Popular crypto exchange established a partnership with giant card payment processor Visa. 

FTX is a popular crypto trade platform. Due to better promotional strategies & secured trading services for crypto traders, the exchange is standing at 3rd rank in terms of 24 hours global trade volume on its platform. FTX.us is another US-based crypto company, which is a subsidiary of FTX. 

FTX will issue crypto debit cards via the support of Visa 1

On 7 October, A leading crypto news media reported that FTX established a partnership with Visa company and under this partnership, FTX will issue Visa-supported Crypto debit cards for its customers in over 40 countries in the world. 

So basically, it will be very easy for FTX exchange users to spend their crypto funds via Visa Debit cards easily. 

According to the available information, FTX’s Crypto debit cards will be much helpful for the users because it will cost zero fees to own this unique Debit Card & also there will be no processing fees to pay for goods & services. 

However, it is not a unique type of partnership but still, it is better for the crypto sector because it will drive a better level of crypto adoption & also will make the use of crypto assets easy to use in daily life. 

FTX token 

FTT is the native token of the FTX crypto exchange. The current price of this coin is $24.77 and it is up by 0.5% over the 24 hours trade price. 

A sudden peak in the FTX token price chart can be seen, which was a 5% sudden increment in the price because of the news of FTX-Visa partnership.

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