Tesla’s CEO wants to remain ready to adopt Cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology-based payment services on the Twitter platform in advance.

Elon Musk is the CEO of many high-tech companies like SpaceX, and Tesla. Now Musk is also the owner & CEO of the giant social media platform Twitter. In Q4 2022, Musk acquired Twitter as a private company. Musk aims to make Twitter a free speech platform. As Musk is a fan of Dogecoin & holder of Bitcoin & Ethereum, so people also believe that Twitter will consider Crypto payment services in its inbuilt system.

On 30 Jan 2023, Financial Times reported that two people close to the Twitter company disclosed that Twitter engineers are working to introduce the fiat payment system in near future but at the same time, they will add technical support for the crypto payment support.

Initially, when Musk completed the Twitter purchase deal then he confirmed that he will make Twitter more likely to X, an old payment company that was founded by Musk that later turned into PayPato after merge with another other company.

Doge price action

As we know that Musk is a very big fan of Dogecoin, so it was obvious for the Dogecoin community to see this news as a bullish sentiment for doge.
This news pumped the price of Dogecoin by 6.37%. The current trade price of Dogecoin is $0.09375 and this price is 34.77% high over the last 30 days of trade price.

Elon Musk plans Crypto payment on Twitter but in future: Report 1

Reportedly Dogecoin project team also working with Starlink, a subsidiary of SpaceX, to make the Dogecoin payments via satellite internet services and also via the use of the Radio network.
Initially, in 2021, Musk announced that he will launch the Doge-1 satellite, and the funding for that project will be in Dogecoin. So far to this date Dogecoin Community waiting for that satellite launch.

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Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, 31st January, 2023, Chainwire

Venom Ventures Fund, a Web3 and blockchain innovation fund managed by Abu Dhabi-based investment fund manager Iceberg Capital Limited, has announced a strategic partnership with Everscale, a premier blockchain that aims to solve the scalability issues bogging down the Web3 industry.

Venom Ventures Fund has committed a $5 million investment in Everscale to help it further expand its development teams and boost the number of projects. The investment will be in stages, based on the progress and cooperation indicators.

Everscale has been diligently working on expanding its reach and integrating its technology solutions in Asian countries over the past two years, while also building a strong community. Its dynamic sharding technology enables it to efficiently adapt to varying workloads, thus making it an easy and practical option for creating large-scale Web3 and other types of applications.

The Venom Ventures Fund was launched by Iceberg Capital Limited in partnership with Venom Foundation, the first officially licensed and regulated Layer-1 blockchain operating within the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

Venom Ventures Fund Chairman Peter Knez, ex-CIO of BlackRock, said, “For us, this is a strategic investment aimed at the technological development of projects and teams around technologies that we focus on and actively develop. In particular, we are talking about the Venom blockchain project and its ecosystem, which is planned to be launched soon and for which Everscale is a potential Layer 2 solution.”

Venom and Everscale teams will be working together on the further development of the core and the ecosystem bringing the adoption of blockchain closer to real business use cases. Current initiatives such as digital asset tokenization platforms, a full framework for CBDCs and stablecoins and payment solutions with crypto to fiat gateways are already making good headway.

Commenting on the investment, Everscale Foundation Board Member Moon Young Lee said, “This is a milestone for both the Everscale and Venom networks. The technological capabilities of Everscale are immense but they have been underappreciated by a wider audience. Now, Everscale will be able to operate as an experimental network where updates and complex technical solutions can be introduced before they are brought to Venom. This investment will allow Everscale to gain the recognition that it deserves.”

Designed as a network of blockchains, Venom has no limit to the number of other auxiliary networks at the Layer 2 level and no limit to the economy type or operation at the Layer 2. This particular architecture means that mass adoption is now achievable on the Venom blockchain.

About Everscale

Powered by an infinite sharding mechanism, the Everscale network adapts to any workload it is tasked with, without the size of the load affecting transaction times or processing fees. This makes it the ideal blockchain for hosting high-scale web3 and other load-intensive projects. Over the past two years, Everscale has emerged as one of the leading blockchains in Asia, with a thriving community and robust ecosystem of DeFi platforms.

More About the Everscale network:

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Github | Telegram Ann | Telegram | Discord

About Iceberg Capital 

ICEBERG Capital Limited is regulated by FSRA as a Prudential Category 3C investment manager based in ADGM. ICEBERG capital is a fast-growing alternative asset management company that provides diversified investment management platforms that includes direct and private equity, venture capital, technology, and virtual assets. ICEBERG capital also offers traditional asset management services such as investment portfolios as well as specialized platforms for securities, and blockchain technology. 

