Going beyond just plants and flowers, gardens have gone to the animals with wildlife gardens. These gardens are specially designed to attract animals, birds and bugs and provide food and shelter for wildlife. They are a great way to help preserve natural habitats, enjoy wildlife in your own backyard and make a positive impact on the environment. 

Share these tips and products with your customers to help them build their own wildlife gardens.

Tailor the Garden to Your Region

A wildlife garden should be tailored to your region with trees, shrubs, plants and flowers native to the area and suitable for the climate. The National Wildlife Federation website has a search function that shares what plants are native to different areas of the U.S. 

Choose Year-Round Plants

Along with native plants, choose some greenery that will last year-round so that you can keep wildlife around no matter the season. Year-round plantings also can be lower maintenance and provide beauty throughout the year. 

Add Extra Touches

Gardens can include more than just greenery. Adding natural touches like a large rock or hollow log or other items like a birdbath, fountain or bench can add visual interest and make the space more inviting. 

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For more best practices on building wildlife gardens, visit the National Wildlife Federation website


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