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As you browse the vast assortment of the Homey collection of furniture, what comes to mind is the selection is a head turner. It starts a conversation and tells a story without saying a word. The collection reminds you of kings and queens in England and how their furniture represented wealth and elegance. I think of Liberace. Some advanced searches might turn up some other recent celebrities with a passion for Victorian-style decor.


While the homey design extends to the bedroom, dining room, and home office, the homey design living room is the most common. After all, the living room is the gold standard of first impressions, and it causes guests and family to stop and stare. So what is homey design, what furniture and accessories are part of it, and what stores carry the brand?


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What is Homey Design?

Luxury, high quality, and striking describe the homey design. The retro vibe is a mix of traditional, European, Victorian flair, and classic designs, so expect a lot of curves and intricate detail. The craftsmanship is magnificent, updating old-fashioned charm and affluence to fit today’s modern and tech-heavy world to near perfection.

Artisans working on the Homey collection carve intricate details on solid wooden frames while keeping the furniture stout. The result of the solid wood construction is a continuous, thick portion of wood with no hollow inside. Additional materials used to construct seating furniture are textiles, metal, and leather.

Gold metal is the prevalent metal type in Homey Design. Most leather used on Homey furniture is faux and bonded. Textiles vary by furniture piece; there’s not a specific type tied to Homey Design, but recurring ones are silk, satin, and velvet.

On the surface, you notice the tuft pattern recurring in several sofas, loveseats, and accent chairs when you stare at the photos. The tuft comes from rich chenille fabric: soft, plush, comfortable cushions you will love to lean your back on. There are also decorative accent pillows adding regal flair, color, and softness to an already comfy couch.


Homey Design Furniture - Boudoir. Luxurious interior in the vintage style

When complete, it becomes a one-of-a-kind grand statement piece no other home will copy. The Homey collection allows you to live like royalty in your home. Homey Design retailers sell luxurious living room sets or separate furniture pieces.

Depending on the living room set selection, you can buy a three-piece sectional or a sofa, loveseat, and accent chair. The sectional comes apart to become a chaise, sofa, and chair. Pieces available to add a layer of sophistication to your home are a sofa, loveseat, sectional sofa, and an accent chair.

Don’t expect to see a lot of neon colors in this brand. The Homey Design collection mostly sticks to neutrals like white, brown, beige, and gray. Bright colors like red and gold are accent colors to make the furniture pop.


What Other Living Room Items are Homey Design Products?

Non-seating furniture like coffee tables and end tables follows the Homey Design theme. Other furniture pieces in Homey design are bookcases, console tables, and ottomans. All furniture uses authentic mahogany, maple, oak, or walnut wood.


Vases, statues, mirrors, and floor clocks are decor accessories available in the Homey design. They add the Homey design to the living room without diving fully into it. Most of these unique designs use solid wood or gold metal construction.

Non-seating furniture and decor accessories are perfect for people who want a few stunning quality pieces in the living room. It is also great for people to test the collection initially before committing fully. The difficulty is picking which furniture pieces to bring home. 

What Types of Stores Carry Homey Design Furniture?

There are specialty stores that only carry the Homey collection, and there are well-known stores that carry the Homey brand as one of many choices. All choices provide superb customer service and support. The delivery team will bring the furniture to your living room from the truck, and all the furniture pieces will be in the same condition as they left the factory. 

While most stores are online, know that the photographs are accurate and capture their beauty because the artisans pay attention to detail when carving out the curves and grooves. The color variation in the photos may vary because of the lighting used. Contact customer service online, by phone, or by email about the specifications of any item the company sells.

Homey Design Specialty Store

AdvertisementsThese are the stores that say Homey Design in the title. Those stores only sell Homey designs but don’t believe the living room is the only room they cover. The specialists expand the Homey Design to the bedroom, dining room, home office, den, and entertainment room. With so many options, their goal is to meet any type of request and to deliver a high-quality shopping experience.

Homey Design Furniture - Royal bedroom interior

Specialty stores use the company website to make their store nationwide with only a handful of brick-and-mortar establishments. That is an opportunity to browse in person and examine the details of showroom pieces. Some may only have a company website with a warehouse to ship items to your home.


Brick-and-mortar stores allow in-person ordering, but understand that you won’t take the furniture home that day as it takes time to ship it to your living room. Online and in-person orders use the same delivery truck method. Meanwhile, online ordering from a specialty store is secure and straightforward. 

Discount Furniture Outlets

Unless you live close to the store’s location, the discount furniture outlets are online only. What makes this an attractive buy is these companies offer the Homey Design brand at amazing prices. The holiday sales, the discounts, and the coupon codes keep the unapologetically expensive Homey brand affordable. 

Instead of paying thousands like the specialty stores, you shell out hundreds of dollars for a pre-assembled quality made living room piece. Pay even less for non-seating furniture and decor accessories. Should you want additional furniture pieces, the next sale is right around the corner; keep checking online for it.

If there is a brick-and-mortar discount furniture outlet to browse Homey Design, visiting in person means examining the intricate details and seeing its beauty up close. Like specialty stores, ordering online or in person is secure and easy. The hard part after selecting and ordering is waiting for the furniture to arrive.

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The design of Italian furniture did not just happen. It developed over thousands of years. They found the first signs of Italian craftsmanship in the ruins of Pompeii in 79 A.D. Carvings made from wood and cast-outs of bronze were little signs that Italian decor existed.  


However, it was not until the 15th century that the Italian style gained recognition as having a solid decor presence all its own. Italian-style living room furniture, dining room pieces, and royal beds appeared in castles and palaces.


Italian designers never lost sight of the humble beginnings of Greek and Roman descent and kept the traditional style as a reminder. Today, international design talents continue to learn from the history of Italian furniture. Students strive to improve on designs without erasing the classic style.

Giulio Cappellini is a fine designer and teacher that has been key to guiding the new generation of Italian design professionals. He teaches students to delve into the past of Italian design while reinventing qualities that are better than those of 20 years ago.

The grandeur of contemporary Italian living room furniture will never fade away, but new ideas and cultures are constantly being studied and tested. For example, merging Italian furniture into settings like Industrial home decor is one of the unique ways that classic Italian furniture is expanding. 

Table of Contents

If you have always had doubts about using an Italian coffee table as a transitional statement of beauty, think again. Different Italian styles give you many options for creating your own unique living room. Here are suggestions for including luxury Italian furniture in the style that you desire.


The Rule of Three

The rule of three is when you use an odd number for decorative items or properties. These can include style, color, furniture, or textures to present a more natural grouping. Three pieces of seating, three different natural materials, or a trio of tables within the same space will create a more balanced look.

Having Italian design living room furniture may be a dream of yours, but don’t get hung up on getting all pieces to match perfectly. You can have a warm and cohesive balance by starting with modern Italian furniture and then adding favorite classic Italian accent pieces. The second style of Italian living room furniture will add a fresh tone to your living room.  

Example #1

I can describe a Bergamo couch with a pair of 1D reclining chairs as the best of modern Italian living room furniture. Created from your specifications, the height and width of the seater sofas can be custom-made according to your physical measurements, providing maximum comfort.

Select accent side tables of art nouveau with glass and wood or two traditional Italian wine tables with carved European woods. An Italian contemporary style coffee table made of crystal and wood will be your defining piece. This mixture of materials and styles will blend nicely, using the three-piece rule. 

