Many might believe that Tom Brady has the perfect life — He is married to a supermodel, he has healthy and beautiful kids, and he is living out his dream of being an NFL quarterback. There could be, however, trouble in paradise for “The Goat” thanks to a new “Fox” in his life, since it appears this “Fox” allegedly has his Brady’s wife calling her lawyer. What is prompting the phone call, and could it spell the end for Tom and Gisele?

Tom Brady pretended to be a professional boxer instead of an immortal quarterback earlier this year when he retired from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before, after just 40 days, unretiring to rejoin the team just one season removed from their Super Bowl championship. Shortly after his “return” to the field, Brady reportedly signed a 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox Sports to be their lead NFL color commentator whenever Brady decides to hang up his cleats and retire forever. As a result of having a retirement job set up after his playing career is over, Mrs. Brady, a.k.a. Gisele Bündchen, has been calling her lawyers to review a previously signed prenuptial agreement.

If you believe the story published by TheRichest.com website, Bündchen was talked into revisiting her pre-nup by her friends who wanted to make sure the multi-millionaire retired supermodel from Brazil “would receive a fair share of Brady’s future income” if the couple called it quits. While the story says the power couple has “an ironclad” pre-nuptuial agreement already in place, the constant urging of her friends convinced Bündchen to make the call to her attorney.

This story may sound like a non-sports website trying to make something out of nothing (Which it likely is nothing). However, we at TooAthletic enjoy juicy stories and getting to the bottom of it.

Remember two things: First, Tom Brady was dating Bridget Moynahan at the time he had a “blind date” with Bündchen, and right before he went public with his new girlfriend, Brady and Moynahan announced they were going to be parents. In short, Brady cheated on the mother of his first son, so why would any woman, even a supermodel, believe he would not do it again.

Second, It is clear from many reports that Gisele Bündchen wanted Tom Brady to retire long before this year and the reports of her fury that her husband returned to the field has been the topic of conversation in many places. Perhaps, with all this knowledge, Bündchen’s friends know that if Tom Brady goes and works for Fox Sports, Gisele may want a divorce or at the very least feel betrayed by a man who put his career ahead of her and their family.

I would be concerned about his story if I was living in Tampa Bay because websites and new outlets who don’t care about the NFL will have no issue reading tea leaves and looking for any sign that the Brady household is anything but happy. That spells one thing to me, distraction, something that Tom Brady and those around him don’t handle too well sometimes, and could make his return to the gridiron a disappointing one this season for him and the Buccaneers.

What happens in the future will be up to the husband and wife involved in this marriage; but I know one thing, Gisele Bündchen didn’t get to where she is in her life by having friends that didn’t tell her the cold, hard truth. So trust me when I tell you, if her friends are speaking out, she is listening, and Tom Brady better have a lawyer in his contacts just in case they keep talking. 


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Could Fox Sports Get In Between Tom And Gisele? | TooAthletic.com


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