It’s no surprise, but Canadians love weed. From premium flower to high-power concentrates to edibles. These new exciting products are taking over retail shelves and online dispensaries, but what about hash? Hash is an ancient form of cannabis concentrate, and one still in use around the world today.

But even though you’ve heard of hash, do you know what it is? How do they make it? How do you use it? If you have hash questions — we have answers!

What is Hash?

Hash, or hashish, is a drug derived from the resin that forms the sticky outer layer on ripe cannabis plant buds. The resin comes from trichomes produced by the plant – trichomes being the small, sticky crystals typically seen on marijuana buds that produce the cannabinoids and terpenes that determine the aroma, flavour, and effects of the bud.

Depending on the methods of extraction and the final quality of the hash, it is typically more potent than the whole, dried marijuana buds.

How to Make Hash

Traditionally, and most commonly, the resin is extracted by dry-sifting, which is done by shaking the dried buds on a screen to mechanically separate and collect the trichomes. The resin is then mechanically pressed into bricks.

Hand rubbing involves literally using the hands to roll the buds back and forth, and then scraping the resin off the skin. Once collected, hand-rubbed hash is rolled by hand into balls.

Modern extraction includes more involved methods of mechanical separation. Ice bath separation is when the marijuana buds are steeped or plunged into icy water and agitated. The crystals, or trichomes, separate and sink, while the plant matter will float to the top.

There is also the dry ice method, wherein the buds are put in a screen bag with dry ice, which cools the buds quickly. The frozen trichomes snap off and are collected in a vessel underneath. Less commonly used are chemical separation techniques, such as the Butane Hash Oil method, chiefly used to achieve a higher potency resin. Each of these methods may differ in their final appearance from more traditional methods of resin collection. Be sure to ask your source how the hash was made to help you find what is right for you.

How to Choose the Best Hash

As you can see, the term ‘hash’ covers quite a spectrum of production methods and forms of the final product. Regardless of how the hash is made, it’s important to choose clean, undiluted hash for the best experience.

Generally speaking, hash should be anywhere between a light blond-ish brown to a dark brown or black, depending on how it was made and finished. Too much green indicates the presence of plant material, which dilutes the purity of the hash.

A simple test to check the purity of hash is the bubble test. Break off a piece of hash large enough to keep one end away from your fingertips. Apply a clean flame (as in a lighter or something that burns without creating soot), holding the hash just above the flame.

If it is pure, it should begin to bubble immediately and let off a clean white smoke, without any black residue left on the hash. Contaminated hash may have added oils to make it bubble as well. Keeping an eye out for black smoke, an acrid or chemical smell, or soot remaining after the test will help you determine whether or not your hash is pure.

How to Use Hash

As with marijuana itself, hash can come in different varieties and levels of THC or CBD. Once you’ve chosen a type that appeals to you and given it a few tests for quality, you are ready to partake!

There are several common ways to use hash, including taking it orally, smoking it alone, or adding it to other smoking mixtures. First things first: be aware of the potency of your hash! It is typically stronger than marijuana, so if you don’t know for sure, start small and work your way up as needed. Often a little bit goes a long way.

1. Ingesting (ie. Hash Edibles)

Eating a blob of sticky hash sounds pretty gross, right? Fortunately, there are many ways to take hash orally that don’t literally involve chewing on the tar-like stuff. Hash can be melted with butter and mixed into many kinds of foods, or baked up into yummy brownies or cookies.

If you really love the flavour, you could even spread hash butter on toast! Some folks recommend decarboxylating your hash to maximize potency when using it for cooking.

With ingesting hash, the effects typically last longer but take more time to come into effect. This is why being aware of the potency of your edibles is important, as it can take up to four hours for the effects to peak.

2. Inhaling

Smoking hash gives the benefit of taking effect immediately. It can be done in many of the same ways that marijuana can be smoked: in a pipe, bong, chillum, or a vaporizer, to name a few.

In a pipe: To smoke hash in a pipe, a chunk can simply be placed in the bowl, lit, and the smoke inhaled. Some people prefer to break up the hash into small bits for better airflow, through a screen at the bottom of the bowl may be necessary.

In a bong: The smoother smoke of a bong is more appealing to some people, in that the water cools the smoke before inhaling. Like smoking from a pipe, the hash can be broken into small pieces and placed in the bowl of the bong, then smoked as you would with marijuana.

With either method, be sure to clean the bowl often. Burning and inhaling residual carcinogens will affect the flavour of the pure hash you took so much time to choose.

In a vaporizer: Hash can be placed in a regular vaporizer and smoked the same way you would smoke dried bud. Due to the resinous nature of hash, more frequent cleanings will be necessary to clear out the gum and ensure proper functioning of the vaporizer.

3. Mixing

Hash, while enjoyable to smoke on its own, can be mixed and smoked with marijuana and/or tobacco as well. To add hash to a joint or a spliff, simply break the hash into small pieces and mix with the dried material before rolling. Mixing hash and marijuana, while a complimentary combo, provides a more powerful high, so again, be aware of potency and dosage.