Example #2

One other example can start with two luxurious couches of bold bright velvet of contemporary Italian design. Cappellini is a great place to start when looking for quality. Removable covers make this piece also easy to maintain. Simple rounded armchairs of similar material grace one side of the two-facing couches.

The opposite side belongs to a white settee of traditional Italian design with all the curves and gold outlines of extreme Italian. A large square marble coffee table on straight gold metal legs will be the factor that ties this grouping together. 

Color Palette

We can find another trait for the rule of three with the color palette. The rule of thumb for painting a living room, master bedroom, or other spacious area is this simple equation: 60% being the primary color, 30% as the secondary color, and 10% belonging to the accent colors.

The color scheme can be different shades of the same color or opposite of bold contrasting colors for a powerful look. Grays and blues are popular colors today. Light beige makes a nice accent color. Always shop for paint colors in threes and use the rule of three for color.

Accent Rugs

AdvertisementsAn area rug can easily put a defining color or full-bodied texture to complete any room with10% of color accent. Oriental rugs are timeless when placed in front of a classic living room sofa. Contemporary sofas are also showcased with the right color combination of Oriental threads. Solid color throw pillows and ceramic vases can also bring out your third color, along with a primary shade in the rug.

Rugs with geometric designs woven into Alpaca wool is a new trend in contemporary Italian living room design. Hypoallergenic, warmer, and softer than sheep’s wool, Alpaca is becoming a must-have for a luxurious contemporary sofa or a modern armchair.


An unusual shape with small area rugs is also expanding to deliver a spot of color in front of a grand staircase or to accent modern decorative furniture without hiding beautiful marble tiles.


Believe it or not, lighting also carries a minimum of three types of lighting in any space. According to the Lighting Research Center, no room should be without:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting

Ambient lighting is the general form of light that illuminates the entire room. Its job is to provide safe and efficient lighting to those walking through. You can find these by using ceiling lights, chandeliers, or recessed fixtures. Sometimes, floor lamps, table lamps, or wall-mounted fixtures are perfect for this purpose.

Task lighting can come as pendants, directional recessed lights, under counter lights, or desk lamps. The limited space lighting is the purpose of task lighting. Reading and computer work are the most common reasons for placing these types of lights.

Accent lighting is usually intentionally installed with track lights, line bars, directional recessed, or wall-mounted fixtures. This type of light is to focus on a specific point of interest. Many times, to accent an architectural feature or a collection of items, they can also make a room appear larger. 

If you have these three types of lighting already present in a living space, you need to pay special attention to how you arrange your furniture. The layout of light fixtures was installed with specific purposes in mind. 

Lighting is more important than you might think. It is always best to work with a lighting specialist when purchasing expensive furnishings, like custom-made classic Italian furniture pieces. Gaining that proper cohesive look comes from a combination of style, color, texture, and lighting.

Minimalist Design

The look of depth and intrigue comes out when dealing with accessories in groups of three. This is very apparent in minimalist decors. Uncluttered with clean lines and limited colors, you would think that the rule of three would not apply. However, contemporary minimalist design is a great way to see the obvious picture with this rule.

Go to any minimalist decorating site and notice the display of wall hangings or other decorative elements. A professional scene will show you everything in groups of three. Take your finger and cover one item. The grouping looks almost off balance in the room. The same principle applies to small rooms with little furnishings.

There is only one area that trumps the rule of three: the scale of size. If you try adding three tall vases to a short living room table, you risk a future disaster. Keep your scale of three within reason for the space you have to work with. This applies to light fixtures, furniture, wall hangings, and even color. The rule of three is only a guide and not an absolute.

Best Italian Style Furniture

The best Italian living room furniture is of no particular style or shape. It can take on a classic look with intricate carvings and rich, unique metals, or it can be simple with clean lines and a solid color for a contemporary look. This makes Italian furniture so appealing to so many homeowners.

Shop by Brand

Shopping for an Italian furniture brand is the best way to guarantee the highest quality of your design goals. Names like Cappellini, Cassina, Poro, and Molteni&C are high hitters in the Italian furniture design business. They designed their collections of Italian living room furniture sets for luxurious surroundings. 

A prominent architect and furniture designer, Gae Aulenti, created furniture pieces for Zanotta and left a lasting impression on Italian popular styles today. In 1989, Aulenti designed and created the Gaetano table. This is a fine example of how Italian contemporary popular styles only improve with time.

With the guidance of Italian design professionals, we have learned that high quality and great craftsmanship are important aspects of contemporary Italian furniture. The Italian brand also maintains respect and pride for its Greek and ancient Rome roots.

Whether your personal taste leans toward elaborate classic Italian interior design or a minimal modern Italian living room set, you will still feel the sophistication of the most incredible furniture in the world.  

Traits to Look For

Affordable prices for Italian living room decor are sometimes hard to find. Custom-made furniture that uses the best materials in the world simply cannot be available at warehouse prices.

Always request a copy of the manufacturer’s specification sheet on the item for the facts on the materials used. Pay special attention to words like ‘solid wood’ as opposed to ‘wood pieces or MDF’. These are inferior material phrases. 


Future Italian Luxury Furniture

While no one can look into the future, Italians are always looking for a better way to keep decorative furniture trendsetting and sophisticated. Blending the old with the new has always led them to incredible designs with items of furniture. 

AdvertisementsWith each modern era, Italian designers discover something new. Practicality is becoming more prominent in remolding the Italian modern style. The Western world is trending toward minimalism and the Asian culture is leaning toward simple straight lines. 


Storage is being expanded in every kind of style that Italians are offering. Hidden compartments in ottomans and living room tables make Italian furniture practical while keeping the same valuable and luxurious look. High-end living room furniture is becoming modular and easier to move around for a change in furniture placement. 

Come Back Features

You may see hints of the 60s and 70s in Italian furniture designs. The focal point is changing by adding several styles to the living space. For example, Zanotta is an Italian furniture company that became iconic in its 60s, 70s, and 80s furniture pieces.

Italian designers announce fresh new pieces each year. The inspiration of the past and present contributors, like Gae Aulenti, keeps each perfect piece practical for families. The ability of designers to address and answer each need of a changing society is mind-boggling, but somehow, they do it. 

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Fireplaces provide timeless beauty and remain an excellent addition to any living space. Besides being a rich focal point made from natural resources, the thought of flickering flames is enough to draw anyone’s attention.


The living room is a favorite place to have a fireplace installed. This is a great way to add the function of warmth and the feeling of comfort. Your style and decor can give you a reason to want to improve this area. Consider these accent wall ideas with a fireplace for the perfect way to capitalize on a trendy look.


Table of Contents

Fireplace Walls

Interior designers have gotten creative with materials that outline a fireplace. A standard fireplace of today does not require the skills of a stonemason. While heavy stone and brick make the biggest impression of delivering an actual roaring fire, modern homes are too airtight to justify having an old-fashioned fire inside. 

However, an existing fireplace with a stone wall can remain an excellent addition to the room as a nonworking architectural element. A farmhouse look or modern country is perfect for using a dormant natural stone fireplace. Piling framed pictures and a family portrait on the mantel deliver a warm and comforting atmosphere. 

