AT&T Inc. will organize an event to spread crypto education & awareness to keep its businesses and users with time.

AT&T Inc. is an American multinational telecom company. The company was registered in Delaware and it is headquartered at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. This company is the largest US telecom company, which ranks at 9th position on the Fortune 500. 

On 21 July, Finbold reported that AT&T will organize a special session in which two experts will discuss the innovation and security challenges involved with digital technologies. The session will be online for 30 minutes and the two experts in the session will be Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, a Field CISO and Vice President at cybersecurity technology company Fortinet and Theresa Lanowitz, Director at AT&T Business. Both these two experts are perfect & highly experienced in their respective fields. 

This session is entitled “Securing Your Digital Assets Today and Tomorrow’, the discussion will be held on July 27, at 01:00 PM”. Through the session, experts will discuss the security challenges & perceived risks of edge computing, so that people can understand the need for digital transformation at this phase.

Company explained:

“Innovation is central to delivering strong business outcomes. And, security is at the core of innovative offerings for your digital assets – your applications, your data, your infrastructure, and your endpoints.”

AT&T is not the first company that showed interest in crypto & blockchain technology, but already few other telecom companies showed significant interest in this innovative industry. On 11 July 2022, Korea Mobile Telecommunications Services Corp (SK Telecom) announced its Partnership with Atomrigs Lab to work on a new crypto wallet to allow the users to store different types of digital assets. 

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