Sony Vision-S 01 and Vision-S 02

Earlier this year, Honda and Sony announced a new partnership that will see both companies come together to build a new lineup of electric vehicles. They’ve now announced the formation of the joint venture, Sony Honda Mobility.

The first EV will be built by Honda at a plant in North America with the first deliveries planned for spring 2026. Buyers will be able to order the EV at some point in 2025 and this time Honda plans to focus on online sales instead of traditional dealerships.

Reuters claims that the first EV from SMH will be built at one of Honda’s plants in Ohio. Honda also announced this week that it’s building a new battery plant in Ohio with LG Energy Solution.

We don’t have a lot of details yet, but it’s expected that Honda will focus on the EVs and production, while Sony will the tech side of things, which includes entertainment and self-driving capability. According to Honda and Sony, the EVs will have a high-level of self-driving capability. We will have to wait and see if the new EVs look similar to Sony’s Vision-S 01 or Vision-S 02 concepts pictured here.


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