Achieva Credit Union become the first among its rival to offer crypto services via native platform.

Achieva Credit Union is a state-chartered credit union, which is regulated under the authority of NCUA. In 2009, Sarasota Coastal Credit Union & Achieva Credit Union merged. Now, this Credit union is headquartered in Florida. The credit union has more than $2 billion in assets and more than 160,000 members in more than two dozen countries.

On 8 June, Tampa Bay Times reported that Achieva launched its crypto app. The newly crypto app of Achieva Credit Union allows people to trade cryptocurrencies. 

With the launch of this app, Achieva Credit Union become the first mover in Florida for such types of services. For the same, Achieva took the help from NYDIG to provide trading and custody of the assets. NYDIG has specialized in huge numbers of financial organizations. 

Indeed crypto is not much new thing for the customers of Achieva. Earlier, Achieva customers were allowed to deal with bitcoin but it was possible via third-party platforms, which was not much better for the customers to go with crypto-related activitie with full trust. 

Now native app of Achieva will help to grab huge trust among those customers, which are interested in crypto-related activities.

Tracy Ingram, the officer at credit union’s chief digital and infrastructure, also shared some important things regarding the launch of the crypto app and confirmed that it will help the company secure huge confidence among the users.

Ingram further said:

“They’ll come in, they’ll call and ask, ‘What are we doing? What should we look at? There are a lot of consumers out there who are crypto-curious, and that’s no different for our members. They’re looking for information and education about, ‘What is cryptocurrency? How does it all work?’”

On the regulatory challenges, Ingram said that Achieva was always among the top to follow the legislative steps and also said that it also works under the same regulatory line. 

“From a compliance regulation standpoint, that’s always part of our focus, of really ensuring that we are working with those experts who know what’s coming.”

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