Hoskinson indirectly talked about the delay in  Cardano’ Vasil Hardfork as a progressive step but faced mixed responses from the community.

Cardano is a popular crypto project, which was launched by Charles Hoskinson’s IOHK ( a blockchain developer team) as a rival of the Ethereum blockchain. Cardano blockchain works on Proof-of-stake consensus. However Cardano blockchain can beat any blockchain network except Solana but still, it is going to introduce the highest level of scalability feature to push the Cardano Blockchain at the top choice for crypto investors.

On 30 July, Hoskinson tweeted some selfies and wrote that “Sometimes you just have to let people build beautiful things regardless of how long it takes”.

A Twitter user responded and tweeted he hopes that Cardano will not take too much time. 

If we look closely at the response comments, then we will find that Cardano founder faced criticism because of the ongoing delay in the upcoming planned Vasil Hardfork in Cardano mainnet. 

Vasil Hardfork delay

Vasil Hardfork was planned to get introduce in the Cardano mainnet by June but later market situation & technical issues forced the developer team to reschedule it by late July. But again they rescheduled & it is expected that the fork will be introduced by mid of August.

On 28 July, Kevin Hammond, IOHK’s Technical Manager, announced about this delay and ensured that Cardano would take steps without bugs. 

If Vasil Hardfork will be introduced in the Cardano mainnet then the Cardano network will be able to achieve scalability near Solana’s Proof-of-history protocol by the end of this year. The maximum scalability that can be gained by the Cardano Blockchain will be 1 million TPS after the introduction of the Hydra protocol.

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