Crypto.Com secured approval to provide crypto purchase services via the use of digital payment wallet of Google.

CryptoCom is a popular crypto exchange and this exchange is popular because of its promotional strategies. CryptoCom exchange also secured its position as a sponsor of FIFA 2022. Exchange is known to provide secured crypto wallets and trading services to its users. Recently exchange grabbed a crypto service provider license from the Italian Anti Money Laundering agency.

With the latest move of this exchange, CryptoCom users can easily use their GooglePay wallet to pay for cryptocurrencies buy at the wallet directly, thanks to the GooglePay integration support by the exchange. 

CryptoCom users cold simply link or add a GooglePay number in the wallet and also there will be a requirement to add the Credit or Debit Card with the GooglePay wallet in advance. It will take around a week to see the GooglePay wallet support on the platform.

These days, CryptoCom grabbing huge traction in the crypto industry because of the successful expansion of its services through official regulatory approval in multiple countries. Recently exchange received regulatory approval to provide services in Greece, Singapore, and Dubai, Italy.

In May 2022, CryptoCom announced its partnership with the Shopify platform, to allow CryptoCom customers to pay via the CryptoCom wallet.

Technology adaptive company Google against cryptocurrencies

In the past 3-4 years, the whole crypto industry saw that Google platform restricted crypto-related advertisements on its platform, to keep its ads platform free from misleading ads. 

In 2017, Many ICOs project advertised their projects via Google but few people misused the Google platform to mislead crypto investors. The majority of the crypto investment websites were promising to give 100% to 10000% returns within days or weeks and everything was fake and based on Ponzi schemes. 

When many people reported against such misleading ads, then Google banned crypto-related ads. In 2021, Google started to open room for good crypto companies to promote their services, which were based on the ideal business models. 

In 2021, Google also showed its significant interest in cloud services for crypto & blockchain start-ups.

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