most experienced dabbers consume their concentrates in the upper reaches of this zone. It provides the optimal balance between flavour and a solid high.
  • High-temperature Dabbing
    315°C to 480°C constitutes the extreme end. A concentrate heated above 480°C will likely combust, and this is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Dabbing at such high temperatures may provide strong effects, but it may also be harsh on the throat and expose you to some toxic compounds.

3) Use a Carb Cap
A carb cap is like a carburettor for a dab rig. When you place a cap over the banger or nail, it helps form a thick and flavorful vapour. Using a carb cap correctly will also help you to dab at lower temperatures more effectively.

While there are several types of carb caps available, they all serve the same purpose of trapping heat, restricting the airflow, and lowering the pressure to create a reduced boiling point for an improved dabbing experience.

4) Heat The Banger Evenly
Heating the banger evenly helps avoid cold spots (where the concentrate won’t vaporize) and hot spots (where it may burn). To avoid such issues, it’s best to start heating your banger beginning at the bottom and working your way up the sides. Oil can sometimes splash onto the walls, so even heating here will ensure minimal wastage.

5) Timing is Key
Some expensive dabbing rigs have a built-in temperature gauge, but most of us have to rely upon manual heating and trying to guess the optimal moment to drop the concentrate in.

To help ensure uniform temperatures for a more consistent dabbing experience, you can try timing how long it takes you to heat and cool to just the right temperature.

Using a timer while heating can help you achieve more consistency in your dabbing experience, along with the reassurance that you’ll obtain a consistent experience over time. The same applies to cooling.

Quartz bangers tend to hold their heat well and release it slowly over time. Once you know how long it takes to cool to just the right temperature, you can nail it each and every time for the optimal experience.

The temperature properties of nails tend to vary widely based on their thickness and quality. Very often, the only way to dial it in is to experiment with heating and cooling times as they relate to your own setup.

6) Use Gloves
Many forms of cannabis concentrates have a gooey and viscous consistency. When we touch them with our bare hands, we can easily transfer bacteria from our skin and contaminate or dilute the product. If you’re going to touch your concentrates, then consider using gloves to help prevent any degradation of your product.

To ensure minimal wastage, it’s best to avoid touching concentrates all together with your hands. By using a specialized dabbing tool to manipulate and dose your concentrate, you can easily avoid the problems mentioned above.

7) Preserve the Potency With Proper Storage
Even the best dabbing technique won’t save you if your concentrates lose their potency. Cannabis concentrates are relatively stable, but just like any other form of plant matter, they will degrade with time, especially when exposed to heat, light, or oxygen.

The terpene content of concentrates is particularly vulnerable to degradation, and this can occur even at room temperature. To preserve their potency optimally, it’s advisable to store your concentrates in the fridge.

If you buy or produce your concentrates in bulk and want to store them long-term, then your best strategy is to place them in an airtight container in the freezer.

Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online
Dabbing is clean, efficient, and simple to perform. It meets the needs of experienced recreational consumers as well as medicinal patients who require higher than average doses to treat complex conditions. The benefits may be clear, but without proper technique and care, it’s all too easy to waste expensive concentrates through carelessness.

If you’d like to buy cannabis concentrates online and practice some of the above tips next time out, then at Top BC Cannabis, we’re here to meet all your concentrate needs. We’ve got an extensive range of quality concentrates that include shatter, rosin, live resin, and hashish, among others, and what’s more, they’re only a mouse click away!


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Hi I am Dee. Extract Magazine’s product reviewer. You can follow me on Instagram at @dee.blazes.yyc.

Another year is wrapping up and DAMN, did we smoke a lot of weed in 2022. Maybe even a metric shit ton, who knows. Shout out to the HVAC crew that put in our ventalation because those pipes have been getting some serious use back at the office.

One of the quickest growing product lines across Canada is pre rolled joints, but more specifically the infused variety. According to MJBizDaily: “Monthly sales of infused pre-rolls grew more than 1,000% between September 2021 and September 2022 to roughly 16.6 million Canadian dollars ($12.1 million), according to Headset data tracking sales in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan.”

The varieties we’ve been loving? THCA diamond indused joints, shatter infused pre rolls, varieties of distillate and kief covered pre rolls and of course hash infused joints.

So let’s take a walk through 2022 and check out Extract Magazines Top 5 Infused Joints of the year.

1 – The Loud Plug – Benny Blunto Infused
2 – Bare Essentials – Funky Banana Rosin Infused
3 – Good Supply – Hash Bats
4 – Dab Bod – Grape Ape Infused
5 – General Admission – Honey Dew Boba

General Admission – Honey Dew Boba – #5

General Admission – Honey Dew Boba

Made for the masses, General Admission vapes are all about flavour. We create quality THC distillate infused with botanical terpenes that complement the natural aromas of our strain selection. Bright, crisp and juicy; take a dive into our refreshing Honeydew Boba. Creamy and sweet notes of fruit and tapioca with a hint of spice, Honeydew gives you a slice of melon with a potent little punch upon finish.

