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Its so amazing how much love a baby can bring to anybody’s life. It’s like a special little miracle from god. We know God’s beautiful thoughts get bloom into a child. People start loving at one glance. A baby’s first step takes place in everyone’s heart. Sometimes little things like getting ready for a baby’s arrival to bring the biggest happiness in people’s life. However, here we are talking about the baby’s arrival that brings the biggest happiness in everyone’s life. That’s how becoming a parent makes you feel like you have moved to heaven. Your days and night move upside down when you start handling new things for that tiny little angel whose language you don’t understand. What will happen when suddenly a tiny little new member pops up into your family.

So getting ready for the arrival of the new member in your family must be a tough job but bring confidence and joy.

In many cultures, there are rituals and ceremonies to welcome the unborn baby which brings blessings and happiness. One of them is Baby shower a traditional ceremony which is celebrated all around the world in different ways with different names. Every country has its own traditions and culture. Some countries like India, the USA, France, etc celebrate before the arrival of the baby, but countries like Japan, Korea, China, etc. celebrate after the baby is born. They are not celebrated in the same way around the world right from the child is unborn to when he/she is born to their naming ceremony. It’s a celebration for the unborn or expected child which transforms a woman into a mother.


Parents need to be prepared for the arrival of an unborn baby. Labour could start at any time so it is better to be prepared by the time when it is about 36 weeks passed. You have to prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Financially when u have conceived. You have to pack all the necessary things that are going to be useful during labor and after birth. You have to be mentally prepared, many women get fear of the procedure and pain during delivery. Getting the right diet and lifestyle maintain physical and mental health which is, in turn, helpful during labor. So, getting ready for the arrival of baby needs planning before birth.

Here are some tips and plans on how to get ready for the baby’s arrival.

Financial preparation

Financial preparation

Parents must financially be prepared when they are planning to become parents. You need to plan and write down a budget every month. Savings for future parenting is a must because you will be going to deal with new expenses every month, so start saving. Experienced parents can help you out with this problem especially your family members and friends. If you are a job going person then you have to plan for leave from your job. You have to understand your company policies for paternity or maternity leave. This is how you know will going to affect your bottom line budget.

Those who are financially weak can get medical and financial incentives through government schemes for pregnant women.

The government has implemented such schemes in every country. After the enrollment women can avail of the benefits provided by the government during and after pregnancy. Some of the services you are being provided under such schemes are:

  • Healthy nutrition
  • Immunization
  • Routine Healthcare checkup
  • Nutrition and Health Education
  • Financial help
  • Pre-school Education

Healthy routine and checkups

Healthy routine and checkups

Healthy routine and checkups become important for getting ready for baby’s arrival when your pregnancy test is positive. It includes your diet, routine checkups, birth classes, rest period. Below are some tips that you must follow after you know you are pregnant.

  • Start taking vitamins like folic acid, iron, and calcium.
  • Include protein-rich foods like dairy products like milk, egg, yogurt. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, dark-colored fruits and vegetables as it contains lots of vitamins and minerals.
  • Try to stay happy mentally and emotionally. Read lots of books, listen to music, watch your favorite movie, spend some good time with your partner, family members, and friends. During pregnancysome women are affected with mood swings, depression, feeling of loneliness, hopeless these are all due to hormonal shifts during pregnancy. Some women’s condition becomes more vulnerable which includes nausea, weight gain, psychological changes, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, anxiety, low energy.
Choose a good gynae who keep track of your routine, diet and all medical checkups right from when you are pregnant to childbirth. Follow up regularly.
  • A routine follows up includes blood tests, ultrasound, BP, Diabetes check. It will help you to detect your and baby health. Baby’s heartbeat, development phases. During pregnancy after 10 weeks, you will have an ultrasound to check the baby’s heartbeat, it will help you to know the due date of delivery. Till 28 weeks you have to go in every four weeks for ultrasound, then every three weeks till 36 weeks. After that every week you will have to go for an ultrasound.
  • Bacteria is harmful to you but it can be lethal if it is passed to your baby. Your doctor will take a culture from your external vaginal till 35 weeks if bacteria is a present doctor will give you proper medication to avoid transmission to your baby.
  • It is important to know that a fetus or unborn baby is made up of fibrous tissue and muscle which in turn is made up of protein. So include lots of protein-rich food in your diet.

Birth plan

If it’s your first time write down some notes so that you can plan what kind of birth you need whether a flexible normal or cesarean. Your plan must be flexible, so on the day, your preferences will going to change or not depend on the circumstances. This birth plan notes will be a useful guide for your mid-wife, your partner or any person or team caring for you. Make sure that you and your partner must be in proper sync with each other. Don’t try to assume that your partner will be going to understand everything that his role will be going to be before, during and after the birth.

You must plan together for everything right from financial to paternity leave and responsibilities.

Get tips from experienced parents or mothers. Your family members and friends can be more helpful for such tips. There are many baby center communities where you can learn from others’ experiences. Where you can learn preparation before baby’s arrival, after birth care and useful tips. There you can ask your silly questions and your doubts. Spend some time with your older children if it is your second baby. Create a bond between you and your first child that makes you emotionally strong and makes you feel connected with your unborn baby.