Hash can be smoked almost any way that marijuana can be smoked. However, proper devices are recommended for the safest and healthiest smoking experience.

Your Hash Crash Course is Now Complete!

Hash comes in many types, colours, forms, and flavours, and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways. Finding a trusted source for premium quality hash will make your journey diverse and enjoyable.



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Shatter is a cannabis extract with a hard, glass-like texture that boasts high levels of THC. If you want to buy shatter online in the USA, then here’s all you need to know about this potent concentrate.

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is one of the most potent concentrates available on the market. It often boasts THC levels in excess of ninety percent and can be helpful in aiding patients with existing high tolerances. Shatter is produced by extracting the plant compounds from raw cannabis flower with the use of a solvent coupled with heat and pressure.

Shatter has an attractive translucent appearance and is bright amber or dark yellow in colour. It gets its name from its glass-like texture and the fact that it’s often brittle. The texture of shatter can vary based on the cannabinoid profile, and some forms of shatter may have a more viscous texture with high concentrations of THC.

THC and CBD Content In Shatter

Shatter is most well known for its high THC content, but varieties high in CBD are also widely available. CBD shatter serves the medicinal market by providing therapeutic levels of cannabidiol without any of the psychoactive effects associated with THC use. To enhance the medicinal effects, many producers reinfuse terpenes back into the shatter after the fact.

How Shatter Is Made

The process of making shatter involves specialized equipment and flammable solvents. Shatter production should always be left to the experts due to the very real risk of accidents.

Shatter production involves packing raw cannabis flower into a tube and applying a solvent along with heat and pressure. Butane is the most common solvent, but liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) and ethanol are common alternatives.

The solvents serve to strip the raw cannabis of the cannabinoids. It produces a potent solution that must be purified due to the presence of solvent residues often unsafe for human consumption. In a process known as purging, producers remove the solvent to safe levels. If you buy shatter online in the USA, then it’s extremely important that you only purchase shatter from reputable sources due to the risk that excess solvent residues pose.

Purging a solvent from shatter involves the use of a vacuum oven. By heating the solution in a closed environment and lowering atmospheric pressure, the solvent gradually releases in gas form. Once the solution cools, what remains is a thin sheet that’ll turn an attractive yellow-gold colour rich in a concentrated form of cannabinoids.

How To Consume Shatter

The most common way to consume shatter is by dabbing it. Dabbing involves preheating a “nail” with a butane or propane torch before dropping a small amount of shatter onto it where it instantly vaporizes. Consumers then place a cap over the nail to capture the vapour before inhaling.

Dabbing temperatures commonly range between 120 – 160 degrees Celcius. If you dab at too high a temperature, then you risk destroying some of the beneficial compounds like terpenes. More expensive dabbing rigs often come with a built-in temperature gauge that can offer precision control of temperature that leads to a more tailored consumer experience.

Smoking Shatter

One way to enhance the potency of your flower is to add some shatter to the mix. One option is to roll your shatter into a fine line and place it on top of the flower before rolling a joint. Another method is to roll what’s known as a twax joint. This involves rolling a thin line of shatter around the outside of the joint.

In what is a more simple option, some prefer to add it to a bowl by placing a small piece on top of the flower. Start with small amounts though; shatter is exceptionally potent, and if you’re not quite used to high doses of THC, it may come on surprisingly strong.

Consuming Shatter in Edible Form

It’s also possible to consume shatter in edible recipes, just be sure to decarboxylate the shatter first. Decarboxylation is the process of converting THCA and CBDA to the active forms we know as THC and CBD. Without this step, the shatter won’t produce strong effects when ingested. To decarboxylate shatter, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Preheat your oven to 90°C.
  • Line a baking tray with parchment paper and place the shatter on top.
  • Bake it for twenty-five minutes in the oven, keeping an eye out for when it starts to melt and then bubble, at which point the decarboxylation process is complete.
  • Once cooled, infuse it with fat and then add it to your edible recipe.

How Shatter Can Benefit

Patients Dabbing shatter provides patients with a potent dose far beyond that of smoked flower. Some forms of shatter contain THC alone; others contain additional plant compounds like minor cannabinoids and terpenes that can serve to enhance both the medicinal properties and flavour.

Shatter is highly effective for patients who need to treat conditions such as chronic pain where they require higher than average doses of THC. Many people start out consuming flower but soon run into issues with a tolerance that slowly builds over time. Where recreational users can refrain from consuming cannabis for a short time to reset tolerance, medicinal patients may not have that luxury. Shatter enables such patients to overcome existing tolerances with higher levels of THC.

How to Store Shatter Effectively

All forms of cannabis tend to degrade over time. To slow down the process, it’s essential to minimize exposure to light, heat, and humidity. The best way to store shatter is to wrap it in parchment paper and place it in an airtight mason jar in a dark, cool cupboard.

