Tom Emmer sent a letter to the US Treasury Department to get clarity behind the action of the agency on the Tornado Cash platform.

Tornado Cash is a crypto mixing platform known to provide privacy to crypto users. These days, Tornado Cash is not in a good situation because last week the US government agencies imposed a ban on the Tornado Cash platform and also many other online crypto companies followed the ban measures, as a response to sanctions. 

On 23 August, Congressman Tom Emmer (R-MN) took to Twitter to share his latest efforts in favor of the crypto mixing platform Tornado Cash.

Through the Twitter post, Emmer confirmed that he wrote an open letter to the US Treasury Department to figure out the clarity on Tornado Cash ban measures. 

Through the letter, Emmer noted that Tornado Cash is a neutral & open source platform and also he raised questions about the rights of US citizens to have privacy in their financial transactions.

Emmer also asked for clarity on the many questions from OFAC (Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Contro). Emmer wants to know whether the agency knows that not all the sanctioned addresses belonging to the Tornado Cash platform are under the control of the crypto mixing platform team.

US lawmakers also said that Tornado Cash is neutral and many US-based innocent crypto users used it. And now adding the all crypto addresses linked with Tornado Cash will make it very tough for those innocent users to use their crypto funds linked with the Tornado Cash.

Cardano founder against Tornado Cash ban

Recently Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano blockchain, shared his opinion on the US sanction on Tornado Cash and he opposed to the decision because Tornado Cash is decentralized and also neutral.

Hoskinson claimed that US government agencies are indirectly retarding the development & growth of innovative development works. 

According to Cardano founder, the government is not working to prohibit bad actors’ Involvement in the crypto industry, instead, it is directly stopping the development of innovative projects. 


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