Paint containers, such as trays and buckets, make painting projects more efficient and simple for customers and are a great add-on product to boost your sales. Merchandise a wide variety to meet all your customers’ needs and train employees to mention these products as add-ons when customers purchase paint.

Trays. The most classic option, trays are great for rollers and come in several sizes and materials. This Handy Paint Tray from Handy Paint Products holds up to a gallon of paint and includes an integrated magnetic brush holder. A smaller option is Encore Plastics’ 4-Inch White Mini Roller Tray, which is solvent resistant and reusable. Wooster Brush Company’s 11-Inch Wooster Paint Tray is a standard option to stock for your customers and features rust-resistant steel, a ribbed roll-off area for even loading and durable and welded legs that keep the tray level. Little Giant®’s Fuel Tank is a vertical paint tray designed for painting on ladders. It features a magnetic paint roller and brush holder and is made of a special plastic polymer that makes for easy cleanup.

Buckets/Pails. Buckets hold more paint, require fewer refills and are more stable, which leads to fewer spills. Handy Paint Products’ Handy Paint Pail is a great option for cutting in and touch-ups. It features an adjustable strap for holding and attaches to belts for hands-free use. ZorrCorp’s Roll A Bucket is a 6-gallon wheeled bucket that saves customers the strain of carrying heavy paint. Wooster’s Wide Boy 5-Gallon Bucket can fit rollers as big as 18-inches long and features a large-capacity roll -off area and galvanized-steel bail handle with comfort grip.


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