Buy Shatter Online

Shatter is one of the most potent cannabis concentrates available and offers patients an easy to administer form of marijuana to treat a host of conditions as well as overcome existing tolerances. If you want to buy shatter online, then at 1-8oz dispensary, we’ve got your needs covered. We stock a wide range of cannabis concentrates that include several forms of shatter. Head on over and check out our selection produced from a variety of strains with differing effects sure to meet your particular needs.


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Cannabis is a plant that may be used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. Before purchasing or consuming cannabis, everyone should confirm if it is legal in their state. There are a lot of perks and drawbacks of cannabis extracts. If you want to consume it, you need to have detailed knowledge about the side effects that come with it. Keep reading this article to find out everything you should know about cannabis extract.

What exactly is it?

A wide range of goods that often contain more cannabinoids than those in the cannabis plant are called “cannabis extracts.” When ingested, cannabinoids—chemical elements included in cannabis—can impact your body and psyche.

Kinds of cannabis extract

Cannabis extracts are available in liquid or solid form (hash or hashish) or in oil intended for vaping. Some extracts, such as shatter, wax, honeycomb, and budder, are named by appearance or consistency. Cannabis extracts can be added to dried cannabis flowers and are commonly smoked or vaporized.

7 Things you need to know about it

1. Use a legitimate source

Some cannabis extracts, including wax and shatter, are created in sophisticated laboratories with chemical solvents. It is safe to do this since cannabis extracts produced by license holders are tightly controlled and tested for quality, including pesticides and solvents.

2. Ensure to read the label thoroughly

An unpleasant experience might result from using a cannabis extract. Read the label carefully, paying close attention to the amounts of THC and CBD in the product. It is a good idea for folks unfamiliar with extracts to study the wide cannabis extract varieties to see which kind would work best for them.

3. Do not dab if new to cannabis

It is not advised for those new to cannabis to dab since it is a complex and dangerous way to vape highly potent cannabis extracts. A lack of knowledge may rapidly result in a bad experience.

4. High-potency cannabis extracts can have immediate, strong effects

THC concentrations in cannabis extracts can reach up to 99%. In other words, potent cannabis extracts have the potential to produce severe intoxication very fast.

5. High-THC cannabis extracts can enhance tolerance and cause dependency

High-strength cannabis extracts should not be used every day or almost daily because they will cause dependency symptoms, including recurrent cravings and withdrawal. Utilizing them less regularly can reduce your chance of acquiring these problems.

6. Make sure to properly store cannabis products

Remember that cannabis extracts are heat-sensitive and might degrade when storing them. Make sure that items are stored out of sight and reach of children, with adequate labeling, and in child-resistant containers that are sealed after use.

7. Mental health may be impacted if used frequently

Cannabis usage regularly or close to it increases the chance of becoming dependent and can cause or exacerbate anxiety or depressive disorders. Limiting cannabis consumption can also lower these hazards.


All of the information included in this article is intended to make you consider the dangers of cannabis use and to aid in your decision-making. However, the most reliable Canadian online marijuana store, Top BC Cannabis, sells high-quality cannabis extracts. Considering people’s health, they have offered a variety of options, including flowers, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and even accessories like vape pens. All of these products are completely safe to consume, given you are not being reckless.


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What’s an extract? Shatters, resins, budders, caviar, budders, isolates, and more — there is a big wide world of cannabis extracts for sale, but it’s a confusing one. Every cannabis extract on the market today is unique in its own way, starting with how it was made. Most of the time, the difference between shatter and wax or any other concentrate starts with the cannabis extraction process.

A long time ago, people used traditional methods for cannabis extractions. But these days, the booming cannabis market demands exciting new products, from high tech processes. All cannabis extracts for sale today come from certified, inspected, and high tech laboratories. As such, most of us can only grasp the basic premise of these techniques.

But even if it’s impossible to make shatters and distillates at home, maybe it’s time you learned a thing or two about the process. Essentially, if you love concentrates, shouldn’t you know how companies make them?

5 Common Extraction Methods

How is Rosin Made?

Out of all the cannabis extracts for sale, rosin is the simplest and doesn’t use any solvents or additional ingredients. Rosin extracts cannabinoids and terpenes from raw plant material by applying extremely high pressure and heat. It requires a device, usually a rosin press (although in the old days they used a t-shirt press, and you can use a hair straightener at home).

Many people love rosin because its one of the purest concentrates available. The combination of heat and high pressure forces the valuable oils out from the cannabis flower or hash. The hot rosin drips down a piece of parchment paper, which cools into a sticky mass before collection.

Rosin sits at the lowest end of the potency spectrum, and always represents the cannabinoid profile of the original material. If a typical strain contains between 10 to 20 percent THC, rosin can contain between 50 to 70 percent THC. The original material, temperature, and heat combination and technique of the producer will all play into final potency

How is Butane Honey Oil (BHO) Made?