An oversized oak fireplace mantel can act as an entertainment shelf for a large screen tv, while the hearth can provide color and height. Tall glazed pottery jars can hold foxtail and dried flowers, while shorter metal pots can hold flora and branches of the season. Sharpen the look of stone accent walls with reclaimed wood strips along the edges to form an outline. 

Zero-clearance fireplaces that operate on natural gas or propane have been gaining popularity in recent years. Why? We insert them in the wall space and run them flush for a clean straight look.


It is not uncommon to see no wall hangings on this fireplace accent wall, but a bit of color or texture can make a difference. A wallpapered accent wall of metallic design or dark color is an easy way to emphasize an ultra-modern look. 

A wooden streamlined mantel above the flush unit can make way for tall and thin pictures of nature. Or flat-screen TVs mounted above the mantel serve as an entertainment center. Using a different material on the entire wall or the immediate surrounding area of the fireplace can also make it a great accent wall. A good example is smoke gray shiny ceramic tiles or natural-looking faux stone on white walls can give your fireplace more character.

Build your architectural features with the use of a pre-built fireplace cabinet. I often recommend inserts to use with each model. This remains a great idea for designing your feature wall in a new home. Plan it out carefully with the proper hearth and wood panels or faux brick to deliver a personal, unique way to have an accent wall fireplace. 

Exposed Flues

The flue (duct, pipe) is essential to any fireplace. Usually, the flue is not visible because of a wall. However, the Industrial style has given way to exposed pipes and beams for a more natural look.


We can leave the flue out in the open when a fireplace gets moved away from the wall. This look can change the feel of the room by exposing all sides of the fireplace in a great open space. Dot with accent chairs for social gatherings in a relaxed atmosphere.

Colorful Shiplap Walls

A modern approach to updating a blank wall that surrounds a fireplace is using a shiplap accent wall. A shiplap fireplace wall gives you many options in modernizing your fireplace. This is a simple DIY project when you have the right tools. 

Shiplap is a term created for marketing efforts. It is a pine or MDF wood board with a pronounced groove along the bottom edge. Used for interior decorating, it is lightweight and easy to work with. The shiplap presents an engaging and textured look when installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. 

We can quickly and easily cover a home office or dining room with noticeable scars using a whole shiplap wall. Also, this whole wall allows you to add a different color to a white mantel with a white fireplace.

For example, we can turn a plain red brick wall into a fresh and inviting scene with white shiplap and whitewashed bricks to deliver a sophisticated white brick fireplace. Diagonal shiplap painted blue or green and lines a fireplace wall makes an even bigger statement.

A black wall or other dark colors is a great option for making a contemporary look. Paintable wallpaper makes this look possible if shiplap is not an option. The bright accent color of silver or white will deliver the pop that you need. 


One more trend that blends well with Italian modern and a high-end look is flat polished marble. Marble is so popular, so why not flaunt it as a wall surround for your fireplace? Placed against a wooden wall drop of black and using a black fireplace insert, it will intrigue guests with your originality.

Or go over the top with handmade designer tiles that immediately draw attention. Installation is not cheap, but you will have an exaggerated decor focal point that is unbeatable to the eye or visitor. Stone mosaic and copper tiles are other original ideas that will work in selected decors

Never forget about the outdoor spaces that provide such a great fire in the evening. A fireplace offers the best part of a perfect day, whether open as a pit or more subdued against a patio wall. Use the same style as shown indoors, with enough comfortable chairs to enjoy the atmosphere.

Must-Have Fireplace Accessories

Mirrors and clocks are becoming more common as a wall hanging over fireplaces. Fireplace screens are taking on creative looks in placement and materials. They make some to fit snugly against the fireplace opening when not in use. Others are stand-alone versions of iron, bronze, or other metals. Shaped into delicate designs or bold linear fashion, these screens add a great touch of style to any fireplace. 

AdvertisementsWe can use plenty of other novelties and items for your specific fireplace look. Twinkling lights, baskets filled with holiday splendor, and candles that add glowing warmth amidst a comforting fire are all considerations you cannot ignore.

Add Value to your Home

According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, fireplaces can add value to your home. If you add a fireplace that is tasteful and operable, your appraisal can go up by 12% to 20%. Comfort with minimal maintenance and trendy designs can be a deal breaker in today’s home buying market. A makeover on an existing fireplace accent wall can add to your home’s value. 

Nothing spells good design like a stunning fireplace that stays within the realms of natural materials and delicious colors. Whether you want to add a fresh new look to an old fireplace or are planning on creating your own missed fireplace, the choices in variety are astounding.

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Customers who pick the custom cabinetry route want a one-of-a-kind kitchen. While function is important, custom cabinets are all about style and beauty unique to individual specifications. Options some customers rely on for custom-made cabinetry are the designer’s choice.


Refinished or new kitchen cabinets, designer choice cabinets, or designer’s choice cabinets transfer your vision to the cabinets. A design team goes over the wood material, the craftsmanship, the finish, and the hardware. With kitchen cabinet dealers found all over the United States plus a limited warranty on every cabinet, your cabinet selection will be the focal point in your kitchen.

Table of Contents

Designer’s Choice Cabinetry

Customers lean toward this custom cabinetry choice because it is one of the top ways to customize a dream kitchen during a kitchen remodel. Combining the tradition of old world craftsmanship with modern technology and intelligence, you get a long-lasting, high-quality product at an affordable price. For example, the source of top-quality cabinets is in manufacturing companies across America, from South Carolina to California and New England states.

A large variety of finishes hold equal importance to the wood material. While the finish and slab combos vary, all combinations give the wood shine, and detailed grains and straight lines gain texture for a breathtaking result. The light and dark stains, optional glaze accents, and subtle tones complement the wood finish nicely.

Some locations add more to the kitchen than cabinets. They offer a designer choice style on granite countertops, hardware, sink, and faucet designs in the kitchen. The cabinetry style is the home solution for cabinet decor throughout the house because the bathroom, laundry room, and closet can enjoy the same custom option.

Should you dive into the designer’s choice option, three collections will guide you toward the type of cabinet you want in your kitchen and bathroom. All choice cabinetry builds craft cabinets of the highest quality wood using the best American hardwoods on the market. All three have a variety of styles, glaze colors, finishes, and stains within the collection.


Presidential Collection

Channel the spirit of upscale excellence with the presidential collection. The presidential wood doors are 100% cherry, red oak, hard maple, or knotty alder material. When you choose one of the four materials, expect to pick which stain, glaze, door style, and paint color your custom cabinet will get.

Cabinets are not the only thing you get in this collection. You get matching kitchen and bath items to ensure the style remains consistent throughout the room. One combo is dovetail drawers, soft-close drawers, and countertop slabs; dovetail drawers, soft close drawers, and drawer fronts are the other.

The Euro-Wood Collection goes by the same excellence as the presidential one. Similar material, stain, glaze, paint, and styles of cabinet doors are up for grabs. The only exception is that euro-wood construction is not in the knotty version.

What differs between the presidential and euro-wood is the full access cabinetry. A see-through or frosted glass door with a wood rim gives you full access to what is inside the cabinet without opening it. A presidential cabinet is a solid wood surface that replaces accessibility with a stunning exterior you will stare at all day.


