Custom Smoke Canada (Instagram @customsmoke_403) is Canada’s most sought after cannabis artist, rolling some of the most creative custom smokable art pieces that have graced this planet.  Not only is Daniel a magician when it comes to custom smokable art, he’s a guru when it comes to what’s inside every joint and how they work, and that’s really what matters.  In a world where consumers are skeptical of buying pre rolled joints with a pre conceived notion that we’re getting seeds and stems, it’s premium positioned cannabis artist like Daniel that are building trust in the legal industry, offering products curated for the cannabis connoisseur

Extract Magazine recently sat down with Daniel to check in for our regular update. When we met, Daniel was just getting started with his first custom rolling venture. It’s always been apparent that Daniel is in it for the community, and culture and that’s part of the reason his projects glow around the cannabis community in Canada. Rolling custom creations that compete on the top globe scale for their creativity, Daniel is a success story in the Canadian cannabis community, taking a hobby and turning it into a full time gig.

Custom Smoke Canada is primarily a creative art company – Can you give us a little intro and insight into your background as a youth growing up around cannabis and how you got into the industry?

I was not around the cannabis industry much when I was young, other than rolling some blunts for friends. After high school I started to meet people in the industry and my interest took off. I was very interested in the cannabis plant’s life cycle, along with all the varieties of strains. I remember it being extremely frustrating chatting about cannabis with friends and bringing up a terpene and being told “It doesn’t really make a difference”, “Weed is Weed”.

All of a sudden I was a volunteer manager at a legacy market dispensary in Calgary, rolling cannabis cigars and custom rolls for fun and friends.

If you’re new to cannagars, these are premium cannabis smokables that burn for a really long time.  Picture this: Cannabis wrapped around a stick for airflow.  Now incorporate extracts, pure THC crystal, and premium cannabis formed into any size, wrapped with anything from traditional papers through tobacco leaves, hemp leaves and even rose petals. 

The trick here is, not all of these plants are grown smoke, so you can’t just grab any flower and wrap your weed with it.  Well you can, but you’re not going to get the desired effects and flavors that Daniel meticulously creates in his own custom gardens.  The process to achieving a smokeable leaves is extremely important.  Over the years Daniel has mastered this, cultivating his own smokeable leaves for his custom creations, grown to perfection and made for combustion.



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