Butane Honey Oil (BHO) continues to be the most popular extraction technique, although it originally came from the black market. As the name suggests, cannabis extracts for sale under the BHO label use butane in the extraction process.

BHO relies on a highly volatile petrochemical to pull the cannabinoids away from the organic plant material. It essentially pushes liquid butane through a column filled with weed, under intense pressure. In a highly controlled environment, technicians use heat to evaporate the solvent (butane) from the equation. The leftover material is thick, molasses-like, and highly potent. When done correctly, BHO is free from solvent remnants.

Although technically, it is possible to make BHO at home, it is hazardous and not recommended. You’ll enjoy much better quality, flavor, and purity by sourcing BHO online in Canada. Plus, you won’t risk blowing up your house.

How is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO/Phoenix Tears) Made?

Rick Simpson Oil, also known as Phoenix Tears or RSO, was so named for the man who pioneered the method. Rick Simpson, a now world-famous Canadian, created this technique and product way before medical cannabis was legal in Canada. He used RSO, to the tune of one gram a day, to treat his cancer. He is still around and claims daily doses of RSO cured his disease.

It is possible to buy phoenix tears online, but you can also make it at home. Making RSO requires Everclear or another high-grain pure alcohol. First, combine the alcohol with the plant material and infuse it for several hours or overnight. Strain out the cannabis, so that only the liquid remains. Then, it’s necessary to evaporate the alcohol so that only a thick syrup remains using a safe heat source (no open flame). The final product ranges in color from black to dark brown to green.

You can make this at home with a slow cooker, but technically Everclear is still flammable. Its easier, cleaner, and far less dangerous to buy phoenix tears online then to attempt to make it at home.

How is Shatter, Budder, or Wax Made?

Many cannabis concentrates like weed shatter, budder, waxes, sugars, and more are all riffs off the same basic formula. So what influences the final color, consistency, and texture? It comes down to the original strain, solvents used (butane, ethanol, etc.), and the purging method. It can also depend on the experience and skill of the technician.

Shatters are generally allowed to settle following the extraction process, while budders and honeycombs are whipped or stirred somehow to inflate the texture. Sugars and crumbles tend to require something in between.

How are Isolates and Distillates Made?

Isolates and distillates sit at the extreme end of the concentrate spectrum. Some isolates contain upwards of 99 percent THC or CBD. They are so concentrated they have lost all visible connection to the plant they come from, and often look more like sugar or crystals than cannabis.

Making isolates and distillates begins with crude extractions, which is a cannabis oil that is already slightly concentrated. Producers use high tech laboratory equipment, like mass spectrometers, as well as gas and liquid chromatography. These highly technical laboratory tools separate individual cannabinoids (and sometimes terpenes) into a precisely isolated state. Lingering waxes, flavonoids, and other undesirable compounds are completely removed.

A Big Wild World of Cannabis Extracts for Sale

Everyone who loves cannabis concentrates has a personal preference. Whether it’s a lightly whipped budder, perfect for dabbing, or a distillate for mixing into a baked good, there is a potent product out there for everyone.

How do you choose between the dozens of options, brands, and formats? BHO, RSO, distillates, and isolates are all taken orally (or used in edibles). Other extracts, like shatters and honeycombs, are better for dabbing. With the right vaporizer, suitable for concentrates, you can also vape extracts. For the grab and go option, the vape pens available today, are all based on concentrates. Finally, when the need is urgent, you can always pack a bowl and add many extracts on top.

However you choose to enjoy cannabis extracts, strap in for a powerful and fast-acting high. Remember, all concentrates are anywhere from three to four times stronger than a straight flower. Start low and go slow.


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An Overview Of Anything Affected By Cannabis

Weed infestation is the presence of weed growing in and around a home or building. It’s one of the negative effects that can be associated with cannabis cultivation, which can include leaves and plants sprouting on your property and/or inside your home.

The Definition Of Weed Infestation

Infection by cannabis can refer to any number of things: from pests, to fungus, to insects. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of anything that can be affected by cannabis – from pests and diseases to growth patterns and smells. We’ll also discuss how to identify weed infestation and what you can do to treat it.

Where Does The Weed Infestation Occur?

Infection with cannabis can occur in several different ways. Cannabis may be smoked, ingested orally, or applied topically. Smoked cannabis can be inhaled directly from the plant or from a pipe, joint, or bong. Ingested cannabis can be consumed through the mouth, nose, or cheek. Cannabis may also be applied topically to the skin.

When marijuana is smoked, it is typically inhaled through the mouth and nose. When cannabis is ingested, it can enter the bloodstream through the oral or nasal mucosa. Cannabis may also enter the bloodstream after being applied topically to the skin.

The following are some of the possible signs and symptoms of weed infestation:

  • difficulty breathingbuy cactus breath weed scaled
  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • coughing
  • fever
  • drowsiness or fatigue
  • dry mouth or eye irritation
  • tremors
  • redness and swelling on the face or body (especially around the eyes)
  • seizures

Who Has Weed Infestation?

