Cardano’s founder says he focuses on building bridges and relationships but the XRP community attacked badly, instead to support.

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain and also the CEO of Cardano developer team IOHK. In the initial phase of the Ethereum project, Hoskinson contributed greatly as a founder but later left the project because he disagreed with other key project members like Vitalik Buterin who was against the future plan idea forcely suggested by Hoskinson.

On 22 October, Charles Hoskinson appeared in an interview with YouTuber “BitBoy Crypto”. In the interview, Hoskinson explained that he was criticized badly by the XRP community without any actual reason. 

Hoskinson said that his statements on the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit were aimed to create a bridge between the crypto sector & regulatory agencies but XRP supporters created conspiracy theories to attack him. 

“Because of those comments, thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets, it was trending on Twitter, grand conspiracy. People attacked me and called me a petulant child, and unprofessional. All these just vitriol and negativeness,” Hoskinson said.

Hoskinson also said that he is little sad with the statement of Ripple Chief Technical officer David Schwartz, who said that there are huge to say against Hoskinson.

“I kind of was a little disappointed with David Schwartz and others saying a lot could be said and it makes me sad. How about you grow a f*cking pair of balls and tell your community not to be conspiratorial,” Hoskinson said.

Further, Cardano said that XRP supporters didn’t talk about those things, which he was trying to say in that event. According to Hoskinson, everyone will have to work and live together in the crypto space, so we should not fight against each other blindly because fight will not solve any problem. 

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