Urban Collection

The urban style is the best for customers craving a modern look in kitchen cabinets. You can distinguish the urban style when you see high-gloss, a textured surface, and the best hardwoods. The three modern contemporary styles in the urban category are Contempo, Urban, and Europa.

The urban door is a textured modern contemporary style. When you touch it, the texture has a distinctive matching edge, frameless construction, and several wood finish options. Meanwhile, the Contempo door and Europa are basic contemporary modern styles.

Europa doors share a similar matching edge to urban doors, yet the door is smoother. The two-tone edge of the Contempo doors separates from the pack. Both versions have finished options in matte and gloss.

Besides contemporary and modern styles, the urban collection also personalizes wood cabinets to suit traditional and transitional styles.

Millennium Collection

AdvertisementsA modern, clean, and budget-friendly option is the millennium style. Like the rest, the millennium style comes in melamine and linear foil sub-styles.

Linear foil cabinet slab choices range from raised panel exteriors to round beveled edges. Different finishes in woodgrain, gloss, and solid are available.

Melamine doors are the most inexpensive cabinets because of their wood-paper-resin heat-sealing laminate construction. Besides square edges, there are woodgrain and solid finishes to select. Melamine and linear foil cabinets are available in full access and traditional cabinets.

Wood Finish Types

Finishes keep high-quality cabinets beautiful and durable. Stains, glaze, and paint is two of five cabinet finish types needed to seal in the craftsmanship, preserve the wood grain, and keep it from drying out. The other two are natural and distressed; the right choice is up to you and the designer.

  1. Stain finishes highlight different grains of fresh wood. The stain finish depends on the wood chosen. The designer can show examples of how it may look should you prefer that stain over another.
  2. Painted finishes are a choice for maple and birch wood, and the most popular colors are white and off-white.
  3. Less is more with a natural finish. The goal is to preserve the natural appearance of wood cabinets, so cabinets get one coat of finish.
  4. Glazed finishes also embrace the natural appearance. It may get many coats, but each coat highlights the color and detail of the wood.
  5. A distressed finish is a rustic, beat-up, worn-out piece of wood perfect for a farmhouse country kitchen or bathroom. The artisans emphasize the imperfections with a finish coat or paint to highlight them before becoming cabinets.

Benefits of Designer Cabinetry

The kitchen industry offers pre-made and custom cabinetry to give customers a choice. Going the custom cabinetry route, especially designer’s choice cabinetry, is a perfect route for new cabinets. The style offers many benefits suitable for any room in your home.

Endless Options

While there are limits to stock/pre-made and custom cabinetry, there are hundreds of options when you choose designer cabinetry. That gives you breathing room to create whatever you wish with the designer’s help in a given time. The stock cabinetry has some customization, but your options are about ten compared to hundreds.

Stock cabinetry woods offer standard stains, limited finishes, glazes, and standard paint colors. Designer cabinetry offers many stains, finish, paint, and glaze options that the result is authentic. Unlike stock cabinetry, no one will have the designer cabinetry you create.


That is a reason designer cabinetry is a beloved choice. Every cabinet door is handmade and crafted for your specifications. It requires authentic wood so durable the design lasts years after completion.

There is no faux wood with custom cabinetry. When artisans construct cabinets, the company gets materials straight from the source. After all that hard work and the money you paid for them, it will not break after a few months or one year.

To complete the masterpiece, the artisan seal in the hard work with stained finishes, and glaze.


Most cabinet woods need resealing every few months or every year to keep them looking pristine. The average person will not remember this, and the neglect dries wood out. The designer collection does not need that responsibility.

The staining, finishing, glazing, and painting on top of the wood are layers of protection for the genuine wood to survive in humid temperatures. Cleaning the cabinets requires a damp cloth with regular soap and water, a light stroke, and drying the cabinet. Do not use abrasive cleaning solutions because they will damage the wood and ruin the finish.

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Italian bedrooms are some of the most exquisite in the world. They use a wide range of high quality materials and designs that appeal to everyone. Bedroom sets have a unique character of form and quality construction.


They engineered modern Italian bedroom furniture as high-end and trendsetting. Modern bedroom furniture collections offer a custom look and a range of innovative shapes and premium textures. 

Italian artisans take pride in achieving international standards of comfort and design. In the 16th century, they carved platform beds with extra storage from scratch. Italian beds of today offer no less in workmanship and modern design. Here are some top ideas for bringing modern Italian style to your bedroom.

Table of Contents

Platform Beds

The simple look of the modern platform bed has made them a popular choice in the contemporary bedroom. A box spring is no longer needed most times with the high-tech design of a single mattress system. Added layers of coils, foams and natural fillings provide the proper support to achieve the perfect blend of comfort and longevity.

They have redesigned the headboard to bring the low proportion of the bed base into a balanced position. Wide and low-profile headboards are taking center stage for a modern contemporary background. Also referred to as air-wide beds, the extra width accommodates side night tables. Some night stands are conveniently built-in to the frame and are of the same design and color. 

Floating Italian Beds

There is nothing more relaxing than the feel of floating in the air. A floating design frame fitted with positioned supports can add a special feature to your platform bed by drifting in midair. The illusion looks magnificent with the aid of carefully placed LED track lighting. 


Lighting behind the headboard is another modern trend that uses upward illumination to highlight the sleeping area. Subtle and safe, the ambient glow reflects a soothing mood. 

Italian Leather Beds

Leather upholstery on bed frames and headboards is still a thing in luxurious Italian decors. Leather is a timeless and respected material that can highlight your bedroom with European dignity. Interior designers are playing with different colors and unusual types of leather to keep them looking exciting and popular.

For example, a crocodile-patterned cream leather high headboard on a queen bed mixes Italian style with transitional decors of contemporary, modern, and luxury. Surrounded by white gloss and a large silver framed mirror, you will feel like a queen in your sophisticated leather bed.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are among the oldest and most remarkable in Italian design. These classy beds never go out of style, making modern Italian styles of metal or wood. Also referred to as a poster bed, the history is rich in this contemporary look with a century flair. Straight lines with no covering are today’s look for canopy beds. However, they get covered with upholstery or sheers because of their versatility. This is an easy way to have a transitional option in your decor.


Wood Italian Bedroom Set

Solid oak and walnut are high-quality materials that you will find in Italian contemporary furniture. From a queen size bed and wooden frame to a matching chest of drawers, layers of UV high gloss lacquer add an elegant touch to a modern bedroom set in a New York penthouse.

Matching nightstands and large dressers of the same quality woodwork well when you have plenty of room to work with. There is nothing that wood cannot match when Italian designers are behind creativity.

Different sizes of bedrooms may limit the availability of massive dressers with large drawers. However, their ability to fit each room proportionately with a single dresser or smaller bedside tables will never compromise the modern look. 

Graphite Designer Beds

The Alf Group is a leading company that takes the innovation of a 3-piece bedroom set beyond its borders. No natural material can escape the creativity of this company as it strives to add timeless beauty to your master suite.

Graphite with high gloss polyester lacquer and a matte finish will outline a queen-size bed and double dresser in glory. Look at the variety of finishes to determine whether you want a toned-down contemporary look or a modern glossy feel for your bedroom.