Anyone who grows, harvests, processes or uses cannabis may be at risk for weed infestation. Any part of the cannabis plant can be infested, including the roots, leaves, flowers and buds. Infestations can also occur when Cannabis is transported or shared between different people. Weed infestations can cause a wide range of problems for both the plants and the people who are affected by them.

Here are some of the most common signs that someone has weed infestation: 

  • Thinning or wilting plants
  • Brown patches on leaves and petioles (the stem below the leaves)
  • Roots that are swollen, discolored or infected
  • Unusual smells coming from the plants
  • Lack of growth in newly planted cannabis plants

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to get your plants checked out by a professional. If you suspect that someone else in your household is growing weed illegally, it is important to take action to prevent an outbreak from happening.

How Soon Do Symptoms Appear?

There is no one answer to this question as the symptoms of weed infestation will vary depending on the type of weed and the severity of infestation. However, some general symptoms that may occur include: an increase in number of insects or rodents in the home, an increase in mold or fungus growth, an increase in the number of pet accidents, and a decrease in energy levels.

Are There Any Treatments Available For Weed Infestation?

There are a few treatments available for weed infestation, but often the best option is to remove the plants and wait for the pests to die off on their own. There are sprays and powders that can be used to kill bugs or fungus, but they may not work on all types of infestations. If you think you have an infestation, it’s important to consult a professional.

Prevention of Weed Infestation: How To Prevent A Weed Infestation Before It Starts

Prevention of weed infestation starts with knowing the signs and symptoms. Infestations can occur in any area where cannabis is grown or stored, including homes, businesses, agricultural fields, and public places. Proper identification of the weed and its cultivation site are essential to prevent infestations.

Here are some of the key signs and symptoms of a weed infestation: 

  • Unusual amounts of cannabis leaves or buds on or near the ground
  • Foul smelling odor coming from plants or soil
  • Damage to plants or soil caused by burrowing insect


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Cannabis Edible to Increase Appetite

An increase in appetite after using cannabis is a well-known feeling for many users. It has long been called “the munchies,” and has only recently been subjected to scientific research to understand why marijuana has this effect. Read on as we explore this phenomenon. The first human study that confirmed this seemingly increase in appetite, particularly sweet food cravings, that are correlated with cannabis use dates back in the early 1970s. Conducted research has since then confirmed that marijuana increases both the desire to eat as well as the palatability of food.

The therapeutic uses of cannabis have been studied after observed increases of appetite and body weight in many human studies. Consequently, marijuana has been used in successfully controlling wasting syndrome among patients with cancer and AIDS. Its role in appetite regulation has been studied extensively, but marijuana use associated with weight in the general population is not completely known. Although a correlation between cannabis use and weight maintenance or loss is increasingly being documented, very little is known about the kind of mechanisms at play. With more studies, it is likely that marijuana’s therapeutic benefits for weight control will be better understood and controlled.

Recently, researchers have acquired a better understanding of the way cannabis alters appetite by studying animals and the chemical pathways that are involved in the body. There are more than 480 natural components in the cannabis sativa plant; 66 of which are classified as cannabinoids, which are chemicals only found in the plant. The most popular and researched of these components is called the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Just like opiates, cannabinoids affect its user by interacting with certain receptors that are located in different parts of the central nervous system.

Today, it is known that there are certain receptors in the body that respond to marijuana as well as to cannabinoid-like substances existing inside of us. The particular receptor that is usually associated with cannabis use and appetite regulation is CB1. Research has shown that this CB1 receptor is found active in many areas of the body that work on stimulating the eating behaviour which includes sections of the hypothalamus and hind brain (food intake regulation); reward center of the brain (food makes you feel better), within the stomach and intestinal tissue (lets you know if you are hungry), and the limbic forebrain (help make food more palatable).

Simply put, if you use cannabis, you are replicating an effect that the body natural produces for itself, only that it is much more intense. This changes the eating behaviour. And because it mimics a naturally-occuring process, using cannabis to increase appetite is very much safe. Keep in mind that different cannabis strains and doses have varying impacts on how its components bind with the brain receptors. Therefore, make sure that you talk to an experienced medical marijuana dispensary about your needs; they should know exactly which specific strain and the amount that you should take to ensure that you get the appetite stimulation effect that you are looking for.


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Calgary weed delivery is a competitive space when it comes to price, quality, same day weed delivery, promotions and signup bonuses. As Canadian provinces phase in weed delivery regulation, Alberta was a quick mover in regards to framework for delivery services and adding a layer of convenience for cannabis consumers that don’t want to leave their house, especially with winter coming up!

We tested a number of retail and legacy cannabis delivery dispensaries in Calgary and rated them for a number of areas that you’re going to love. Check out the chart below to find out which weed delivery services are leading the pack in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Here’s our top 3 cannabis delivery services in Calgary.


