Gwen Stefani husband Blake Shelton duets Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton duets

Gwen Stefani praised her husband and fellow ‘The Voice’ judge, Blake Shelton for welcoming her into the world of country music.

Gwen Stefani raved about her country star husband, when she joining him at the stage as they celebrated the success of their duets, Nobody But You, and Happy Anywhere at a small party before their Nashville concert. The newly married couple gave speeches at the event to thank the songs’ writers — and certainly each other.

While at the event to celebrate their achievement, the 51 years old singer explained that she felt ‘honored’ that Shelton asked her to take part in both, she began, “Blake Shelton. Thank you for letting me ride. Your coat tails all this time. I truly am a fish. Out of water. I’m from Orange County. But I’m wearing cowboy boots for this. I am such a fan of songwriting. And writers.”

Gwen Stefani husband Blake Shelton duets Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton duets“When Blake asked me. To be on ‘Happy Anywhere‘. I cried because. I was so excited about it. The song is so ‘our song’. And we’re so in love. It really is a perfect way. To describe us. When I heard ‘Nobody But You‘. I was so blown away. By the song. I was jealous that. I wasn’t on it,” she added.

Both songs “Nobody But You” and “Happy Anywhere” reached number one on the country charts, marking Shelton’s 27th and 28th top-charting singles, and Stefani’s first and second.

The country singer also joked with People magazine that his wife, Gwen may be the real secret to both of the songs’ success saying, “that we now know we have to put Gwen. On every song. I release from now on. If we want it to work.”

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