Marble Inspired Bedroom Collection

The Camel Group is another prestigious Italian company that can cover a bedroom space with gorgeous materials and design. Nothing spells luxury like Carrara marble in a stunning geometric shape. Used with straight panels and in a neutral hue, a guest room of youthful vibes is the result. Inspirations with marble require custom ordering assigned to an Italian designer because of the complexity of the stone.


Glass, chrome, and mirrors against marble and a thin layer of solid wood create a contemporary appeal. Added LED light strips along the geometric lines will require a minimal design for the rest of the room. A queen-size bedspread and a few decorative pillows will deliver the highest quality of Italian beauty to contemporary beds. 

Curved and Padded Headboards


A padded headboard of tufted velvet or soft upholstery makes for a modern sexy European-style bedroom set. Selecting a light color palette of natural tones will help exaggerate your king bed’s set features. Depending on the size of your padded headboard, some lined the back wall with a decorative pattern. Others may opt for natural wood that offsets the soft, appealing fabric.

Curved sides of a special order upholstered headboard show a modern romantic presence in your home decor. Straight lines of the fabric against a backboard of beautiful high gloss wood grain lacquer will lean more towards contemporary and minimal style. 

Bedroom Storage Options

Bed storage options are available for king-size beds with slim-lined drawers beneath or open space under double beds with adjustable metal feet. Tall dressers and modern bedroom chests can also hold tons of items.

Be careful in selecting dressers of heights that can clash with low-lying platform beds. Instead, chose low and wide dressers with a straight line of framed pictures for balance. 

Lighting and Accessories

A minimal approach is more appealing to a modern Italian bedroom with few decorative items. A low-hanging linear chandelier with Murano crystal log glass will intensely gracefully fit any contemporary Italian bedroom scene. One or two ceramic pieces will not take away from their beauty.

You can keep the ceiling fixture plain and highlight a sitting area or side of the bed with a freestanding directional light for reading. A single tabletop sculpture or clear glass bowl will keep a minimalist structure. 

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Organized space and kitchen storage have always been an ongoing battle. There are hundreds of solutions for improving the flow and quick access to cooking supplies. We have abandoned some of these ideas, and others are in use today. Finding the best solution among hundreds of suggestions can be your preference and taste in your kitchen design and size.


Corner kitchen cabinet ideas are one of those gray areas where maximizing space is still developing. You don’t want this space to go unused, but the inability to reach items is not always straightforward. In 1949, the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics created a film on home economics in response to stay-at-home parents asking for tips on timesaving techniques. Finding and using usable space was the primary focus of their studies.

Exploring the use of dead space in the kitchen has come a long way since the 18th century. This was when the Lazy Susan was first introduced to the world to save time and make meals more accessible. There are many arguments about who first invented this device, but this simple spinning table is one example of how kitchen organization began. 

Corner cupboards were the answer to storage in the early 1700s in England, and their popularity moved to the United States. Standing tall and decorative in solid wood, they added design to dining areas or a kitchen corner space. However, as built-in kitchen cabinets replaced open shelves and the freestanding kitchen counter, they slowly faded away.

Today, diagonal cabinets sit neatly in the corner where cabinets meet and create a continuous flow of the base cabinet and the upper cabinets. If this blind corner cabinet lacks the convenience you need, there are ways to remedy the situation. Kitchen corner cabinet concepts continue to develop, as interior designers discover better approaches to maximizing smaller areas, like modern condominium developments today.

Small corner kitchen cabinets can provide a lot of storage when adequately designed and installed. Here are a few ideas from top kitchen designers and manufacturers on how to be satisfied with your storage solutions. 

Table of Contents

Butterfly Drawers

A great way to solve the problem of a blind corner kitchen cabinet is to turn this space into convenient corner drawers. Having pull-out drawers for a corner is not as complex as it sounds. Known as butterfly drawers, they divide the drawer front into halves to fit the 90-degree angles.

This creates the appearance of two small drawers sitting on either side of where the cabinets meet. When the drawer handles get pulled, a sizeable one-piece drawer appears. This is a practical way to hide those awkward utensils and kitchen tools without too much bending. The best part is being able to see the contents with little trouble.


Glass Front Corner Kitchen Cabinets

A balanced look with cabinet fronts is essential, especially for a contemporary look. Adding a touch of luxury with a bit of space wrapped in glass, though, can create a focal point in the room. One of many blind corner kitchen cabinet ideas, a glass door front, is an acceptable stylish way to deter awkwardness from a corner.

While corner cabinet drawers display a classy picture of straight lines and matching hardware, upper cabinets deserve a graceful break in the stretch of cabinets. Making a statement with architectural detail and glass will add glamour to your kitchen. This open space also provides enough room to showcase crystal and designer stemware.


Ceiling to Floor Kitchen Nook

Taking the idea of a kitchen cupboard and turning it into a simple solution for the corner of your kitchen will give you easy accessibility. Picture this open triangular space as an opportunity to place a corner cupboard to show off your favorite plates and memorabilia. Leave part of the space open and have large open cubbies for microwaves, TVs, cookbooks, or drawers. Put this awkward space to good use and stay with the surrounding kitchen design. You will have a custom built-in look. 

Flexible Accordion Cabinet Door

An accordion cabinet door is a great idea for any small kitchen. Install a two or three-tiered lazy Susan inside the cabinet. Once you open the cabinet door, you can twirl the shelves to find needed kitchen appliances or pans for cooking. Think of it as appliance storage for keeping hard-to-fit pieces like blenders, mixers, toasters, and food processors. 

Magic Kitchen Shelves

Magic kitchen shelves are any type of flat surface or carousel with a mechanism that automatically moves a shelf when the lower corner cabinet door gets opened. We can also use baskets according to your personal preference. This is also a great place for storing small dishes and little-used cooking utensils. Usually made of durable plastic, they are made to stay sturdy and swing easily. These holders may not be as weight conscious as wood or metal but come in handy with the shelf swing-out option to put all contents right in front of you. 

Appliance Garage

The appliance garage is a perfect solution for using that blind corner of the kitchen for your countertop. Instead of filling this L-shaped crevice with novelties, install a roll-up cabinet that will streamline the look of your cabinets and provide tons of storage space. It will be the perfect size for storing small appliances and kitchen utensils. The height can be as tall as you like while keeping your cabinets balanced. It will surprise you how much space this ingenious little place will provide.

We can also use this kitchen cabinet design with regular straight cabinets, using double doors, depending on your kitchen layout. One large pull-up or pull-down door is ideal for keeping cabinet hardware even and clean. They often use these for hiding bulky coffee makers and large mixers. Swinging pullouts are another great option for that back of the cabinet space.


Open Shelving

Use open corner shelves to make a statement by creating a little space for spices and herbs. Build them in a V-shape or straddle them in your corner storage space. Spices in glass jars are always attractive, and you won’t select much of what you need. Add a little aroma to this small space with dried herbs and fruit. It will highlight your counter space under your upper regular cabinets.


Corner Sink


Corner kitchen blind cabinet ideas have progressed to placing kitchen sinks in this ample space. Knowing how to handle the extra storage below sounds like a great solution to most needs. Interior designers have offered creative ideas for sinks with a unique design and a modern style. One basin or two basin kitchen sinks are growing in popularity and could become a common way to plan out this room in the future.