Supherbs is a Calgary weed delivery service that delivers your weed in 90 minutes or less 7 days a week. This online dispensary focuses on delivering high quality or top shelf cannabis at fair rates for customers in Calgary, and mail order to those across Canada. Supherbs cannabis dispensary boasts a massive selection of products mainly focused on high THC indica strains, connoissuer strains, high THC edibles and a massive variety of pre rolled joints.

When we say high THC edibles, these guys have some pretty strong stuff. 1250mg of THC, 1080mg of THC and that’s in 1 package of gummies. We tried the 1250mg Ganja Leaf edible and it knocked us on our ass.

The team at Supherbs is large, educated and they are standing by during business hours to take your order by phone or text, and help with all of your product based questions. When deliveries come at an extended length the customer service is quick to respond and let you know the estimated wait times. From all our experiences, the staff here is knowledgeable, eager to help you find the best products, and more than willing to go the extra mile to help you enjoy your order to it’s max potential.

  • Signup Deal: 20% off your first order
  • Affiliate Program: Earn 15% on all affiliate sales, paid out once monthly via Paypal or Interac email transfer
  • Referral Program: Give $10, get $10 off your next order.
  • Ounces Starting at: $99 ounces +
  • Product Categories: Weed, top shelf weed, THC and CBD disposable vapes, mushrooms, edibles, extracts, moonrocks, pre rolled joints, tinctures, cannabis accessories.
  • Delivery Fee: $15 on orders under $100. Free delivery on orders over $100.
  • Same Day Delivery: Get your weed in 90 minutes or less.
  • Regular Promotions:
  1. Bulk Pricing
  2. Earn points you can redeem for discounts on your next purchase in cart
  3. Bundles to save on weed, pre rolled joints, shatter, edibles and more
  4. Free shipping on orders over $100 across Canada
  5. Free joint with every order
  6. Birthday gifts
  7. Free prizes with different levels of spending inc;luding rolling trays and papers.

The Best Dispensary For: Supherbs is the best option in Calgary for top shelf weed delivered to you in the same day. If you are looking for a premium cannabis experience, Supherbs is bringing you the quality cannabis at reasonable rates for less than the other dispensaries we’ve tried.

Exotic strains and a consistently changing product selection means there is something for everyone, but Supherbs defintely leans towards the seasoned stoners with their HIGH THC edibles and strains.

Anyone who needs a high dose of THC but isn’t interested in smoking or dabbing should check out Supherbs selection of tinctures, THC capsules and potent edibles.

Calgary Weed Delivery (CWD)

Calgary Weed Delivery is one of Calgary’s newest and quickest cannabis deliver service to lunch in the city. Claiming lower delivery fees than the industry standard, Calgary Weed Delivery aka CWD offers Calgarians a chance to get their weed delivered in the same day within 1.5 hours.

CWD offers budget buds and quality cannabis strains at some of the lowest prices in Calgary. The real kicker is their minimum for same day deliveries. Enjoy free delivery at Calgary Weed Delivery on all orders over $50, making this the perfect dispensary for those purchasing other product lines like edibles, pre rolls or shatter. Calgary Weed Delivery caters to all type of cannabis consumers offering high quality and budget buds at extremelly fair rates, with a massive selection of edibles, pre rolled joints, vapes and more.

Customers looking to save regularly will love the points system at CWD. Free gifts and bonuses are usually rewarded through a loyalty based system for each dollar spent. Customers can trade points in for free weed ranging from an 1/8th all the way up to a free 1/2 pound of weed.

  • Signup Deal: Free 1/8th with your first order
  • Affiliate Program: Earn 15% on all affiliate sales, paid out once monthly via Paypal or Interac email transfer.
  • Referral Program: Give a free 1/8th, recieve 1500 points to exchange for a free 1/8th
  • Ounces Starting at: $79 ounces +
  • Product Categories: Lower amounts of weed (1/4s +), mushrooms, tinctures, disposable and 510 thread vapes, shatter, lots of pre rolled joints in 3 and 7 packs.
  • Delivery Fee: Free 90 minute delivery on orders over $50.
  • Same Day Delivery: Free same day 90 minute delivery in Calgary, Okotoks, Chestermere, Chochrane and other cities close to Calgary.
  1. Take $25 off orders of $250+ every day
  2. Free joint with every order
  3. Earn points you can exchange for free weed up to 1/2 pound

The Best Dispensary For: Calgary Weed Delivery is a newcomer in Calgary and one of the best dispensaries we’ve encountered for promotions and loyalty. They offer incentives for bulk purchases and customers buying smaller amounts of pre rolls or edibles are still subject to earn points.

If you’re looking for an awesome shopping experience with an interactive point system, and new cool weekly promotions, this is the site for you. Enjoy access to smaller quantities and lower fees for delivery but still the same quick same day delivery times anywhere in Calgary. These guy were the fastest.