For media inquiries, please contact: Abdullah Al Weshah, 

For more information about Iceberg Capital, visit: Website | LinkedIn

About Venom Foundation

Venom is the world’s first regulated blockchain. The decentralized network operates under the jurisdiction of the ADGM, with a license to issue utility tokens. The ADGM is an oasis for investors and financial services firms, positioning Venom as the world’s first compliant blockchain, affording authorities and enterprises the freedom to build, innovate, and scale.

A portfolio of in-house dApps and protocols has been developed on the Venom blockchain by various companies. It now harbors the potential to become a bridge for the adoption of CBDCs in the Middle East, North Africa, and worldwide.

For media inquiries, please contact: Adam Newton,   

For more information about Venom Ventures, visit: Website  |  Twitter

For more information about Venom Foundation, visit: Website  |  Twitter


Adam Newton


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New York, United States, 31st January, 2023, Chainwire

BNB Chain decentralized exchange Biswap has published its 2023 roadmap which includes a number of proposed improvements and upgrades. It includes details of a new AMM, route optimization, and perpetual trading. 

Take a look at the main Biswap benefits:

A new AMM protocol with concentrated liquidity will allow Liquidity Providers to accumulate their capital to smaller price intervals than from 0 to infinity, increasing capital use efficiency and providing users with more profitable exchange conditions with less slippage.

Improved routing to find the best trading pairs will allow users to execute larger transactions with less slippage and increase capital efficiency, as well as receive greater rewards from trading fees for Liquidity Providers.

To reduce pressure on the price of the native Biswap token and provide opportunities for more earnings for long-term BSW token holders, the Biswap team has developed several initiatives. In the future, they will be explained and put forward to BSW holders for voting.

Evolving market trends have also prompted the Biswap team to implement decentralized futures trading (with an on-chain order book on the BNB network). To implement this idea in a safe manner, the team has decided to connect a ready-made solution from ApolloX at this stage of product development.

As part of the Biswap ecosystem expansion, there are plans to create a widget that will increase trading with Biswap Liquidity and make it more convenient for users to exchange tokens. This will be available for implementation on third-party products.

Biswap’s progressive DEX on BNB Chain features a Multi-type Referral Program and low trading fees of 0.1%. The platform provides various services with cryptocurrencies, such as Exchange, Farming, and Staking. Moreover, the project has its native BEP-20 token, BSW, which allows users to join the most popular features on the platform. The primary BSW function is to incentivize liquidity provision to the Biswap platform. 

High LP rewards allow Liquidity Providers to get 0.15% back from token swap transactions. Also, Liquidity Providers can stake LP tokens on farms to earn BSW tokens with competitive APYs. Up to 50% trade fee reimbursement returns users the transaction fee when they exchange tokens. The system automatically gives back the fee in the form of BSW tokens. Explore Biswap NOW  

About Biswap
Biswap is the progressive DEX platform on the BNB Chain network with a Multi-type Referral Program and the lowest trade fee of 0.1%. The platform provides various services with cryptocurrencies, such as Exchange, Farming, Staking and others.


Marketing Biswap


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The court judge granted the petition to disclose the name of guarantors, behind the bail of FTX’s former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is the former CEO & co-founder of the FTX exchange. Allegedly he misused the FTX customers’ fund for personal benefits for his other Crypto hedge company Alameda Research. In the first week of Nov 2022, FTX exchange went bankrupt and on 19 Nov FTX company filed for bankruptcy in a US bankruptcy court under the chapter 11 code.

At present, SBF is living with his parents on behalf of a $250 million bail bond. The bail bond was signed by his parents and other two anonymous people, which are unknown to the public. 

Just a few weeks ago, on behalf of 8 news media, a few people from law firms submitted their request in the court to disclose the name of people, who were guarantors behind the FTX co-founder’s bond bail. 

On 30 Jan 2023, United States District Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that SBF’ bail backers names should be disclosed publicly. 

But the court judge also confirmed that there is a due date for the SBF’s legal counsel to file a motion against this court ruling. If SBF lawyers will present a very strong point to keep the SBF guarantors’ name hidden then there will be very less chance to see any good news for FTX’s former customers, who lost their funds on the FTX exchange.

US authorities to ban SBF’s meeting

Just a few days ago,  FTX bankruptcy lawyers filed a motion in the court to introduce some changes in the SBF’s $250 million bond bail.

