The education industry is rife with competition, and getting more students requires more than imparting quality education. You have to invest in a robust marketing and branding strategy to set your institution apart and make it more memorable. It is the only way to ensure potential students and their parents recall you.

Think beyond print ads, online promotions, hoardings, and banners because they are only the basics. You can go the extra mile by associating your brand with a mascot people love. Although mascots are a classic form of branding, they remain relevant today and will always be in vogue. They make a great option for schools, colleges, and universities. Let us explain how mascots can empower education marketing.

Awareness with visibility and reach

With the booming competition in the education domain, creating awareness takes more than the ordinary marketing tactics. An attractive mascot takes your institution the extra mile with visibility and reach. Look for a character that captivates the audience, personifies your history, and highlights your services and values. Once you create the winning mix, you have an incredible marketing asset for a lifetime.

Brand replication

A mascot replicates your college or university brand, making it more recognizable and memorable. You can display it everywhere, outside the college, at education fairs, local events, sports championships, and even retail spaces. When people see your brand’s replica everywhere, they are more likely to recall it when they need to enroll themselves or their children down the line.


Entertainment value

Besides replicating the brand and creating awareness about your college, mascots bring entertainment value to marketing. Imagine the kind of attention a colorful Custom Mascot Costume can attract at a community event or a retail space. It attracts and entertains, so you can rest assured that people will be keen to know more about your institution. You can make it even more engaging by including a game or contest for your audience.

Internal engagement

Besides marketing your education brand at events and outdoors, mascots engage students, alumni, faculty, and staff. It brings a sense of pride and belongingness and gets everyone more involved. When people feel connected with your brand, they go the extra mile with recommendations and referrals. You cannot overlook this aspect of marketing because word-of-mouth recommendations matter the most in the education industry. New students are more willing to take the word of old ones on the quality of education.

Social media boost

Social media marketing is another way mascot marketing can enhance your online popularity. Integrate it into your social media pages and posts to ramp up community engagement. Consider it a way to link your online and offline campaigns with a single mascot connecting the dots everywhere. Once people know it and associate it with your college, crowds and referrals will come flowing.

College mascots do more than promote your brand. They build followers and loyalists for a lifetime. The best part is that they generate leads at a low cost and yield a high ROI. Surely, branding your school with a mascot is the best thing you can do!

Rohani is a contributor on various platforms. Her expertise in different niches and her thoughts on different topics has helped her broaden her vision to a vast level. She has always been so keen about various marketing tactics which have helped her clients to reach an immensely good level.



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