Faith Hill Tim McGraw Birthday Tim McGraw wife

It seems like the Country music power couple is more in love than ever! Faith Hill turned to social media to wish her husband, Tim McGraw a happy birthday with a sweet throwback pic of them kissing.

Tim McGraw turns 54 on Saturday, with his biggest fan by his side— fellow country star and wife, Faith Hill. The “I Need You” hitmaker took to Instagram on May 1 to share an old photo showing her and her husband on stage together after she’s run over and jumped into his arms.

“Happy Birthday to my man. My one and only. I love you”. The 53-year-old singer captioned the sweet photo, which showed the pair kissing while Faith McGraw’s arms around Hill and her legs wrapped around his.

The “Highway Don’t Care” hitmaker fell in love when Hill was hired as an opening act. On her future husband’s Spontaneous Combustion tour. In 1996. They’re now a family of five. And share three daughters: Gracie, 23. Maggie, 22. And Audrey, 19. “We were young and silly. And goo-goo-eyed in love”. The country star told PEOPLE in a recent interview about meeting and touring together in their twenties.

Faith Hill Tim McGraw Birthday Tim McGraw wifeFaith Hill and Tim McGraw married in October 1996 and welcomed their first child, Gracie Catherine McGraw soon after. “We have raised very. Very independent. Vocal young ladies. And I’m very proud of that,” he said. Adding, “They’re very outspoken in their beliefs. And what they believe in. They don’t tolerate injustice for anybody. And they speak up about it. I’m really proud of that.”

Recently. Their eldest daughter Gracie opens up on social media about the importance of body positivity and her journey to embracing her true self. The 23 years old lady shared some pics of herself in a bathtub on March 11, including some thoughtful caption about the meaning behind the revealing photos.

“I’m no artist by any means. But playing with makeup. Makes me feel like. I belong in a museum!” she began. “I love this beautiful era. Of using the face as just a blank slate. Makeup was created to enhance. What men wanted us to enhance. Sex. But now it’s used by. Every kind of person. To express themselves.”

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