My28Grams is a Calgary original that’s been around for years servicing most Calgarians at this point. Their brand recognition within city limits is massive and they’re active in up to date inventory, promotions and a great overall shopping experience. With improved loading times and a website facelift, My28Grams is a site that helps users find and purchase cannabis easier and quicker than most websites.

This is one of the top delivery services in Calgary for the last near decade and really a company who is leading the way for creative promotions and involvement within the Calgary cannabis community. was the first online dispensary to bring $59 ounces to Calgarians and offers a badass line of nearly every cannabis product you can imagine. The team at My28Grams is very focused on going the extra mile with customer service and customer relations in general, releaseing a number of annual surveys to gather feedback in exchange for big rewards. It’s nice to shop at a dispensary that cares what I think and that’s a model that works with me.

  • Signup Deal: None
  • Affiliate Program: Earn 15% on all affiliate sales, paid out once monthly via Paypal or Interac email transfer
  • Referral Program: Give $15, get $15 off your next order.
  • Ounces Starting at: $59+
  • Product Categories: $59, $79, $99, $129, $149 ounces, pre rolled joints, moonrocks, shatter, disposable vape pens, 510 thread vape pens, tinctures, magic mushrooms, THC diamonds, edibles and more.
  • Delivery Fee: $15 on orders under $100. Free deliver on orders over $100.
  • Same Day Delivery: Get your weed in 90 minutes or less.
  1. A brand new points system that offers users a variety of rewards and 5 points / $1 spent

The Best Dispensary For: is one of our favorites for their simple website, easy to find high THC strains and their pricing structure. The price tiers really makes it easy to find what your’re looking for based on what you want to spend, and surprisingly i feel like this is one of the best ways, and most accurate to sepeate strins on a website. is for the more seasoned stoner as they solely sell ounces. In exchange for a volume model, My28 saves you money on higher priced buds by keeping their minimum order to ounces and above. It really is a model that works out best for those who consume daily cannabis, and at the end of the day is a serious consideration.


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For the people that are new to your cannabis media streaming platform, give us the rundown of what WeedTube is and your mission in 2022.

WeedTube is the video-sharing platform developed in response to the social media censorship of cannabis on major platforms, namely YouTube and Instagram. In 2018, YouTube deleted the channels of cannabis enthusiasts and influencers at an unprecedented rate, so a group of deleted creators crowdfunded from their community to create a platform that embraces cannabis. Since then, millions of people have joined WeedTube to watch, sesh, and share with their favorite cannabis content creators. The mission of WeedTube has always been to provide a safe space for cannabis content and advertisements. 

In addition to long form content we’re also thrilled to announce that WeedTube has expanded the User Experience to include a full social media suite in an update and rebrand called Pipeline. Pipeline is a social network where users can post pictures, short videos, text updates, links or articles without the risk of deletion. Pipeline allows users to post quick updates with the ease of big platforms like Twitter and Instagram. And as Instagram continues to shut down cannabis accounts (even Berner is getting silenced!) we know that the market needs this platform now more than ever! Finally users are able to enjoy a full suite of social networking features while talking and learning about cannabis.

The look is completely different from the last time we chatted. What are the new updates and features your team has added over the last year or two?

In addition to offering users a full social media suite in our mobile app, we’re targeting an audience that wants to take back control of their digital footprint and time spent online. Pipeline offers a solution that makes online interactions more authentic and gives users their power back in terms of posting content. Anything from a link to your favorite products at a dispensary to showcasing the function of your glass, Pipeline can house it all!

Cannabis and media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube are arguably worse than ever for censorship.  Why is it important to your team to get creators to come share their channels and upload cannabis content to WeedTube as well and what’s the benefit to creators spreading their wings to newer less traditional media sharing platforms?

Well let’s take our girl Chrissy Harless for example. Chrissy is an awesome working mom who has become an influencer to destigmatize moms who utilize cannabis. She built a massive following across Instagram and YouTube, in addition to her WeedTube uploads. Her husband even quit his job so that she could focus on running her content creation empire. But unexpectedly and without warning, her accounts get flagged and deleted. Her content, which became a primary source of income for her family, was suddenly gone. But because of WeedTube, Chrissy has all her files backed up and is able to maintain her connection with her followers through us! We’re so happy to have her as we launch Pipeline, and we hope that other creators who have had their income affected in the same way will find relief when uploading content!

I see a lot of cannabis content but also a lot of lifestyle content like music and other activities that we all like to do when we’re stoned. What would you say the ratio is for cannabis direct content vs cannabis lifestyle these days?

Great question! It’s a pretty even split and with the subtlety of the name “Pipeline” versus our old name WeedTube, we hope to attract other users who are being censored online. Meme accounts, for example, are often deleted on Instagram, so we hope that content creators looking to make people laugh will join Pipeline. In addition to cannabis content, more and more users are sharing their experiences with other substances that have been proven to assist with mental health challenges like Psilocybin and Ketamine. As people continue to try alternative methods of healthcare, we want them to have a safe space online to share their experiences (the good and the bad!) and learn from one another. 