The court documents revealed that SBF was meeting with current FTX bankruptcy case witnesses and also had a meeting with the current FTX’s American subsidiary FTXUS president. 

FTX lawyers urged the court to ban any kind of online or offline communication of the FTX former CEO with any of the employee of the FTX & its affiliated companies.

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Justin Sun announced that the Tron team will work on artificial intelligence (AI) technology focussed development works, along with Crypto.

Tron is a Proof-of-stake (PoS) model-based blockchain network, known for its fast Crypto transactions via its network. Justin Sun is the founder of Tron blockchain and in the present time, Justin is a diplomat in Grenada, as a part to fulfil his dream. In late 2021, Justin stepped down from the Tron project but confirmed that he will keep promoting & talk about Crypto projects he founded or funded. 

On 29 Jan 2023, Justin Sun took to Twitter to announce that Tron company will establish an Artificial intelligence (AI) team, which will conduct development & research works on AI and further Integrate AI & Crypto technology.

“TRON   expanding its A.I. strategy! #TRON    is set to establish an A.I. research team and partner with big A.I. players to take advantage of the potential for A.I. and crypto to work together,” Justin said.

Tron’s founder believes that AI could bring a better situation for blockchain technology to evolve because here AI will help to enhance the decentralised nature of the Crypto environment.

Some experts believe that AI is standing at a better level in the tech industry and this technology can replace almost all kinds of online work. In short, the adoption & innovations of AI technology may result in a very big unemployment rate in the world because it will do the job of multiple people at once.

Just a few months ago, the ChatGPT chatbot was launched. After the launch of ChatGPT for public use, as a part of testing, many Crypto Twitter users showed significant Inclination toward ChatGPT AI tech tools and asked many questions e.g. from writing an original Music song to an original software code. 

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Robert Kiyosaki shared his personal opinion on the current financial downfall in the world and suggested people go with the best assets at the best bargain price.

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular financial advisor & expert. In the financial sector, he is known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Kiyosaki is also an investor in real estate property, gold, silver & Bitcoin. He believes Bitcoin will be the most successful asset in the future but government agencies may try to kill it because of its ability & success.

On 28 Jan 2023, Kiyosaki took to Twitter to explain to his followers to explain the current Global recession and suggested that people should remain aware of this situation in advance to fight against challenges & take advantage.

Kiyosaki noted that the current global recession will surely fluctuate the assets and there we will get an opportunity to bargain the price.

The popular financial book author directly suggested people buy Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin.

Earlier this, on 14 Jan, Kiyosaki said that the poor, middle class should not think that the government will do for them for a better future.
He also noted that the price of precious assets like Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, and oil are increasing fastly, which is absolutely a good news for those Investors who invested in dip.

Bitcoin price action

The current price of Bitcoin is $23,156 and this price is 39% high over the last 30 days of trade price.

Robert Kiyosaki suggests buying Bitcoin amid the global recession 1

Interestingly in early 2022, Bitcoin price started to plunge badly but this year the price of Bitcoin surged rapidly, in contrast to last year.

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Monica Long has been promoted to the President post in the Ripple company, after 10 years of contribution to the company at different roles.

Ripple is a San Francisco-based Fintech company, which operates its cross-border payment services via the XRP token trade volume. XRP is a native token on the XRP Ledger, which is a Proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus-based blockchain network. Many experts in the Crypto industry claim XRP Ledger is a highly centralised blockchain network and Ripple can stop the XRP token transactions in the network on behalf of its own needs.

Recently Ripple announced that Monica Long is now the current president of the Ripple company.

Ripple’s blog post regarding this new decision noted that Monica was a top deserving employee of the company to get the president role, as she already worked in the company since 2013 when there were only 10 employees.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that Monica helped the company to fight against the challenging environment & helped to grow the company.

“She’s been an instrumental adviser to me over the years, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to partner with her even more closely as she embarks on her role as president,” Garlinghouse said.

Monica also shared her happiness about this new achievement in the company and said that she is now ready to contribute to the company as a president.

Ripple vs SEC Lawsuit

Since Dec 2020, Ripple is under a very big hurdle in the United States because of a lawsuit which was initiated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

According to the SEC agency, the XRP token is a Securities class asset & should be registered with the SEC agency. 

Secondly, the SEC noted that the company violated Securities Act by selling more than $1.3 billion worth of XRP unregistered securities publicly. 

