A former Robinhood officer shared her personal opinion regarding the popular meme coin Doge.

Robinhood is a popular crypto & stock platform. Initially Robinhood was providing only stock trading services but later in 2018 platform entered the crypto business to provide crypto trading services under a highly compliance-based framework. In 2021, Robinhood collected huge revenue from Dogecoin coin, so this exchange always remains ready to talk about Dogecoin. 

Christine Brown, who was Robinhood’s COO from April 2021 until March 2022, shared her opinion regarding Dogecoin. She said that Dogecoin is that crypto-asset that helped to bring huge numbers of people into the crypto industry, during a conversation with Decrypt on the platform’s gm podcast. 

Brown said that DOGE deserves more credit than what it is getting, as what it did in the crypto industry in 2021. She said:

“(Dogecoin) in a lot of ways does not get the credit it deserves for helping onboard people to space.”

Brown noted that there are a total of three issues as a barrier to crypto adoption, which are economics, education, and emotion. 

Former Robinhood COO said that buying cryptocurrencies requires money and it happens with huge losses because of ups and downs. On crypto education, Brown said that there is a need of huge crypto education. In particular, she pointed out that the self-custody of cryptocurrencies remains tough for newbie crypto investors. 

Brown asserted that education in the Crypto interested people will help the crypto industry to bring innovations and products, which will make things more easier for the crypto users to deal with crypto assets and related projects. 

Brown said that the Dogecoin trend in the crypto industry introduced huge fun and also provided huge ease among the users to deal with crypto buy concerns. 

She said:

“Dogecoin, at the time, made it easy for people to be like, ‘Yeah, this is for me. It’s a coin with a dog on it, and I can start with $1, and I can just try it out and see what happens and dip my toe in and go from there.”

Roger Ver, a pro-Bitcoin supporter, also recently supported meme coin Doge. He said that Dogecoin is the best coin over Bitcoin. Roger said that the Dogecoin blockchain is much better in terms of transaction speed, execution time & fees. 

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