DevOps has become a popular IT approach in recent years. DevOps is a group of not-new concepts that have become a movement in the technological world. People may have unclear and inconsistent views like any new and popular term.

DevOps jobs are booming. The BLS projects software to rise 22% this decade, compared to 8% for all occupations. DevOps positions are only half of this growth, but it’s significant. Assume DevOps growth is 5%. 5 percent growth represents 90,000 additional DevOps positions with 1.8 million currently. Given DevOps’ popularity with employers, 5% is probably low.

Grand View Research predicts the DevOps industry will reach $12.85 billion by 2025. The method’s various benefits are driving its popularity. The growth factor is continually increasing. Choose the best DevOps certification based on your desired field.

DevOps – Its evolution

DevOps became a trend. Recently, corporations introduced DevOps jobs to support their culture. Supporting DevOps is a full-time job with many specialized IT tools and expertise.

DevOps transformed how we build and deploy software. It is due to cloud infrastructure availability, lower cost, containerized environments, and automation technologies.

Let’s know what a “DevOps engineer” is

Working as a DevOps engineer is cutting-edge, challenging, and financially rewarding. DevOps engineering is a new field with Larry Page-level opportunities.

It’s relevant to the job and suitable if you want technological and interpersonal challenges. DevOps is a good career move for those in software development, networking, or operations.

Automation, monitoring, testing, configuring, networking, and Infrastructure as Code are everyday DevOps tasks (IaC). That implies you’ll need a variety of skills. A highly technical function, it’s better left to expert engineers.

How to get into DevOps?

There’s no DevOps roadmap. If you’re in development, QA, performance, or support, you must learn CI/CD. Freshers must learn programming, OS principles, Cloud, and Containers to enter DevOps. Pick real-world use cases to work on before interviews.

Does a DevOps engineer make a good salary?

O’Reilly Media has released a survey stating that the typical salary for DevOps workers worldwide is currently $90,000. Since we’re discussing DevOps as a Service, it seems appropriate to look at hourly prices worldwide.

  1. India: According to Payscale, the average DevOps pay in India is Rs 674,202 per year.
  2. Ukraine: DevOps is widespread in Ukraine. In Ukraine, a DevOps engineer makes $24K-$48K. DevOps outsourcing firms charge $25/hour.
  3. USA: The average DevOps engineer salary in the US is $135,294. Most experienced workers make up to $200,000 per year. Entry-level jobs start at $80,000.
  4. Canada: The average DevOps engineer salary in Canada is $130k/year or $66.67/hour. Entry-level jobs start at $90,000 annually, while most experienced workers make $166,550.
  5. UK: UK DevOps engineer salaries average $78,000 per year or $40 per hour. Entry-level jobs pay $39,000 annually, while most experienced workers get $116,000.
  6. Norway: Norway’s average DevOps engineer income is $77.569/year or $37.31/hour.
  7. Denmark: UK DevOps engineer salaries average $54.226 per year. $40 per hour.
  8. Germany: DevOps engineers in Germany make $79,259 per year and $38 per hour. Engineers make between $55,000 and $97,000 on average.

When utilized appropriately, DevOps outsourcing is powerful. It’s a reasonable task and an important business decision. DevOps enables efficiency and growth.

DevOps salary trend

The compensation study reveals how DevOps impacts the company through salaried positions and momentum. The survey examines trends by:

  • Department
  • Industry
  • Region
  • Gender
  • Minorities
  • Revenue

Overall, tech salaries climbed globally despite the pandemic and business delays, according to Puppet’s 2020 DevOps Salary Report. Most organizations polled increased their digital transformation activities by 3-4 years to meet pandemic demands, pushing tech forward.

This year’s DevOps salary report reveals

  • Platform engineers have high wages due to great demand.
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare professionals are top earnings worldwide.
  • The gender gap is shrinking but still significant.
  • DevOps salaries climbed globally, but some nations saw the most growth.

The future of DevOps

DevOps’ future will offer new tools and organizational strategies, but its goal will remain the same.

Future iterations of DevOps will focus on making the most of cloud computing. Deloitte Consulting analyst David Linthicum claims that the cloud’s centralized nature makes DevOps automation possible by providing a stable environment for testing, rollout, and final production.

Businesses need to realize that DevOps is not a destination but a process and that their DevOps-related goals and expectations will evolve as they gain experience.

Opportunities to work as a DevOps engineer

Employment prospects are a plus for those interested in DevOps. DevOps is an emerging philosophy in information technology that merges technical know-how with crucial communication and operational skills to improve an organization’s ability to rapidly and reliably roll out new applications and services. It’s no longer just a fad in the tech world; now, many people with IT and process management skills may pursue careers in this area.

Do you wish to impact your current role through further education and training significantly? As the need for skilled workers increases, we’ve developed a list of six reasons you should choose a career in DevOps.

“As a DevOps Engineer, you can work for virtually any company in the information technology sector.” DevOps is being adopted rapidly by new businesses. Consultancies and multinationals are seeking DevOps Engineers to bolster their existing technical staff.

The conclusion

As programmers advance in their professions, they are tasked with managing software release cycles and developing innovative ways to outperform the competition. And therefore, a career in DevOps is challenging and satisfying all at once.

Consider DevOps if you’re looking for a promising profession in 2022 and beyond. It may be a Ken Thompson–level field for you if you are interested in how development and operations overlap. DevOps has an extremely bright future, with incomes in the six figures, rapid job growth, and ample opportunities for advancement. Give DevOps a try if you’ve always thought it would be a rewarding profession. Suppose you are at a loss on how to initiate your project. In that case, the Simplilearn online learning platform is available to assist you.

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