Want to host a Christmas party but think you can’t afford it?  Think again!  I’m going to share some tips with you that will totally bring down the cost of hosting your own Christmas get-together.

Welcome back to our Frugal Festivities series where we’re sharing 25 days of Christmas Cheer on a Budget!

In January, to start the new year off right, I’m hosting the Frugal Fresh Start Challenge.  Every weekday in January we’ll be tackling a new way to be more frugal, budget and get your finances in order.  Sign up for the challenge so you can download the workbook before we get started on January 1st.

Okay let’s talk about hosting on a budget! I would love to here your tips and ideas in the comments!

1- Go digital with Invitations

Buying or making cute paper invitations is fun, but then you’ll have to pay to mail them.  At $.50 each for postage, it adds up fast.  Go digital.  Use Facebook, Evite or another free website to send your invitations. Your guests will also appreciate a simple way to RSVP.

2- Buy white

Instead of buying seasonal plates, cups, and napkins, just buy plain white.  Not only will buying plain white be cheaper than the seasonal colors and prints, but it will be great all year long, so you can make good use of the leftovers.

3- Go Potluck

Planning a meal for a big group of people gets expensive fast, not to mention it’s a lot of work.  Save time and money by assigning out various side dishes, drinks, and desserts.  People will be more than willing to help!

4- Skip the Meal

Instead of having a big meal have desserts or appetizers instead.  You can still simplify the cost and effort by asking guests to bring their favorite Christmas dessert or appetizer.  Your guests will be excited for the opportunity to share their favorites or specialties with the group.

5- Be your own entertainment

Instead of spending money on entertainment, play interactive games, do karaoke, sing carols, play minute-to-win-it games, or have a white elephant gift exchange.  Pinterest and Google will give you tons of ideas for party games for any group.

Our experience

We host an annual Christmas carol sing-along that we call “Carols and Cookies.”  We send out a digital invitations through Evite which makes responding easy for guests so we get a good count of how many are coming.

We ask our guests to bring a plate of their favorite Christmas cookies to share. We make a giant batch of hot chocolate and spiced apple cider and provide several plates of cookies to get the cookie table started.

We go plain and simple with paper products.  And it’s a blast! There’s a Christmas movie on for the kids, a piano to accompany those who want to sing, and Christmas treats with games and friends.

Don’t wait to get invited to a Christmas party.  If you want to get together with a group of friends or family, don’t be afraid to plan your own!  If your space isn’t adequate, collaborate with a friend. If you want to host a Christmas party, don’t let your budget stop you!  You can make it work.


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