They created Futurism in Italy around 1905 as a social and artistic movement. It emphasized industrialism, technology, and youth through every medium of art, including interior design. In 1913, this movement attempted to spread to the United States, where it received poor reception and quickly died out in 1944. 


Since then, futurism has attempted to rekindle its position in the Western world through political agendas and support of Italian modern art. Today we have settled with futuristic to mean innovative, advanced, modern, revolutionary, and visionary. Interior design is an integral part of the futuristic movement and the ever-changing technology accompanying it. 


Smart homes are already being built that allow you to control lights, turn on the hot tub, and monitor your empty house from afar. While these may seem like luxuries that only a few can justify, electronic systems that offer practicality and comfort are quickly becoming a reality for the masses. 

Futuristic bedroom ideas are the perfect place to apply this redesign’s social and artistic structure. Many experts are hard at work in designing new furniture, like a new bed frame, formatting natural light, and experimenting with artificial intelligence. Follow these ideas if you are ready to leap from ordinary to groundbreaking in the latest futuristic interior design. 

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Futuristic Home Environment

Minimalism reigns in the home as a futuristic style. Upon entering the front door of your futuristic house, the outside world suddenly seems foreign. The hustle and bustle of the streets and traffic disappear to total silence. A white color scheme, or any light color, with straight lines and large windows, slows an overburdened mind’s speed.

A tech look of the futuristic design style will only be apparent for a minute. As you adjust to the change in atmosphere, lights of soft blue hues appear along the ceiling edges to provide a sensation of peace. But LED lights have grown into much more than a feel-good presence.

Advanced light waves are replacing today’s Wi-Fi capabilities. Most of us cannot remember what incandescent lighting even means. Australia has already started implementing this technology, and Italy is close behind.

One LED bulb and driver will receive light pulses in the new Li-Fi technology. Therefore, LED lighting will be present in most interior designs. We may think that LED lights have an excellent futuristic look, but they are much more than that.

Your futuristic bedroom ideas can begin with color. Neutral colors of white walls opposite light gray walls add a backdrop of freshness. A futuristic motif of bright blue tapestry adds a splash of color opposite a large round bed. A wall mural of planets or geographic designs can also add to your good futuristic bedroom design idea.

Futuristic and Trendy Bedroom Designs

Oversized poufs work nicely as a bed mattress with a round shape in bedroom interiors. Containing nothing more than a filler of buckwheat hulls or poly foam, making your own DIY round mattress is possible. Bedroom interiors are changing so quickly that manufacturers will soon offer unique mattress shapes.


Canopy beds take on an entirely new meaning in a futuristic kind of bedroom. Molded plastic wraps you into a cocoon of rest with the ultramodern bed that offers everything. An LED lighting system, HD projector, state-of-the-art sound, and retractable blinds let you enjoy peace and solitude while watching your favorite movies.

The unique textures of wood on glossy white furniture impact futurism, a virtual reality. A double-sized cubicle canopy bed can also work well in guest rooms. The experience will make overnighters forget about luxury hotels.

While the bed is the focal point in any bedroom, a white bedspread and a couple of green and yellow pillows are all you need to make a presentation of color. This futuristic concept needs little depth with the stark contrast of vivid colors.  Hardwood floors of simple light maple give you options for throw rugs. 

White bedroom designs also work well for a modern bedroom with a neutral color palette.  Platform beds with clean lines and artificial lighting of round white glass globes or paper mache that hang from the ceiling or sit on a bedside table allow you to ease into a futuristic feeling.

AdvertisementsA floating bed is becoming a new trend in a modern or futuristic sleeping space. Besides providing extra storage space below, it is the easiest way to create a futuristic look. 

Use an entire wall of geometric patterns behind the head of the bed. Curves and circles will soften the tone with sharp abstract shapes, giving the room a more high-tech appearance. Colored LED lighting that outlines specific shapes can help define the space. 


Choose a future theme with a Star Wars effect. Dark gray or deep blue walls can resemble pitch black space.  A black wall with a bedroom decoration of silver planets with a shiny finish is another surefire way to create a picture of a living space.

Floating constellations from a star projector can bring stars drifting slowly through the room. A lava lamp at the side of the bed or on top of a dresser is the perfect eye-catching subject of modern design. Also, a solid curved silver floor lamp can provide other futuristic design elements.

Creating a spaceship-like effect in a small room for your child is a great way to let them feel the futuristic vibe. Think space capsule and the small space that astronauts have to endure. A good idea for decorative accents includes lighting along the side and the end of the bed.

People of the space age often use bunk beds secured to walls. For styling, you can never have too much lighting. Place bed drawers below the bottom bed for storage. Choose a general color theme for this futuristic room that is painted a white color with shiny vinyl accents. This will expand the area and provide perfect symmetry. Add strips of LED lighting on the ceiling in random order. This will add futuristic appeal and needed light.

Futuristic Smart Bed Ideas

Already in the works is the Smart Bed that can comfort you, the perfect climate control specific to your body, and fabulous designs for a trendy look. Your master bedroom in a futuristic modern home is more than just a place to sleep.

The first thing you will notice about a smart bed is the quality used in the furniture pieces. Using natural materials also is a plus in the design. Extended headboards hold the controls for smart bulbs, step-on alarm clocks, chargers, light fixtures, and massage controls. 

Other Living Areas

Futuristic interior design ideas are not just limited to bedrooms. A living room with much space for large furniture, like a wrap-around couch, is a perfect example of how to convert modern into futuristic.

Use the right colors, like black, white, white, and neon green, to shape this space into a high-tech look. Dining rooms with curved one-piece chairs also add to the general idea of futurism. The rest of the furniture can comprise pops or upholstered ottomans and unique end tables.

A lot of money is being spent to develop the once dying reputation of futurism in ways that we can only imagine. High quality materials, ground-shattering technology, and a new generation of furniture are shaping up to become good news in the future. 


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