Data engineers are leading the charge in the fastest-growing sector of the global economy right now, which is data science. Pursuing a data engineering role is unquestionably something to think about because it arguably has the best job outlook of all data science roles.

The big data revolution requires data engineers to create, test, and maintain data architecture. They work closely with data architects; in fact, they frequently work together on projects. The relationship between an architect and an engineer can be compared to how an architect and an engineer work together to design and construct magnificent buildings in the real world. The development of systems that can store enormous volumes of data is the main emphasis of data engineers. A data scientist can quickly access the right datasets for analysis thanks to the architecture that a data engineer creates.

In this article, we will discuss the job and responsibilities of a data engineer, the best Data Engineering Certification and also the salary of a data engineer in India.

What is a data engineer?

Building and maintaining data pipelines allows data engineers to store large amounts of data in a way that makes it subsequently accessible. Every other component of data science depends on this infrastructure. The architecture, which includes databases and massively parallel processing systems, is developed, built, maintained, and tested by the data engineer. Data engineers create data set processes, which are subsequently applied to modeling, data mining, data collecting, and verification. Alongside data architects, data analysts, and data scientists, the data engineer collaborates. Data analysts analyze data to produce useful insights, whereas data architects are in charge of data management systems and are familiar with a company’s data utilization. Last but not least, data scientists concentrate on advanced statistical modeling and machine learning. Through the use of data visualization and storytelling, they must communicate these insights to other company stakeholders.

What does a data engineer do?

The primary duties of the data engineer include developing, constructing, testing, and managing data management systems. This makes it possible to produce relevant data for particular initiatives. Data engineers need to be proficient in popular scripting languages to accomplish this. They must use coding to resolve challenging issues.

Keep in mind that data engineers—not data miners—are individuals who create data systems. Thus, the data engineer performs more “behind the scenes” work and must feel at ease with other team members developing business solutions using this data. Data engineers must also keep track of the data flow and status in the systems they design, which may require classifying and organizing big datasets as soon as they are made available.

Data engineer job description

  • Design, implement, test, and maintain software systems.
  • Create a data architecture for the intake, processing, and surfacing of data for massive applications.
  • Data from one database is extracted and loaded into another.
  • Utilize a variety of scripting languages to integrate systems while comprehending their differences and advantages.
  • Research and develop fresh data collection techniques, and novel uses for data already available.
  • Collaborate with other data team members, such as data architects, data analysts, and data scientists

Career path for a data engineer

Candidates must choose an entry-level Data Engineer position to launch their careers. In order to advance to senior-level positions, they must continue to be consistent in the field while accruing more job experience.

  • Junior Data Engineer: A Junior Data Engineer’s duties include coming up with technical answers. They must comprehend the data requirements. Aggregating and analyzing data sets is a requirement of the position to gain useful knowledge.
  • Senior Data Engineer: An expert in charge of managing data integration, data modeling, and upkeep of data warehouse and analytics settings is known as a senior data engineer. They create scripts for the analysis and integration of data.
Data Engineer

Skills need to become a Data Engineer

Data engineers must be at ease with a variety of computer languages and technologies. The fundamental understanding of when to use which language and why is one of the most crucial abilities a data engineer possesses because they are continually susceptible to change. Data engineers must be motivated to keep learning new technological skills.

Clearly, a broad range of technical knowledge is demanded of data engineers. However, a large portion of the job entails using critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to choose the best course of action in each particular circumstance. This can entail coming up with novel solutions.

Data engineers must also be able to collaborate effectively with other data professionals and effectively convey findings and recommendations to coworkers without technical expertise.

Data engineer salary in India

The average Data Engineer pay in India is Rs. 8,00,000 LPA, according to Glassdoor, but of course, salaries vary depending on a number of criteria, including firm size and reputation, region, education requirements, job position, and work experience. Reputable companies and significant players in the Big Data market, including but not limited to Amazon, Airbnb, Spotify, Netflix, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, and Capgemini, often pay their data engineers handsomely. The more job experience you have in the field of big data, the more valuable you will be on the market.


As the analytics sector expands, many responsibilities within the function are becoming more crucial. The importance of high-quality data has often been emphasized in order to get superior outcomes in Data Science or similar applications. The amount of data produced and the variety of sources it comes from have both rapidly expanded with the greater adoption of digital technology. Data engineers are, therefore, more in demand. They make a median annual salary of 12.3 lakhs as of August 2021. With more experience, this salary rises and varies by industry, location, and level of education.

In conclusion, those who are thinking about a career change may want to think about working as a Data Engineer and upgrading their skills in line with that. This position offers lots of room for improvement in terms of knowledge, aptitude, and pay. 

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