Freeing up an entire wall for more cooking space and kitchen counters is a dream come true. You can store necessities like dish soap and scrubbers under the kitchen sink cabinet, but we can easily find oddball items like special pans and decorative dishes.

Fresh Ideas for Older Homes

Creative ways to upgrade your kitchen space in an older home should begin with the standard cabinet and counter space and planning for lots of storage. You should certainly consider corner cabinet options for your storage needs.

If you consider a significant remodel where plumbing and electrical lines are being moved, you have good reason to include a beautiful corner sink. You will need to dedicate considerable thought to a project of this size.

If we impressed you with these ideas that provide a perfect place for everything in your new kitchen, take it one step further with a small pantry closet. That restless corner at the end of your kitchen can become a small corner cupboard to display your treasured large and small items.

Diagonal to your glass corner cabinet, it will put the finishing touches on your brand-new kitchen with a beveled glass front. Don’t forget a bold splash of color through a backsplash or island kitchen chairs. Architects and designers continue to pour in new designs and fresh ideas to create your perfect modern kitchen. Space will appear more open and inviting, and all the time-saving measures will be in place for excellent meal prep.

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Washing dishes, washing fruit and vegetables, filling large pots with water, and draining liquid from cooked food are some things a kitchen sink can do for you. However, have you paid attention to the kitchen sink size? You only notice the size when you run out of room to complete cooking and cleaning tasks. 


Bigger is always better in the kitchen, and adding a double bowl sink is a wise investment. A double-size sink bowl has two connected bowls and a faucet in the center. That means you can multitask (i.e., soaking dirty dishes in one bowl and washing leafy greens in the other).


I have found many single-bowl sinks to be very limiting, even in smaller kitchens that do not have much space. I considered my perfect sink size based on future family needs and home resale. Sure, as a single individual or young couple, you might believe you’ll never have shorter family members to keep you busy.

However, I remember having fun with my daughter as she poured paint through a colander in the sink. It was fun and messy, but we also had a double bowl kitchen sink, each of equal size.

Besides learning the standard size for a double bowl kitchen sink, learn about the double sink types and materials. The right kitchen sink size will always depend on your particular use case and situation. So think wisely because kitchen renovations are the most expensive home improvement projects for any homeowner.

Table of Contents

Sink Style

Undermount Sink

A sink where the entire body and outer rim fit under the countertop and cabinet cut-out is an undermount sink. In particular, the extensive base goes inside the pre-measured deep hole while the sink rim fuses underneath the countertop with adhesive, brackets, or clips. The rest of the sink uses a cabinet-style covering to blend it in with kitchen cabinetry.

The good news is the undermount is a space saver. It gives you so much counter space to do whatever you please. The bad news is those sinks are heavy; water can land between the rim and countertop to weaken its foundation.

Overmount Sink

Unlike the undermount, the overmount sink fits inside the cabinet cut-out. The top of the sink rim sits on the countertop. This sink is easy to install and easy to replace with a new sink. Overmounts, drop-in, and top mount sinks conceal the sink front with a cabinet-style covering. There is good and bad news. Sadly, this sink takes inches of countertop space away, whereas the good news is the flexibility. The drop-in overmount works with any existing sink cabinet depth. It meshes well with the material and size of the top counter space.

Farmhouse Sink

The good news is the larger sink size. The large single bowl is between 8 and 9 inches deep. It requires a custom fit as it doesn’t match the size of most countertops. 


The bad news is the installation. Should you replace it, you must stick with a farmhouse or apron type. Choosing a different sink requires a new countertop and a cabinet overhaul.

Prep Sink

A new kitchen sink type focusing on food preparation, prep sinks take up less space than standard size sinks. Instead of a double basin sink, they are single bowl kitchen sinks. Alternatively labeled bar sinks, the small bowl is next to a more oversized sink, on a kitchen island, or around a wet bar.

Understand that the small sink is a secondary sink and will not take the place of a standard kitchen sink. If you have enough room for a bar sink, get one.

Drainboard Sink

Drain boards install like an overmount, undermount, or farmhouse, but the drain board sets the double-bowl sinks apart from others. A section on one side of the sink is a drying rack or drainboard. The grooves sticking upward collect dripping water from the wet items and guide it into the sink.

AdvertisementsEven though there are two sides, you end up with a single basin sink. Another downside is drainboards occupy countertop and cabinet space. You can also add a drainboard to an old sink as an attachment.

Add other attachments like a soap dispenser, garbage disposal, cutting board, sink strainer, and sink grids.

Oversized Sink

The standard sink size for single bowl sinks is 36 inches or fewer. I consider a sink larger than 36 inches to be an oversized sink. A small kitchen cannot handle big sinks, but a large kitchen can. Luxury homeowners of estates and spacious contemporary homes will always exceed the standard length and size range for almost any fixture, furniture, and design accent because they can. Money talks.

Oversized sinks are a perfect solution for spacious kitchens where the average kitchen sink will not suffice. Like the farmhouse and drainboard, it takes up cabinet and countertop space because of its massive size. Therefore, most oversized versions are in commercial buildings and not residential.

Kitchen Sink Material

The variety of kitchen sink materials is impressive. There are stone, cast iron, fireclay, copper, and stainless steel sinks that bring different benefits to the kitchen. You must pick a material that suits your cleaning and cooking habits in the kitchen. 

  • A stainless steel kitchen sink is the most popular and best sink material. It is durable, easy to clean, reasonably priced, rust-proof, and a safe kitchen decor choice. The material is stain, chip, and crack resistant with a sound-deadening material that doesn’t make noise when a stream of water hits it.
  • A copper sink is a handcrafted, durable material that kills bacteria and viruses on contact. The valuable material is rust-proof and tarnish-proof. Wash and wax the interior to prevent discoloration, or let it develop a beautiful patina appearance by doing nothing.
  • A cast iron sink is a solid iron material that is both heavy and indestructible. The most durable on the list, cast iron, will not burn, chip, or crack. It is simple to clean because of its porcelain enamel coating and glass-looking finish. 
  • Similar to cast iron, fireclay sinks mimic the appearance and porcelain enamel coating. Common in apron/farmhouse sinks, fireclay is durable, rust resistant, scratch-resistant, chip-resistant, acid damage resistant, fade resistant, and no discoloration. Fireclay gets its name from its construction: a clay-made item baked at extreme temperatures.
  • Travertine, marble, or granite stone sinks use the actual material to carve a sink out, so no two sinks will match. However, the beautiful and durable sink requires extra maintenance for continued use. A more popular stone option that is easier to clean is a composite version mixed with acrylic or quartz.

Kitchen Sink Dimensions

The style and the material will not matter if the dimensions are not in line with the size of the sink. Compared to 46 inches with triple bowl sinks, a standard double kitchen sink will be smaller, ranging from 30 to 36 inches in standard width. Meanwhile, a standard kitchen sink size for a single bowl is between 24 and 30 inches.

AdvertisementsBesides learning the width of different types of sinks, the height of double sinks, or the long end going in a vertical direction, is a 22-inch sink. The sink height is essential because it connects to depth (the measurement between the top and bottom of the sink).

Common sizes for standard double bowl sink depth runs between 6 and 10 inches deep. Picking shallow sinks between 6 and 8 inches deep won’t leave enough space for larger pots. A sink depth of 8 to 10 inches is a deeper sink, offering generous space.