Plan for extra help when needed for example when your paternity leave is about to finish there you need helper, baby sitter for your older children. If you are lucky enough your family members and friends can help you out with these types of problems or else you have to arrange for a paid helper.

Write down important contact numbers of people you need in an emergency. Plan for your routine checkup where you can see your baby’s development.

Keeping house pet-free and pest free

A baby’s arrival can be a shock to your pet. Make sure your pet and baby live together happily. Keep them in separate rooms. Keep your baby room pet free it is safe for him/her. Your pet can carry germs and bacteria when you don’t maintain hygiene. Always wash your hand after you feed, play or clean your pet. It is important to keep house, yard, garden clean as pets are the carrier of germs and many diseases. Cover the baby room and windows with the net so that it is out of reach of cats, mouse, etc. whatever pet you have provided them healthy veterinary care to keep pet and family healthy.

Another problem is to keep your house pest-free. It is important to keep pest free house and area before the baby arrives. Try to store woods, stones, bricks or any kind of stuff away from garden or yard. See there is no waterlogged in any area of your yard or garden.

It can be a breeding place for germs and mosquitoes. Empty out all flower pots, buckets, tires where water gets logged.

Trim trees, plants, and bushes timely. Seal all holes, pits, cracks or any openings that are living places for pests like ants, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, etc. keep rooms and houses ventilated. Don’t let any debris to be accumulated near your house. Keep baby room moister free that keeps away from fungus and bacteria. Keep a routine inspection with your pest control services and specialist.

Clean the house as when your baby arrives you won’t get time to clean it. The house must be cleaned, dusted and vacuumed. Organize all necessary things at the proper place. Don’t let debris get accumulated anywhere.

Baby’s care

An infant care class teaches you how to take care of your newborn baby which includes how to bath, how to change diapers, how to give a step-by-step massage. It also teaches ho to breastfeed what to eat what to avoid when you are a breastfeeding mother. Also helpful to see your infant how to feed timely when they are hungry. Does it teach you why baby cry? Reasons behind that such as hunger, abdominal pain, irritation due to moisture, choking, feeling uneasy due to blockage in cough and cold, breathing problems.  Infant CPR is when your baby chokes or is unconscious.

You must write down all the instructions given by the instructor in your class so that you won’t forget. The class must be authorized and recommended by doctors. There should be a panel of trained instructors.

Setting up a baby nursery

This includes furniture, beds, accessories. The main part of furniture includes changing tables for dresses, a crib, a dresser table, and a chair. The nursery takes time to set up, so set it the week before the baby arrives. Furniture can be ordered several weeks before so you can set up a baby’s room including furniture and accessories. Buy a baby car seat. Check the baby car seat properly so that your baby won’t get hurt while sitting and moving into it. Accessories include bathtubs, vaporizer, wipes, bedsheets and pillows, blankets.

Also buy clothes for your infant which include newborn cotton clothes, diapers, wipes, cotton. Wash and clean all new clothes before you dress to your baby as it may contain many irritants. It can cause skin rashes or bumps on the baby’s skin.

Shopping before baby arrives

Shopping before baby arrives

All you need is to buy necessary stuff before you head towards the hospital. Here are some of them.

  • Clothing: It includes 9 undershirts, 6 gowns, stretchy sleepers, 6 pairs of pants, 2 jackets for winter.
  • For nursing mother, you will need bibs, breast pump, burp cloths, nursing bras one cup larger than before, breast pads, pillows, containers to store milk.
  • Baby’s soap, shampoo, talc, lotion for sore nipples. Buy things that are gentle on the skin.
  • Buy disposable nappy as you will need every time. Stock up nappies.

Keeping your car ready

During the emergency rush to the hospital, your car must be ready. Check its tires should not be flat. Whether its petrol runs out on the way. Keep plenty of fuel every time and the car serviced. Install the baby car seat properly if you are taking the baby home in the car.

Keep phone charge

When you are heading towards the hospital make sure that your phone is fully charged, don’t forget to keep the charger and power bank. Keep all your emergency contacts in your phone.this will help you to update your family and friends during labor.

Capture all the memorable pictures and videos to share with everyone.

Hospital bag

You may have to rush the hospital anytime. You will never know when labor pain will going to start. So keep the hospital bag ready with all essential items. You will need it during delivery and post-delivery. Keep gowns, extra undergarments, maternity bras, dresses, toiletries, slippers and footwear, lotions and lip balms, wipes, towels, nappies, infant clothes, socks, nursing pillows.

Also keep phone charger, snacks, and healthy drink, hairbrush, and hairband, toothbrush breast pads. Keep blanket, baby clothes and hat to cover head.

Keep a jacket or snowsuit for winter. Things to keep you pass the time are such as magazines, books, music. To make your environmental personal you need to carry a few items in your hospital bag.

If you think you have other ideas as far as getting ready for baby’s’ arrival is concerned, do let us know in the comments section.

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