Dab Bod – Grape Ape Infused – #4

Dab Bod – Grape Ape Infused

DAB Bods resin infused joints are custom designed for people who truly love cannabis and only want the most out of their experience. Starting with Ontario’s locally grown craft bud and delicately infusing it with our top selling resin to provide a smooth smoke with the flavour kick of a concentrate. The resin infused pre-rolls maintain all of the terpenes from the live plant and combines them with cured hand-crafted flower in a convenient 0.5g format for individual consumption. These pre-rolls feature the popular strain “Grape Ape” – an indica dominant hybrid strain that has been known for its strong genetics Afghani and Medocino Purps. Robust flavours of ripe grapes and sweet berry citrus flavour profiles explode out of these three-pack pre-rolls. Providing you a perfect combination of concentrate and pre-roll, Dab Bods infused pre-rolls are a must have.

Good Supply – Hash Bats – #3

Good Supply – Hash Bats

Good Supply Hash Bats™ are for the heavy hitters, a high potency option for those looking for a higher THC range coming in at 26%, a 5% higher THC content than the average non-infused pre-roll. Hash Bats™ are available in select markets across Canada in 0.5g size pre-rolls, the perfect size for that smooth hit.

Bare Essentials Funky Banana Rosin Infused – #2

Bare Essentials – Funky Banana Rosin Infused

Time to get funky with BC Funky Banana. This indica is a cross between Banana OG and Black Ultra Kush. It’s rocking a dense banana flavour with a funky and spicy undertone. The bud is dense green with a purple hue and littered with orange pistils. Grown in organic soil, hang dried for 14 days, cold cured and non-irradiated. This is single strain, whole bud, milled to perfection and rolled with organic hemp papers and finished by hand.

The Loud Plug – Benny Blunto Infused – #1

The Loud Plug – Benny Blunto Infused

In the spirit of Benny Blunto we take high quality Kush and carefully blend it with our proprietary bubble hash to make a smooth and rich infused blunt.


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Nearing the end of 2022 we came across a cannabis inspired artist from Eastern Canada that’s putting all that cannabis waste (that we’re used to throwing in the bin) – to good use. A hot topic in legal cannabis has always been focused around packaging inefficiencies, and the artist Spencer Charlton is converting cannabis cases and boxes into beautiful animals with a story and a cause.

Spencer has a history of employment within the legal cannabis ecosystem. Highly educated with herbal wisdom, he uses cannabis to inspire his creative designs as well as in the production phase of turning these dreams into realilty.

We sat down with Spencer to chat and learn about the motivation behind this cool project.

We came across your artwork shared on Linkedin.  Our goal is to share the cool projects in the cannabis space, the people behind them and give a look into the lives of creatives inspired by cannabis.  What’s your background as an artist and what’s your background in cannabis?

Yes, BIG shout out to Hanna aka lilmisshannabis for that initial LinkedIn share. It’s surreal to get this kind of attention on something that started out as a hobby. As far as my artistic background, it consisted of a lot of exploration of materials and styles. When I was a kid, my introduction to building and creating came about through playing with oven bake polymer clays and toys that required assembly like Lego kits and Gundam models. Through high school, I developed my fundamental fine art skills in drawing and painting through the school curriculum. The most formative years of my artistic journey came in 2010 when I enrolled in the Sculpture and Installation program at OCADU in Toronto. I spent most of my time in the school’s fabrication studios learning how to create with different materials like metal, wood, plaster, rubber, and ceramics. After OCADU I started a few practices out of a workshop I built in the garage. I made and sold woodcut signs, tables and chairs, and guitars. I had to get rid of all of my tools in 2020 when I moved into a condo. Because of my new space and noise restrictions, I returned to drawing and painting, and now papercraft.

My cannabis background began on New Year’s Eve of 2006, the first time I smoked a joint. I don’t remember how it affected me but I do remember it was a positive experience because I was surrounded by friends. I became a daily consumer in 2010, when I was in university. Grey market storefronts were opening up in the city making bud readily available to me. Weed became a very important part of my creative process. My prefered method of consumption has always been smoking a joint but I do enjoy taking bong rips from time to time. I am relatively new to concentrates and have only consumed them through the legal market. 

We read that you’re a Budtender in another interview – How has the budtender life inspired the modern art you’re designing today?

As a Budtender I was in front of the variety of branding styles that exist for cannabis products. I found interest in the uniformity of the products due to the government’s label requirements. I also saw first hand the amount of packaging that would leave the store every day and the litter outside of the shop that I would have to clean each night.

We had a recycling program at the first shop I worked at but the program became obsolete. I collected the packaging with the intention of using it to create art but was unsure about what I wanted to make. It was a couple of years until I came up with the papercraft animals idea during a brainstorming smoke sesh.