Complete the measurement by focusing on the size of your kitchen. Smaller kitchens don’t need large sinks and vice versa. The right size is crucial to add balance and appeal.

Finally, the back dimensions of the sink matter. Will it be near a window or a backsplash? Include space for kitchen faucet installation.

If it is near a backsplash, it will affect depth as the tile thickness absorbs much-needed countertop space. For sinks near a window, the right sink size is the one that closely matches the window length. The width of the sink may match window width, as a wider sink looks awkward against a smaller window and vice versa.

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There is nothing sloppy about modern Italian kitchens. For furniture design, they rank among the highest in the world for having an impeccable sense of style. The high quality of materials gives Italy the honor of being the largest exporter of wood in Europe. 

‘Made in Italy’ is not only a stamp of origin but a guarantee that you receive protected goods from counterfeiting. Therefore, modern Italian kitchen cabinets are trendy, not only for their original designs but for quality, too. More homeowners are demanding products that adhere to a strict quality control process across different kitchen lines for cabinets.

Table of Contents

Evolution of Italian Kitchens

Kitchen islands trace back in Italy to the 14th century. They limited counter space because of the massive fireplaces needed for cooking. Prepping food had always been a traditional sport, and a large oblong table was always in the center of the room. 

The Victorian era brought worktables to other areas of Europe. However, it was not until the 1950s that the United States became romanticized with the idea of the transformed kitchen peninsula compared to any previous traditional style. After all, built-in stoves and refrigerators had shortened the counter space. Today, a dream kitchen always includes a continuous counter and a kitchen island, more suited for socializing, and adopts a luxurious style with visually powerful interior design accents.

The Italians have always been a leader in trendsetting designs, and the kitchen is no different. As predicted by interior designers, here is what to look for in modern Italian kitchen design.

Kitchen/Breakfast Bar Combo

Two-tiered kitchen islands are the perfect choice for multitasking, preparing dinner, and conversing with after-school kids and friends. A contemporary wood and natural stone design will match most kitchen cabinet designs.

The separation of tiers can be higher or lower than the island countertop. A lower countertop is an excellent idea for older folks that struggle with barstool height. They are also easier for tiny tots to climb and watch mom as she cooks.

Inspiration of Italian Chefs

The tools of the trade are essential to any Italian chef, and so is the organization. We can find hooks and strips on walls to hang the most critical cooking supplies in the kitchen industry, restaurants, and homes.

Organization for Inside Cabinets

Structured architecture with clean lines is a must for a modern kitchen design. Storage space for integrated appliances, like microwaves, ovens, and warming drawers, gets included in a contemporary Italian design. 


Cabinets that have pull-out drawers for easy access are also a thoughtful addition. Shelves and racks in islands that pull out are excellent places for storing crock pots, toaster ovens, and other bulky items. They craft pantry cabinets to have adjustable shelves for different-sized containers.

Large Open Living Spaces

Italian interiors of modern design include islands for conversing and spaces large enough to have a dining and living area. They often incorporate quality cabinets of the same contemporary style as the kitchen into bookcases or wall units of ample living space. 

Modular systems are becoming a trend, especially in small spaces where a sizeable permanent kitchen island is not workable. Many contemporary Italian kitchens in Europe are already familiar with these units, which are added to many small kitchen areas and have been for many years.

Known as bespoke furniture or custom kitchen pieces, designers build them to the specifications of your room, at an offsite location, before final delivery to your home when completed. Because they are portable, moving to other spaces is simple and convenient. 

Natural Materials

We see reclaimed wood for cabinets and stone countertops in different kitchen lines by Italian designers. Because they selected the highest quality materials over the many years of Italian craftsmanship, they also manufactured modern kitchen cabinets out of solid wood. Cedar, walnut, maple, and oak are a few of the woods used in Italian furniture and cabinets.

Marble and Italian granite are most commonly used in the highest standard of Italian countertops. Greece, Italy, and Spain have the purest and most durable granite in the world. You will see mention of Italian granite by many upscale designers.


There are different levels of quality depending on where granite mining occurs. Most manufacturers use granite from Canada, Brazil, and India for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Although these granites may not have the rich culture of Italian granite, they all have a stunning visual appeal. 

Matte glass cabinets and glass doors are a luxurious statement to Italian designs like Piero Lissoni, where cabinet surfaces have developed into works of art. A Pedini kitchen is another example of the innovative design we can credit for having the Italian kitchen of your dreams.

Color Palettes

While neutral colors fit an Italian traditional style, your color scheme can significantly affect your everyday life. Decide what you want your kitchen to say to you each morning before making a significant investment in a kitchen remodel.

If you want a cozy kitchen with a past Italian flavor, look to wood and different color combinations. Italian designer, L’Ottocento, offers contemporary styles that use defining touches of classic design for a Mediterranean charm. Dark wood with soft beige and a secondary green or red can add the perfect blend of tradition. 

An Aran Cucine kitchen is bold and bright with a modern look for trendy fast-paced millennials. For example, a unique design of red glossy cabinets against white high-gloss lacquer will set the pace for the entire day. Made of high-tech engineered polymers and laminates, sleek design materials rule any kitchen space. New modern bathrooms also use this type of material with bath cabinets, creating a massive upgrade. A mixture of curved and straight lines presents a futuristic overall design.  

Known for creating new ideas for your personal taste, Aran Cucine can arrange cabinets curved, vertically, or horizontally for a fresh modern appearance. The one-of-a-kind creations are fascinating. A J-shaped kitchen with glossy yellow pine may sound unusual, but not when you leave accredited kitchen designers to the task.

Cesar kitchens of New York take a different approach with fluidity, different colors, and material. Built-in stainless steel appliances, various wood shades, white countertops, and modern glass light fixtures.

Straight lines that are flush need not be boring with natural light and under-counter LED lights that stress the room’s afforded much space. Streamlined and impeccably designed, it is apparent that they did not create this kitchen in a production facility.

Traditional kitchen design ideas are often based on including a piece of Italian design history. For instance, the use of cooking techniques of historical significance is returning. We can incorporate wood-burning ovens and wide pasta rolling countertops with different styles

The traditional feel of the Tuscan countryside will never go out of style. Warm wood cabinets and wood ceiling beams are what the spirit of Italy is all about. Huge feasts with family and friends in a natural setting will always be trendy. Using antiques versus modern accessories around the cooking area brings back the Old World charm.

Open shelves that display the various fresh spices and cooking utensils bring the old country to life. Transitioning to a more upbeat environment is the new movement in Italian design. Replacing cabinets can be the first step in modernizing your Italian kitchen

Gray cabinets with Italian granite countertops deliver a warm feeling to an ultra-modern design. Blues and greens are other favored colors for contemporary design warmth. This type of decor can also blend well with an adjoining living room. Stainless steel cabinets and countertops are becoming more common in elite homes.

Once only used in commercial kitchens, there are more and more designers turning to this incredible material. Besides having a beautiful sheen and working well with wood, glass, and other metals, stainless steel is hygienic and non-porous. Nothing will leach into the surface, nor will it support the growth of bacteria. 

You will never see stainless steel end up in the garbage. This metal alloy is entirely recyclable if it wears out after years of use. Durable, versatile, and easy to clean, stainless steel compliments Italian design and others.