How can creators earn by posting on WeedTube?

We are a safe space for creators to share content without fear of deletions! Any brand deals or promotional content they are posting will not be flagged, deleted or demonetized. They can also link directly to a product, website or brand they are promoting- unlike YouTube!

Does your team have any success stories with advertisers and how can companies get their ads running on WeedTube?

We’ve worked with so many incredible companies it’s hard to highlight just one! Our friends at Alien Outfitters expanded their brand and had this to say about our advertising services:

“Advertising with WeedTube (WT) has immensely fueled the growth of our business, with cannabis related products generally violating advertising policies on major platforms, WT has created an opportunity for our website to finally reach our target audience. Through WT advertising opportunities, we have seen a high CTR leading to conversions and return customers. Working with WeedTube is like working with family.” – The Horny Stoner

If anyone is looking to run an advertising campaign we strongly encourage them to check out our offerings here: and reach out to with any questions! Companies can also use their WeedTube profile to market and promote their products and offerings on Pipeline for FREE. 

The app is available on both ios and android correct?

Correct, you can download the app on IOS or Android via their respective app stores, for free!

Is there anything else you would like to say to cannabis businesses or creators that should consider WeedTube if they haven’t already?

With Biden getting the ball rolling on sweeping national cannabis reform, now more than ever do we need a community to welcome and educate adult cannabis consumers, new and old. There is so much misinformation online and social stigmas that persist regarding this plant, so we want to offer people a community where they can educate and share their experiences in an organic and authentic way. We hope to see you on Pipeline!

Visit the best YouTube alternative for weed content here.


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TORONTO, Oct. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Starting tomorrow, Monday, October 17, Torontonians can order safe, legal cannabis and get it delivered straight to their homes thanks to a partnership between Uber Eats (NYSE: UBER), a global leader in ecommerce and delivery technology, and Leafly (NASDAQ: LFLY), a leading online cannabis marketplace and information resource. Torontonians 19+ can place orders from local licensed cannabis retailers in the Uber Eats app, and have it delivered to their door by the retailer’s CannSell certified staff. This is the first time cannabis delivery will be available on a major third-party delivery platform in the world.

“We are partnering with industry leaders like Leafly to help retailers offer safe, convenient options for people in Toronto to purchase legal cannabis for delivery to their homes, which will help combat the illegal market and help reduce impaired driving,” said Lola Kassim, General Manager of Uber Eats Canada. “Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in our delivery business and selection has expanded tremendously. Uber Eats has grown quickly to become a versatile platform usable by diverse businesses large and small.”

“Leafly has been empowering the cannabis marketplace in Canada for more than four years and we support more than 200 cannabis retailers in the GTA. We are thrilled to work with Uber Eats to help licensed retailers bring safe, legal cannabis to people across the city,” said Yoko Miyashita, CEO of Leafly.

“Hidden Leaf has been providing safe, legal cannabis to Torontonians at three locations over the last year and a half,” said Marissa and Dale Taylor, owners of Hidden Leaf, one of three currently participating retailers in Toronto. “We are a small business and this partnership is a great way for us to expand our reach and grow our business across the city. Just like the in-store experience, our CannSell certified delivery staff understand and comply with local regulations around cannabis transactions, including checking ID.”

How it works:

  • Head to the Uber Eats app and select the “Cannabis” category or search for one of the licensed cannabis retailers. You will see a warning that you must be of legal age to enter the virtual storefront.
  •  After this, you navigate the menu of the retailer to place an order. You must be within the delivery radius of the licensed cannabis retailer in order to be able to place an order.
  • Just like ordering takeout or other items using Uber Eats, you will be notified when the licensed retailer accepts the order and the estimated time of delivery.
  • In accordance with provincial regulations, the order will only be delivered by the licensed cannabis retailer’s own CannSell certified staff. Independent third-party delivery people will not deliver cannabis.
  • When the delivery person arrives, your age and sobriety will be verified as required by regulations.

This partnership will help combat the underground illegal market, which still accounts for over 50% of all nonmedical cannabis sales in Ontario. Further, recent research from Public First shows that some cannabis users drive after consumption with 1 in 7 (14%) of cannabis users admitting to having driven a vehicle within 2 hours of consuming cannabis. Delivery options like those available through Uber Eats are expected to help decrease impaired driving and improve safety on the road.

The first three cannabis retailers are:

About Uber Eats
Uber Eats is an on-demand app and website that helps bring millions of people around the world the things they want, at the tap of a button. We partner with over 825,000 restaurants and merchants in more than 11,000 cities across six continents. From specialty local favorites to national brand names, groceries to household essentials and more, Uber Eats has what you want when you want it.

About Leafly
Leafly helps millions of people learn about cannabis each year. Our powerful tools help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions and empower cannabis businesses to attract and retain loyal customers through technology services. Learn more at or download the Leafly mobile app.

For media inquiries:

Josh deBerge 



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