It was the Trash Panda that originally caught our eye on so many levels. A topic of discussion in legal cannabis is the excessive packaging and the waste and for an art project that recycles the waste, a Racoon couldn’t be any more symbolic. What was the inspiration behind this piece?

The racoon is the unofficial mascot of my home town of Toronto. I thought it was only right that it would be the first project. During the construction process I realized the importance of the racoon imagery and its relation to trash and waste. The final product ended up being effective in conveying the message that I wanted to express.

How many of these packages were empty because you puff the herb, and how did you get the rest?

I’d say 70% of the packaging used in the Trash Panda project came from products that I consumed. I was saving my packaging as relics of the early years of legalization and for the purpose of tracking what I’ve smoked. The rest of the packaging was sourced through my friends and from digging through recycling bins at dispensaries. 

How much weed do you smoke / art piece on average, and if we took your weed away tomorrow, how would this impact your ability to imagine and create these beautiful pieces?

That’s a good question, never really kept track. For a piece the size and complexity of Trash Panda, I probably smoked at least a half-ounce by way of joints and bowls. The weed helps me zone out and focus when preforming the repetitive steps in the process. I don’t even want to joke about taking my weed away!

But if it happened, not much would change except I’d probably get burnt out faster and pieces would take much longer to complete. When it comes to my art practice, weed has always been a performance enhancing drug.

How many animals are in the pack now, and what’s the name of this collection?

There are 8 animals and counting. The collection is currently untitled but I could use some help coming up with a name.

What is next and how many cute little creatures can we expect to see in the future? 

I’ve got some reptiles an aquatic animals in progress. I want to do a couple of large scale projects in this style once I secure enough labels and funding. I’ll make these creatures as long as I can source the materials. It’s shaping up to be a never ending project. 

Extract wants to adopt the Trash Panda tomorrow. What do we owe you and where do we sign?

The original Trash Panda can be yours for $1200. There could be smaller scale reproductions in the future if there is interest. 

The FLOW STATE. This is when you’ve smoked the perfect amount of weed to maximize creativity and productivity – and it’s rare, but it happens. Do you have a happy spot of being “stoned” that helps boost your creativity to it’s maximum potential?

Definitely! This concept is integral to my fabrication process. I enter my flow state when I’m at around a 7/10. I know I’m at the perfect level when I’m coasting through each step of the process and quickly solving problems as they arise. Then there’s the opposite side of things. When I’m making consecutive errors and getting frustrated, I know it’s time to spark a J and regroup.

Is this defined by any types of weed indica vs sativa, or families of strains, or how do you gauge what’s going to be good for your vibe?

I am lucky that I vibe well with all types of good quality weed. If it’s potent, burns well and tastes good then it’s for me. I’m pretty open minded and always down to try a new cultivar.

Is this defined by any types of weed indica vs sativa, or families of strains, or how do you gauge what’s going to be good for your vibe?

I am lucky that I vibe well with all types of good quality weed. If it’s potent, burns well and tastes good then it’s for me. I’m pretty open minded and always down to try a new cultivar.

Does the weed help you in the inspiration and ideas, the process of putting together the art or the whole damn process from start to finish?

Weed plays a role in the entire process! I like to go on long walks through my neighborhood with headphones on and a tube of joints when I’m brainstorming for ideas. I prefer weed that provides more energetic and cerebral effects for this step. During the actual fabrication process I smoke to clear my head and relax to get into that flow state we talked about. 

Is this the first art project you’ve brought to the Canadian cannabis space and what’s coming next from your inner artist?

Yes it is! I’m going to continue creating art in the Canadian cannabis space because the community has been overwhelmingly supportive from jump. Also, working in this industry has given me a lot of ideas that I am excited to express visually. I still have all of the plastic jars and preroll tubes that I peeled the labels off of. Expect to see them featured in upcoming projects.

Wake and bake or 420 sessions, which is the best?

Wake and bake with a coffee.

Eat it or smoke it?

Smoke it because it hits faster.

Staple strains or try something new?

Something new.

THC or terps?

Terps all day.

Legal or legacy?

Currently legal because I’m familiar with the market and it’s more readily available to me but legacy built my lungs and tolerance. 

Rosin or resin?


What are your top 3 brands / products in any cannabis market across Canada right now?

My top 3 go to brands would be Simply Bare and Carmel for dried flower and Persy for my concentrates.

What is 1 thing the government has right with legal weed?

I appreciate the restrictions that are in place to prevent brands from providing deceptive or misleading information about products. 

What is 1 thing the government needs to change about legal weed?

There is too much waste created by cannabis packaging and promotional materials from brands. I would like to see limits put in place on the amount of plastic that is produced by each company.

Where can you get in touch:

Get in touch with Spencer at @cratercreater on IG and @crater.crater on TIKTOK.


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