MandiCasa has a collection of luxury modern kitchen cabinetry that proves how many ranges of materials can come together for refined Italian design. All forms merge into exquisite beauty, from wood to glass and stainless steel.

Backsplashes with hidden shelves emerge that offer an aligned look to kitchen cabinets. Using the same material and hardware as the upper cabinets presents a molded look for a modern Italian style. We can achieve a traditional look by lining with backsplash material of wood, bricks, or stone. This area can provide hidden storage space for items not accommodating to your new Italian kitchen look.

Nothing can compare to a kitchen with professional lighting installed by a lighting expert. LED lighting is the most exciting trend for Italian kitchens. The lighting is always part of the original design, and Italian designers will provide a complete layout for ambient lighting and task lighting. 

If your kitchen has extra room, consider placing a bookcase against an entire wall with vertical separations. Use LED lighting to create shadowboxes to show off your assortment of Italian novelties. Line up favorite cookbooks, or get personal with world trip photos or portraits of the family.

Suspended Details

The suggestion of floating on air is apparent in many Italian styles. For example, suspending a cabinet or island base with LED lights adds a unique attraction. We can use this look in large and small kitchens to draw the eye to detail.

Many excellent Italian kitchen designers can transform your space and leave a lasting impression on their creations. Always consider the open areas surrounding the kitchen for a balanced flow of color and texture. 

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They created Futurism in Italy around 1905 as a social and artistic movement. It emphasized industrialism, technology, and youth through every medium of art, including interior design. In 1913, this movement attempted to spread to the United States, where it received poor reception and quickly died out in 1944. 


Since then, futurism has attempted to rekindle its position in the Western world through political agendas and support of Italian modern art. Today we have settled with futuristic to mean innovative, advanced, modern, revolutionary, and visionary. Interior design is an integral part of the futuristic movement and the ever-changing technology accompanying it. 


Smart homes are already being built that allow you to control lights, turn on the hot tub, and monitor your empty house from afar. While these may seem like luxuries that only a few can justify, electronic systems that offer practicality and comfort are quickly becoming a reality for the masses. 

Futuristic bedroom ideas are the perfect place to apply this redesign’s social and artistic structure. Many experts are hard at work in designing new furniture, like a new bed frame, formatting natural light, and experimenting with artificial intelligence. Follow these ideas if you are ready to leap from ordinary to groundbreaking in the latest futuristic interior design. 

Table of Contents

Futuristic Home Environment

Minimalism reigns in the home as a futuristic style. Upon entering the front door of your futuristic house, the outside world suddenly seems foreign. The hustle and bustle of the streets and traffic disappear to total silence. A white color scheme, or any light color, with straight lines and large windows, slows an overburdened mind’s speed.

A tech look of the futuristic design style will only be apparent for a minute. As you adjust to the change in atmosphere, lights of soft blue hues appear along the ceiling edges to provide a sensation of peace. But LED lights have grown into much more than a feel-good presence.

Advanced light waves are replacing today’s Wi-Fi capabilities. Most of us cannot remember what incandescent lighting even means. Australia has already started implementing this technology, and Italy is close behind.

One LED bulb and driver will receive light pulses in the new Li-Fi technology. Therefore, LED lighting will be present in most interior designs. We may think that LED lights have an excellent futuristic look, but they are much more than that.

Your futuristic bedroom ideas can begin with color. Neutral colors of white walls opposite light gray walls add a backdrop of freshness. A futuristic motif of bright blue tapestry adds a splash of color opposite a large round bed. A wall mural of planets or geographic designs can also add to your good futuristic bedroom design idea.

Futuristic and Trendy Bedroom Designs

Oversized poufs work nicely as a bed mattress with a round shape in bedroom interiors. Containing nothing more than a filler of buckwheat hulls or poly foam, making your own DIY round mattress is possible. Bedroom interiors are changing so quickly that manufacturers will soon offer unique mattress shapes.


Canopy beds take on an entirely new meaning in a futuristic kind of bedroom. Molded plastic wraps you into a cocoon of rest with the ultramodern bed that offers everything. An LED lighting system, HD projector, state-of-the-art sound, and retractable blinds let you enjoy peace and solitude while watching your favorite movies.

The unique textures of wood on glossy white furniture impact futurism, a virtual reality. A double-sized cubicle canopy bed can also work well in guest rooms. The experience will make overnighters forget about luxury hotels.

While the bed is the focal point in any bedroom, a white bedspread and a couple of green and yellow pillows are all you need to make a presentation of color. This futuristic concept needs little depth with the stark contrast of vivid colors.  Hardwood floors of simple light maple give you options for throw rugs. 

White bedroom designs also work well for a modern bedroom with a neutral color palette.  Platform beds with clean lines and artificial lighting of round white glass globes or paper mache that hang from the ceiling or sit on a bedside table allow you to ease into a futuristic feeling.

AdvertisementsA floating bed is becoming a new trend in a modern or futuristic sleeping space. Besides providing extra storage space below, it is the easiest way to create a futuristic look. 

Use an entire wall of geometric patterns behind the head of the bed. Curves and circles will soften the tone with sharp abstract shapes, giving the room a more high-tech appearance. Colored LED lighting that outlines specific shapes can help define the space. 


Choose a future theme with a Star Wars effect. Dark gray or deep blue walls can resemble pitch black space.  A black wall with a bedroom decoration of silver planets with a shiny finish is another surefire way to create a picture of a living space.

Floating constellations from a star projector can bring stars drifting slowly through the room. A lava lamp at the side of the bed or on top of a dresser is the perfect eye-catching subject of modern design. Also, a solid curved silver floor lamp can provide other futuristic design elements.

Creating a spaceship-like effect in a small room for your child is a great way to let them feel the futuristic vibe. Think space capsule and the small space that astronauts have to endure. A good idea for decorative accents includes lighting along the side and the end of the bed.

People of the space age often use bunk beds secured to walls. For styling, you can never have too much lighting. Place bed drawers below the bottom bed for storage. Choose a general color theme for this futuristic room that is painted a white color with shiny vinyl accents. This will expand the area and provide perfect symmetry. Add strips of LED lighting on the ceiling in random order. This will add futuristic appeal and needed light.

Futuristic Smart Bed Ideas

Already in the works is the Smart Bed that can comfort you, the perfect climate control specific to your body, and fabulous designs for a trendy look. Your master bedroom in a futuristic modern home is more than just a place to sleep.

The first thing you will notice about a smart bed is the quality used in the furniture pieces. Using natural materials also is a plus in the design. Extended headboards hold the controls for smart bulbs, step-on alarm clocks, chargers, light fixtures, and massage controls. 

Other Living Areas

Futuristic interior design ideas are not just limited to bedrooms. A living room with much space for large furniture, like a wrap-around couch, is a perfect example of how to convert modern into futuristic.

Use the right colors, like black, white, white, and neon green, to shape this space into a high-tech look. Dining rooms with curved one-piece chairs also add to the general idea of futurism. The rest of the furniture can comprise pops or upholstered ottomans and unique end tables.

A lot of money is being spent to develop the once dying reputation of futurism in ways that we can only imagine. High quality materials, ground-shattering technology, and a new generation of furniture are shaping up to become good news in the future. 

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