Just a week ago, a Ripple executive said that there are very few chances to settle the case with the SEC agency because there is a very rare chance that the SEC will not treat the XRP token as a non-security asset. 

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The FBI agency is working strictly against a very big Ransomware network since late 2021. 

Ransomware is still a common type of attack, which can be seen in unsafe internet browsing on PCs. Actors behind every Ransomware attack usually demand to receive payment in private Crypto assets, so that no one can trace their transactions. It is a bitter truth that no one can stop the transactions of Crypto assets, whether they are private crypto assets or public crypto assets but government agencies can easily prohibit the bad actors to stop such attacks. 

Recently the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a statement on its mission, which has been working to fight against cybercrimes for a long time. 

The latest announcement noted that the FBI agent is working to takedown “Hive network”. 

Hive network is a group of Ransomware attackers, which is active in the states of Europe & North America. 

A report from a Crypto analytic firm noted that Ransomware attackers saw a 40% downfall in their revenue because many ransomware attack victims denied paying money for data recovery. 

In the last several months, the FBI reached out to the victims of ransomware attacks and convinced them not to pay any amount of funds to any ransomware attacker. In this way, FBI agency stopped $130 million funds transactions to the ransomware attackers. 

In the last year, Ransomware groups secured $100 million from 1,500 people. So FBI managed to reduce a huge amount of transactions to the Ransomware attackers. 

According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, if victims of Cybercrimes can contact the corresponding agencies to get help then it will be easy for the authorities to fight against the bad actors. FBI director noted that only 20% of victims of Hive asked for help. 

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Justin Sun revealed that soon TRX coin will be a legal payment option in a new country.

TRX is a native coin on the Tron blockchain. Tron is a Proof-of-stake (PoS) model-based blockchain network, known for high-speed transactions at low cost. Justin Sun is the core founder of Tron blockchain and he stepped down from the Tron project in late 2021 to become a diplomat in Grenada, which was also a part of his dream.

On 28 Jan 2023, Tron founder Justin Sun took to Twitter to inform the Trom community that TRX will get full regulatory approval in a new country, where people will be able to use TRX coin transactions in the form of payment.

Alternatively, TRX will be legal tender in a new country, where people will be able to purchase goods & services via TRX coin payment easily. 

However, here it is confirmed that TRX will secure regulatory approval as a “payment currency” but here “country name” information is still under the private domain.

Tron’s founder noted that such achievements for TRX coin will help it to grab high-level adoption. 

“One of the major advantages of making TRX legal tender is that it will increase its legitimacy and usage. When a government recognizes a digital currency as legal tender, it gives a sense of trust and security to the general public, making it more likely to invest and use it,” Justin said.

Earlier this, the TronDao team established a collaboration with Dominica to develop a new national digital currency for Dominica, or say Dominic coin.

To work on “Dominica coin”, Huobi Global crypto exchange also jumped to support the TronDao team. And most importantly, TronDao grabbed a very big success in Dominica because Dominica released regulatory approval the for TRX coin to use as a payment currency.

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Justin Sun predicted that the Chinese economy will be mainly responsible for bringing the next Crypto bull run. 

Justin Sun is a Chinese Crypto entrepreneur. He founded many crypto projects and also invested money in several Crypto projects like Huobi Global Crypto exchange, Tron, JST coin, Win coin, BTT coin, Sun coin, Poloniex exchange, etc. Justin always remains active in the Crypto Twitter community to promote his Crypto projects.

On 29 Jan 2023, A Crypto Twitter user posted a tweet and claimed that the US Crypto market will not push a crypto bull run, instead Chinese money will help to bring bull sentiment in the market like old days. 

Tron founder Justin Sun quoted that tweeted and said that it is a very big fact and for this reason he is planning to shift to Hong Kong, a specially administered region of China. 

Justin also said that experts also believe that Hong Kong will be responsible for bringing the next bull cycle and Huobi Global & Tron (TRX) will lead the Crypto market in Hong Kong.

Justin Sun & controversy

In the past few years already many reports claimed that Justin used his power to launch multiple digital assets to make money. 

In late 2021, Justin stepped down from all kinds of crypto-related business to become a diplomat in Grenada but nowadays we can’t see any kind of information in the bio of his Twitter account.

It seems that he is no longer a diplomat in any country and also he is now again serious about the Crypto industry to do business. For example, just a few months ago, Justin anonymously purchased a majority of the stakes in the Huobi Global exchange.

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